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Voices for the Cure By James Palmer
Paperback: $10.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Some of the greatest voices in speculative fiction join forces in this one-of-a-kind anthology to benefit the American Diabetes Association. Join Robert J. Sawyer, Mike Resnick, Cory Doctorow, and... More > others as a cop-for-hire solves a murder aboard a space station…a Chicano science fiction writer takes mind-blowing (literally!) ride through the Singularity…a third-rate superhero with useless powers finds a place to belong…an antique collector learns that one alien’s junk is mankind’s treasure…a geologist discovers that pretending to be a god isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…a journalist learns how to fend off zombies using Linux and a dead badger… All this and more await you in… Voices for the Cure: A Speculative Fiction Anthology to Benefit the American Diabetes Association. Edited by James Palmer. A White Rocket book.< Less
Infinity Express II By C. Wayne Owens
Paperback: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
After returning from Victorian England, McCall loses his time bands and cannot contact Uncle Shelby. Life goes back to normal for a while. Then he finds that Dracula has survived and seeks revenge.... More > After the bands return, McCall accidentally sets them off just as the vampire breaks into his home to attack his family. He rockets into the past, unable to protect them. If he can return, what can he do? Once he lands in the middle of the sinking of the Spanish Armada, his time band is broken and he becomes unhooked in time. The Time Police take him hostage but that doesn't last. He is hurled into the past where dinosaurs have evolved into highly intelligent beings. The future battle spills over into the past and forces McCall, his new friend Ber-Dath and the other dinosaurs to battle across time to keep evil forces from seizing control of existence. We encounter UFOs, Little Big Horn, Hiram Scott, the Fairy Mounds, Howard Hughes and his Spruce Goose, young Clarence Darrow and the Underground Railroad.< Less
Northrop X-4 Bantam Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions By Periscope Film LLC
Paperback: $19.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Designed without horizontal stabilizers, the X-4 Bantam had a semi-tailless design that bore some resemblance to Germany’s Me-163 rocket plane. The small, twin-jet craft relied on combined... More > elevator and aileron surfaces — known as elevons — for pitch and roll control. The role of the X-4 was to explore the transonic speed zone, and to determine whether the design would lessen the stability and control problems affiliated with compressibility. Although two Bantams were built, only one proved mechanically sound. The second was flown over eighty times by Northrop, Air Force and NACA pilots. They learned that the X-4 was sensitive in pitch, and showed a tendency to “hunt” about all three axes as it approached Mach 1.0. Thus, the X-4’s design proved a failure. Originally printed by Northrop, NACA and the USAF, this handbook provides a fascinating glimpse inside the cockpit of this experimental plane. The manual was recently declassified and is here reprinted in book form.< Less
The Paralogs of Phileas Fogg: Columbiad, the Gem of the Ocean! By James Downard
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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The behind-the-scenes mystery of Phileas Fogg, who in 1872 went around the world in 80 days on a wager, but did so to accomplish a secret task set by his new valet Passepartout: to stop the American... More > genius Barbicane from flying to the Moon. Along the way Fogg finds his match & mate in Aouda, a strongwilled inventor surpassing even the feats of her brother Captain Nemo. Fogg and his newfound friends must evade a global gauntlet of dangerous foes in service of a cabal of villains out to obtain the secret of atomic energy, who they must identify and thwart. They find the most agile of allies in the elderly detective Auguste Dupin, the ex-slave Thomasina Maker (whose supersonic rocket plane is pivotal to Fogg and Passepartout's plans), and the French newspaper correspondent Michel Ardan (or is he something more?). All their skills are needed to defeat an unprecedented armada of ironclad warships, submarines and airships in the Atlantic. Fortunately, Phileas Fogg has his watch, and Passepartout his comb.< Less
Famous By Stan Charnofsky
Paperback: $12.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Wealthy, mega-successful parents reared Harry Schiff to hunger for fame and fortune. At college he sees others throw off family fiats and successfully begin to define themselves. He meets Juliet,... More > driven to be an actor, sensuous, passionate, yet never with commitment. His good friend, Katy Bloom, also a striving actor, becomes his confidante, secretly in love with him. A fourth buddy, Galen Thurston, an Adonis, blessed with Hollywood connections, gets a seeming break because of his father, but with strings. A tragedy explodes when Galen discovers his father's ugly secret. The group's chemistry is altered with an intrigue that involves both Harry's and Galen's parents. Juliet is on her rocket to fame, her own family's tale so sordid that she cannot tolerate her father's presence. Is Harry Juliet's toy? She would deny it, but eventually, Harry must face off his two demons: his parents' domination and Juliet's emotional indifference.< Less
8—Tom Swift and the Galaxy Ghosts (HB) By Victor Appleton II
Hardcover: $32.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
In this hardbound edition of book 8 in the new series, Tom Swift finds himself involved in a galactic mystery. Something like a black hole has been discovered a dozen light years away, but nobody can... More > say for certain what it really is... or if it will affect the Earth. Even his quickest unmanned rockets can't carry enough fuel for such a trip. So a shortcut seems to be the best chance. His knowledge tells him that wormholes are more than a hypothesis, but how the heck can he go about locating one? Even if he finds one, how can he determine where it might exit? When an old video surfaces showing proof to a willing mind that wormholes exist and can be opened for brief periods, he also finds it takes the power of a nuclear bomb to do so. If he overcomes all issues, he and Bud may be on a one way trip. They encounter the anomaly—and it's a doozy—but they also find themselves face-to- uhhh, hands? Giant ghostly hands beckon them, but what can it all mean? With little air and no fuel, what can Tom do?< Less
Unearthly Tales from Space By John Sparks
Hardcover: $18.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
TOP SECRET EMERGENCY TELEGRAPH - To: Authorized Personnel Only; Location: National Aeronautics Research Consortium (N.A.R.C.)Labs. From: Doctor Robert J. Guttenberg, N.A.R.C. Director. Attention, all... More > personnel: Your help is desperately needed in relaying this message to anyone who will listen. One week ago, N.A.R.C. labs received an unearthly signal, emanating from the far side of the moon. The renowned Harvard graduate Dr. Sing Ann Howell can barely hold our computer together. Effective immediately, by Presidential order, a 24-hour work rotation is in effect. Project Blue Star, America's nuclear rocket, is being pulled from its ashes. Pilot training will be provided by Captain Tom Dangerfield in an effort to beat the Soviet response. Addendum: Over eleven hours ago, Tom Dangerfield and I encountered a woman of distinction who claims to be Anna Urisa, captain of the Guild scout ship from the planet Arseina, broadcasting the distress signal that we are now receiving.< Less
T-38 Talon Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions By United States Air Force
Paperback: $29.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Northrop’s T-38 Talon was the world’s first supersonic trainer aircraft, and remains in service today in air forces worldwide. It entered service in 1961, and quickly set climb records,... More > earning it the nickname “white rocket”. Nearly 1200 Talons were produced before the last one rolled off the assembly line in 1972. Capable of a speed of Mach 1.3, and a climb rate approaching 34,000 feet per minute, the T-38’s performance was sufficient to warrant service as the USAF Thunderbirds’ aircraft in the mid-1970s. Its primary role however, was as a dedicated training and proficiency platform. More than 50,000 USAF, NASA and NATO pilots have flown the Talon, a record that may never be matched. Originally printed by the U.S. Air Force and Northrop, this handbook for the T-38 provides a fascinating glimpse inside the cockpit of this famous aircraft. Originally classified “restricted”, the manual was recently declassified and is here reprinted in book form.< Less
The Leap By Blaine Readler
eBook (PDF): $2.00
According to the oft-quoted proverb: in the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. But what about in the country of the merely severely myopic? What if the one-eyed man has cataracts, and... More > the myoptics have corrective glasses? Stumbling into a world very similar yet also and very different from his own, Will must figure out how to use his figurative one eye to avoid this world’s steroid-hyped version of Homeland Security, or at least impress them with a figurative wink and ogle to convince them that his cataracts are something special. Lest you get a wrong impression, the story involves Will’s eye only as normal part of his normal anatomy. It does include, though, a caustic foe, a competent cutie co-adventurer, journeys to the moon and Australia, blow-up space dummies, and even a bona fide personal rocket pack. What is not figuratively included is both excitement and thrills. Those are very much literal.< Less
40 Days to Strengthen Your Marriage and Impact the World By Richard Sexton
Paperback: $10.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Your marriage matters to many people. If you have a healthy marriage, your children and many others will benefit from your example. You will leave a mark that will impact the world long after... More > you’re gone. This book was written as a simple tool to help you succeed in marriage. It is written in plain language in short, readable chapters. It doesn’t ignore the tough challenges that some marriages face. Marriage is not rocket science. Average people can succeed at it if they try. This book was written for a husband and wife to read together and to talk about together. It is intended to be read, one chapter per day, for forty days. The chapters are all about the same length and will each take about 5 to 10 minutes to read. We rely unapologetically on the Bible in this book. We believe that God invented marriage and the Bible shows us how to have a healthy one. Our hope and prayer is that your marriage will grow stronger and that you will be a blessing to everyone who knows you.< Less

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