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Papal Infallibility is subject to the Rule of Reason By Anthony J. Fejfar
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This Tract Book Article asserts that Papal Infallibility, by reason of the Vatican I language, and Roman Catholic Canon Law, must be in accordance with Reason, in order to be Valid.
Laissez Faire Law By Wolf DeVoon
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20 essays drawn from numerous online archives that illuminate two decades' progress of DeVoon's thought on the philosophy of laissez faire law, a system that he believes has no direct antecedents,... More > except Thomas Paine and Ayn Rand O'Connor, with a grateful hat tip to Jefferson, Lincoln, Madison, Hancock, Otis, and Franklin.< Less
Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Court Rules By State of Oklahoma
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The Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Court applies the law as set out in the Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Act. Its responsibility is to provide fair and timely procedures for the resolution of... More > disputes and identification of issues involving on-the-job injuries.< Less
Scotus Abortion Ruling: Women’s Victory By Bill Stonehem
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The SCOTUS or as they are better known, the Supreme Court of the United States is the highest federal court in the United States. It was established in 1789 and has the highest jurisdiction over all... More > the other federal courts and state court cases in issues involving federal law. It also has original jurisdiction over another small set of cases. In the United States, it is considered to be the final adjudicator on the federal constitutional law although it is only allowed to act within the context of the case in which it is allowed jurisdiction. In June 2016, the Supreme Court handed down a ruling that struck down a Texas law that would essentially put term limits on abortion. Many persons including the presumptive Democratic nominee for the president Hillary Clinton called this move a victory for women across America. This book will review many of the issues surrounding this landmark decision by the Supreme Court.< Less
Love Is: "10 Rules of the Love" By Oksana Esina
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Love is romance. Romantic ideas, romantic acting... And Love is the best feeling in the world. Love makes the world go round. It is the greatest mystery of all times. If you ask someone What is... More > love?, He or she will hardly find enough words to express its meaning. Love can be different. There is love for parents, love for children, love for animals, love for friends; first love, love for husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. When you love someone or something, your heart and soul become warmer and kinder. People, who carry love in their hearts, are always happy and in good mood. Love helps to live and survive in the hardest moments of our lives. Almost all feelings in the world have some advantages or disadvantages. However, love has only advantages. It brings harmony and peace. About Author: Oksana ESINA, Was born in city of Kharkov in Ukraine. She graduated from the National Law Academy of Ukraine named after Yaroslav Wise, speciality "Jurisprudence" with the red diploma.< Less
Sixteen Lessons of Law of Success By Students' Academy
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A very large majority of people often waste their efforts in trying to find their life work. One must endeavour to save the wasted efforts. To see that our efforts are not wasted, there ought to be... More > a definite chief aim. Aimlessness in life is never helpful, however, prosperous or well off a person may be. Sixteen Lessons of Law of Success Copyright Introduction Lesson One: The Master Mind Lesson Two: A Definite Chief Aim Lesson Three: Self Confidence Lesson Four: The Habit of Saving Lesson Five: Initiative and Leadership Lesson Six: Imagination Lesson Seven: Enthusiasm Lesson Eight: Self Control Lesson Nine: The Habit of Doing More Than Paid For Lesson Ten: Pleasing Personality Lesson Eleven: Accurate Thinking Lesson Twelve: Concentration Lesson Thirteen: Co-operation Lesson Fourteen: Profiting by Failure Lesson Fifteen: Tolerance Lesson Sixteen: The Golden Rule< Less
How You Will Conquer and Rule the World By Bill Kahn
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This thrilling manifesto is everyone’s guidebook to revolution without the risk of arrest. The moment we launch the 'DSM' website ['DSM'= district sovereignty movement] you may safely, easily... More > ‘vote’ online with complete confidence you will destroy and replace all government [and, the powers that own government]. This worldwide ‘opinion-polling’ campaign WILL destroy ‘them’ [‘them’= today’s plutocratic minority] and ordain instant, local command by each local majority, within one year. The 'DSM' Movement recommends [not dictates]: the eventual, near-nation-level sovereignty/autonomy of all districts [district= 25 to 1000 sq mi.]; limiting [by online, 24/7/365 voting] all ‘federal’ power to the minimal enforcement of environmental, border, free/fair election and weapons control laws only; the local majority’s right to redistribute all [public/private] local wealth; etc. As my liaison to contributors [only billionaires are solicited] email for a .5% commission.< Less
The Law of War & Peace In Islam By Muhammad Vandestra
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In the days when Islam came into focus the world was completely unaware of the concept of humane and decent rules of war. The West became conscious of this concept for the first time through the... More > works of the seventeenth century thinker, Grotius. But the actual codification of the 'international law' in war began in the middle of the nineteenth century. Prior to this no concept of civilized behaviour in war was found in the West. All forms of barbarity and savagery were perpetrated in war, and the rights of those at war were not even recognized, let alone respected. The laws which were framed in this field during the nineteenth century or over the following period up to the present day cannot be called 'laws' in the real sense of the word.< Less
Law(less) Society By Jonathan Shackleton
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In section 1 of the Constitutional Reform Act it refers to "the existing constitutional principle of the rule of law" however, there is no statutory definition of the rule of law and there... More > is considerable scholarly disagreement about what exactly the term means. The House of Lords Constitution Committee stated in its report on Relations between the executive, the judiciary and Parliament in July 2007 that "the rule of law remains a complex and in some respects uncertain concept." I hope to address this today as it's not at all complex unless you create legislation that is not constitutional. I see several Acts, Bills and legislation that are not created for the people but alas for the elite and Corporations – that's complex. It is my belief that if legislation made by Government is unconstitutional then it should be morally and legally struck down in a court of Law.< Less
Law of Attraction: Science of Success By Dr. Robert C. Worstell, editor & Julia Seton, M.D.
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Seton outlines 20 success methods in this one book, writing as if she is across a table from you and telling you what she just discovered. Know ThyselfHave a PlanDon't HurryClean Up Your MoodsMind... More > Your Own BusinessThe Use of PowerFaithSelfnessYesterday, Today and TomorrowPsychological SinsBusiness, But Not the TruthPersonality and IndividualityEnthusiasmConcentrationAppreciationHateful ComparisonsHappinessPoiseThe Rules of the GameCompensationAnd she winds it up by giving you four rules for the Game of Life.Formatted for your easy reading either in hardcover or on-screen, this book also includes the full text of Freedom Talk Number II.Sign up today for a free ecourse on the Law of Attraction.< Less

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