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The Deed of Rudolf Steiner By Christopher Houghton Budd
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The author shares his personal experiences concerning the Anthroposophical Society as refounded by Rudolf Steiner at Christmas 1923. He argues that, although a seemingly private concern of a small... More > group of people, in the fulness of time this deed of Rudolf Steiner will be seen to belong to humanity as a whole.< Less
Ivan and Rudolf - English By Theatre Maat
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This is an introduction to a musical theatre project inspired by a true Australian story of mateship. Growing up in Melbourne, Ben and Adam discover that both their great uncles fought in the First... More > World War, but on opposing sides. They decide to ‘introduce’ them to each other thus beginning the odyssey. This story is not about shame or embarrassment, it is about identity and building better understanding while examining the Great War through a contemporary perspective. Currently being developed by Theatre Maât (Belgium) and Theater Kontra Punkt (Germany), the Ivan and Rudolf production will debut late 2014.< Less
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Rudolf Spielmann: Fifty Great Short Games By Nikolay Minev
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Rudolf Spielmann’s philosophy of play was this: whenever possible, attacking chess! He was known as one of the greatest creative and imaginative players of his day. Because of his style of... More > play, Spielmann continues to be relevant and is studied by players of each new generation who want to hone the ability to execute combinations and dictate the course of the game. The games presented in this collection include only short games, where Spielmann is victorious in 26 moves or less. Each of these victories is an instructive lesson for anyone who wants to master the secrets of attack, initiative and modern dynamic chess.< Less
Rudolf Steiner - een biografie By W.F. Veltman
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a biography of Rudolf Steiner
The Runaway Balloon By Mason Rudolfs
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Mason's First Book!
Mister Wax Goes Sailing By Mason Rudolfs
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Mason wrote another book!
Heart of a Dog By Rudolf Rojahn
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The libretto for Rudolf Rojahn's chamber opera 'Heart of a Dog.' Based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov. Visit and for more information.
Bovinus Rex - Libretto By Rudolf Rojahn
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A libretto for Rudolf Rojahn's Bovinus Rex, a chamber opera for four singers and four instrumentalists. SYNOPSIS: Pickens Picking’s Farm, a factory farm for cattle in rural Ohio, faces... More > imminent bank foreclosure. With only a trophy wife and a slow-witted man child as laborers the owner and operator, Maurice Pickens, invents a machine to quickly slaughter his herd. Trouble unfolds when his long-lost daughter Flavia, now a militant animal rights activist, returns disguised as a heifer to sabotage her father’s operation. As events begin to spin out of control Flavia is forced to confront the practicality of her once-puritanical worldview. Visit and for more information.< Less
The Philosophy Of Freedom By Rudolf Steiner
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The Philosophy of Freedom describes Rudolf Steiner's path to freedom. It contains the nonconformist ideals of his youth that result from his study of mathematics, science, and philosophy culminating... More > in a philosophy of life founded upon individualistic truth and ethical individualism. This is the first English translation and the only one sanctioned by Rudolf Steiner himself. Joint translators Prof. and Mrs. R. F. Alfred Hoernlé were selected for their outstanding qualifications. First published in 1916, it is based on the original 1894 German "Die Philosophie der Freiheit". Other translations have been based on the 1918 revised German edition. It includes inspiring passages about individualism that were removed from the book in 1918 and are missing in later translations: “We no longer believe that there is a norm to which we must all strive to conform." "If only we probe deep enough into the very heart of our being, there dwells something noble, something worthy of development.”< Less