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Two Lives of Charlemagne: The Biography, History and Legend of King Charlemagne, Ruler of the Frankish Empire By Einhard et al.
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This splendid edition contains both ancient biographies of Charles the Great by Einhard and the Monk of St. Gall, edited, translated and introduced by Arthur James Grant. Charlemagne is often termed... More > the father of modern Europe, in that he implemented the earliest foundations of Germany, France, Holland and Belgium. Demonstrating great talents in both war and peace, Charles the Great was able to unite much of Europe to an extent unseen since the time of the Roman Empire. Although Charlemagne only reigned for fourteen years, his actions while on the Frankish throne were of far-ranging consequence. His wars against the Saxons, his expedition into Muslim Spain, and his strengthening of relations with the Papacy of Rome helped solidify Christianity within the European continent. Although his reign was violent, it ushered in civilization to Europe via unification of its peoples.< Less
Trade, Gift-giving and Romanitas: A Comparison of the Use of Roman Imports in Western Britain and Southern Scandinavia By Thomas Green
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'Trade, Gift-giving and Romanitas' is a short but detailed study of the way in which elites outside of the Roman Empire used and imported Roman luxury items, focussing on Southern Scandinavia and... More > Western Britain as case studies. It can be argued that these items were being used in the same manner in both regions, with local elites consciously trying to appear Roman in order to secure and legitimise their rule. Furthermore the distribution of these artefacts can tell us a significant amount about the internal structures of these 'barbarian' polities, their economic sophistication, and the role played by gift-giving in both societies.< Less
Philadelphia's Notebooks By Carlos Soto-Román
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Carlos Soto-Román writes from the center of Empire with a sense of play (game pieces included) and clinical examination. His book is the work of an artist/world citizen who critiques the daily... More > interrogations that come with being a new immigrant. The fun fact that Ellis Island was greatly expanded with landfill in the late 19th -early 20th century provides a basis for Soto-Román's signage marking poetry's place in a disposable culture. There are workbook exercises that encourage creative ways to answer the calls for loyalty oaths with a demand for radical possibility the host country includes in its PR material. This work also includes what the USA brand doesn't advertise—isolation and moments of utter despair. It is a truly American poem in that it's internationally inflected, from George Perec to German cinema to self-immolators from all over the world. "Philadelphia's Notebooks" could not be a more artful and timely reminder that “Every heart is a revolutionary cell.”—Frank Sherlock< Less
Le Maître des Fractales : 1. L'arme des dieux By Roman d'Armens
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Capitaine de l'armée impériale Yirienne, Ilas de Rayel est un homme valeureux et difficile à impressionner. Mais rien ne l'avait préparé à cette... More > expédition dans les terres inexplorées. Lancé avec quatre compagnons d'infortune sur les traces du professeur Elisabeth, un savant disparu au service de l'Empire, il devra affronter les plus grands dangers. Car aucun d'entre eux ne pouvait se douter que ce qu'ils découvriraient sur ces terres hostiles défierait l'imagination et changerait la face du monde...< Less
The eighty-six “Beklan Empire” terms that are printed in italics are taken from Richard Adams’s novel “Maia” adding up to 12 italicized words on page 8, 15 italicized words on page 9, 14 italicized words on page 10, 13 italicized words on page... By Todd Van Buskirk
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The eighty-six “Beklan Empire” terms that are printed in italics are taken from Richard Adams’s novel “Maia” adding up to 12 italicized words on page 8, 15 italicized... More > words on page 9, 14 italicized words on page 10, 13 italicized words on page 11, 12 italicized words on page 12, 13 italicized words on page 13, and 6 italicized words on page 14. The twenty-four “Beklan Empire” terms that are printed in Roman are taken from Richard Adams’s novel “Shardik” adding up to 5 Romanized words on page 8, 0 Romanized words on page 9, 3 Romanized words on page 10, 3 Romanized words on page 11, 5 Romanized words on page 12, 4 Romanized words on page...< Less
'Anyone Who Calls Upon the Divine Name Will Be Saved'- Romans 10:13 יהוה Behold Jehovah the Great SaTaN JeZeus is a misleading false messiah Flee from 'Lord' Ba'al Stop all Amen to Aman-Ra By JaSon EliJaH
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James 2:19 Says 'You Believe there is 1 one God do you? You are doing quite well, and Yet the demons believe and shudder. It makes sense the Devil and his Demons want you to think God has many names.... More > As long as you don't say the correct name, they think they can prevent God's day from coming. God Almighty has one Name, the name that makes them shudder. The Tetragrammaton are the Hebrew Letters,יהוה and in Greek the letters are YHVVH. Babylon the Great is world empire of false religion and they are deceiving you to believe God has many names, and that YHVVH translates into all of them. Believing in God was necessary to get out from control of the Devil, Advanced ancient history. That is why advanced civilizations left clues that we are all offspring form Heavonly creatues and Angels. Some Cherubs or Annunaki are still Here.< Less
Description Historique Des Monnaies Frappées sous l'Empire Romain Communément Appelées Médailles Impériales - Recueil des planches gravées par M. Dardel By Henry Cohen
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Ce livre compile les planches des Tomes 1 à 7 de la première édition des ouvrages d'Henry Cohen sur les Monnaies Romaines Impériales. Les superbes gravures de M.... More > Dardel vous permettront d'identifier rapidement et facilement vos monnaies. This book is a reprint of the plates from the essential work of Henry Cohen on Roman Imperial Coins. The superb engravings of Mr. Dardel allow you to quickly and easily identify your coins.< Less
Young Eagles By Bill Leedham
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'Young Eagles' is the third in a trilogy of novels about Marcus Simplicius Vitalis, a Roman soldier whose journey of self discovery begins in 'In Caesar's Shadow'. Here we find the origins of his... More > relationship with his brother Gaius and with the men who will be his closest comrades during his time as a soldier.< Less
In Caesar's Shadow By Bill Leedham
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'In Caesar's Shadow' begins with a young Roman soldier's search for the truth about his brother's death in battle during the reign of the Emperor Trajan (99-117). It is the start of a series of... More > journeys that are also a mental awakening. Though always a man of his time he finds himself asking the kind of questions that outsiders ask - dangerous for a common soldier but even more dangerous for someone who enjoys the favour of the emperor...< Less
FullCircle By Bill Leedham
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In 'In Caesar's Shadow' the young Roman soldier Marcus Simplicius Vitalis discovered that the world was a more complicated place than his upbringing as the son of a retired legionary had led him to... More > believe. In 'Full Circle' we follow his continuing quest to understand himself and the world he lives in, as he becomes involved in series of tragic events that still resonate nearly two thousand years later...< Less

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