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Roulette By clifford mackey
eBook (PDF): $14.99
Stop losing your money to Roulette get the Roulette Survival Guide No Lose System. Also included is my Silver VS Gold e-book FREE.
Roulette Profitmaster By Roulette Profitmaster
eBook (PDF): $29.69
(1 Ratings)
Don't risk to lose more money on roulette. Get this roulette system - Bet on 3 numbers and finally start to make some money.
Roulette System - Safe Neighbour's Bets By Roulette Profitmaster
eBook (PDF): $29.99
This roulette system is about placing safe neighbours bets from the list. We have analyzed this certain roulette wheel and found that certain neighbours will show up every time after certain numbers,... More > so we created a list with these neighbours that will appear the most frequently.< Less
Wills! Who Needs One? [YOU DO!] By Robert Roulette
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Short semi treatise that discusses wills. Explaining what they are and what they aren't. And, who needs one. What happens if you don't have one.
Wills! Who Needs One? [YOU DO!] By Robert Roulette
Paperback: $9.90
Prints in 3-5 business days
Short semi treatise that discusses wills. Explaining what they are and what they aren't. And, who needs one. What happens if you don't have one.
The Roulette Frequency Waves System By Roulette Strategies Youtube
eBook (PDF): $14.12
(10 Ratings)
E-book created and headed to all people who feed true passion for roulette and want to play it professionally. It also contains the baccarat version. On short run of time imbalance is the rule and... More > balance is an exception. Each single dealer conveys the ball his own intrinsic characteristics that he cannot control or change by his will. And that is said by a person who was a dealer really. The system works on baccarat (puntobanco), french, european and american roulette. It includes 1 baccarat system (the same for even chances on roulette), and 5 variants for roulette, on dozens and columns, street lines, six lines, splits and straight-ups.< Less
Roulette Raider By Jake Castle
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Turn the Roulette Wheel into a spinning ATM! Powerful new betting strategy - secret method revealed!
Roulette Cracker By Dr.D.Selzer-McKenzie
eBook (PDF): $150.62
Roulette Cracker Author Dr.D.Selzer-McKenzie ISBN 978-1-4717-2180-9
Russian Roulette By Scott McGuire
Paperback: $42.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
A fun game book based on Russian Roulette. Play Russian Roulette without risking your life or having the hassles of a messy cleanup!
Texas Roulette By Toli Kram
eBook (PDF): $6.34
As an X government agent Jay hopes to look up some old friends, but on his way he happens upon a left briefcase in a small restaurant. It contains $2m. Later he unintentionally crosses swords with... More > a local gang leader who has been extorting money from local businesses. Jay measures up the man and his activities and asks if he had the nerve to chance everything to make money quickly. Now keenly interested he decides to takes up the challenge along with 5 of his associates, and accepts to play this very patriotic game Texas Roulette. This game has particular rules, and each players is given a list of things to acquire which they will need on the day of the game. The patriotic play now underway, Jay visits them all in the space of a few hours. However, without anyone noticing Jay switches one of the articles with one of his own. Finally the authorities get the money back minus a finder’s fee going to a cleaning lady working at his hotel.< Less