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The Fight Of The Giant Robots By Scott Lantz
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A book about Giant Robots fighting. Open the book to find out who the Giant Robots are. Suitable For Teens
Robot Boy 13 By Chad LaForce
Hardcover: $55.00
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A robot boy escapes from the factory of his origin and goes on an exciting adventure with sushi and robotic fish!
Beginning Robotics Guide By Wilison Thomposon
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Robotics is a branch of engineering that involves the conception, design, manufacture, and operation of robots. This field overlaps with electronics, computer science, artificial intelligence,... More > mechatronics, nanotechnology and bioengineering< Less
Efficiency and Speed in Legged Robotics By Paul Muench
eBook (PDF): $9.99
It may seem preposterous, but walking is actually faster than rolling under certain conditions. Even though bio-inspired robots can have advantageous mobility, they can also be very inefficient. ... More > This idea, the balance between efficiency and speed is the core of this dissertation.< Less
Humans Make Robot Movies By David Barringer
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This 60-page, full-color graphic book contains 108 thematic riffs on 108 robot movies (from 1927's Metropolis to 2015's I, Robot 2), accompanied by photographs of 47 little homemade robots, with... More > flowers. Words, robots, photos, and design by David Barringer, who teaches at Winthrop University and MICA. Barringer runs a seminar in which students produce their own illustrated Shock Books. The theme for 2011 was Beauty Shock. The book includes an essay about our relationship to robots, as expressed in movies, and an essay that explains the Shock Book seminar. Find more info and photos on the website.< Less
Bluetooth Communication for Robots By Kevin Prasanna
eBook (PDF): $0.00
This is an introductory book to help you control your micro controller based robot using Bluetooth via Android and ROS (Robot Operating System).
Numerical Modelling in Robotics By Edgar Alonso Martínez García
Paperback: $52.36
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Modern robotic systems are tided to operate autonomously in real-world environments performing a variety of complex tasks. Autonomous robots must rely on fundamental capabilities such as locomotion,... More > trajectory tracking control, multi-sensor fusion, task/path planning. Combining this knowledge is essential to design rolling, walking, aquatic, and hovering robots that sense and self-control. This book contains a mathematical modelling framework to support the learning of modern robotics and mechatronics, aimed at advanced undergraduates or first-year PhD students, as well as researchers and practitioners. The volume exposes a solid understanding of mathematical methods as a common modelling framework to properly interpret advanced robotic systems. Include numerical approximations, linear and non-linear systems of equations, curves fitting, differentiation and integration. It is suitable for courses on robotics, mechatronics, sensing models, vehicles design and control, modelling and mechanisms analysis.< Less
Destroy All Robots By Darrin Grimwood
Paperback: $10.28
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The ultimate robot-combat game show. One remote tropical island. Eight teams. Two hundred and fifty concealed killer robots. Fifteen year old inventor Toby Badernoch has noble plans for the... More > $10,000,000 prize money - finding a cure for Matt, his terminally ill brother. But his robot is targeted by arch-rival Ray De Coza with lethal consequences. The sabotaged robot rampages, slaughtering the show’s presenter and forcing the TV crew to pull out, leaving the competitors and their super-aggressive robots stranded on the booby trapped island. Mutual mistrust leads to violence and soon Toby and his best friend, Caitlin Steel are fighting for their lives…< Less
Acumen - A Robot's Tale By Kendall Fortney
Paperback: $17.99
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A robot searching for post-apocalyptic revelations of purpose stumbling across a world broken by the fight for mechanical civil rights and finding...
If your Robot... Loves Birds By Spencer Drumm
Paperback: $13.99
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A robot discovers a bird nest and goes on a journey to find out more about birds.

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