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City strife to rural life By Jane Crane
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This book is hopefully an amusing and interesting account of how our mid life crisis turned into a life changing move from city strife to rural life in a remote Welsh valley. It follows the first few... More > years spent working to create a smallholding and become as self sufficient as possible by adapting to life in a remote rural setting, far away from the street lights and urban life we left behind. It tells of learning to keep pigs and chickens, lambing, a never to be repeated attempt to artificially inseminate a very big and very indignant sow, almost flattening the cottage with an enormous felled oak tree and the joy of seeing our first born piglets happily suckling. Littered throughout with recipes for hedgerow wines and preserves for light relief! Whether you read every page or skip to the alcohol I hope you enjoy the experience and don’t get a headache!< Less
Rural Pornography By Jacob Cloete
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Rural Pornography is an explicit and voyeuristic look into rural life. I call it pornography because of its explicit and voyeuristic nature and thus, it has nothing to do with the conventional forms... More > of pornography. The pictures are mostly taken in the Hardeveld which is a sub–region of Namaqualand, South Africa. It was a couple of years back when I decided to do a book on Namaqualand and its people, and my aim was to title the book The Forgotten People. The flowers and its plant diversity are great but its undiscovered jewel is the people. Over these years I collected a great number of photos and with the passing of my dear friend Cornelius Ovies this year I went through these photos in a quest to find pictures of him. It was then I realised that I was sitting on some of the rarest photos that explicitly depicts rural life. Thus the original idea of The Forgotten People developed into Rural Pornography.< Less
Rural Affairs By Anna Hutton-North
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Whoever said life in the country was boring... Alicia's a smart sassy lawyer who won't stand for any nonsense. She lives for payday, Prada and becoming a Partner of the firm. Having shaken the... More > proverbial rural dust of Drayton Beauchamp off her Jimmy Choos, she knows exactly what she wants out of life. At least, until one disastrous summer, she thinks she does. Then, stuck back in the village she grew up in things start to get complicated as she rediscovers old friends, Matty the farmer's wife with a passion for fashion and Chloe, the eternal romantic. As she clashes with her mother's favourite gardener, deals with aggressive clients and sees her friend's marriage fall apart, she finds that she becomes inexplicably bound to the village. However much she tries to leave it appears fate has other plans. Whoever said life in the countryside was boring couldn't have been more wrong; there's always a rural affair.< Less
Life Through A Lens | Rural Uganda By Julian Claxton
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An intimate look through the lens at life in rural Uganda through the photographic eye of Julian Claxton and the children of Eden school in Southwest Uganda. The book features a wonderful look at... More > life in the rural community as Julian integrated himself into the community, photographing people in their homes. Also featured is the work of photographic students from Eden school. Julian returned to Uganda in 2015, taking with him 35mm cameras and film and materials to teach a group of children at Eden school, photography. Empowering the local children of this rural school, the children were set the task of photographing their life, enabling us, the viewers of the images, to glimpse life through the eyes of a child and life through the eyes of a travel photographer.< Less
Rural Route 3 By Timothy Gaddo
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Before he met the beautiful Concetta, Lou had resigned himself to working in, and eventually dying in, the coal mine, just as his father before him had done. He was uneducated, he aspired to nothing... More > higher, and his future looked about as bleak as the company-owned coal-town where he'd grown up, Standard, Illinois. Then chance stepped in, and smiled upon Lou, through provision of an unlikely meeting between this coal-town scruff and a genteel city-girl from Chicago. For some reason unknowable, she liked him, and in that modest approval, she reignited in Lou aspirations he'd nearly forgotten, desires which had all but withered and died in the black mine which had already stolen from him more daylight than he should rightly have allowed. Thus, with his rediscovered yen for openness, greenness, sunlight and blue sky, with Concetta beside him, did Lou begin our family's farming epoch. It would be not the utopian adventure the two imagined, but an adventure still, and a story worth the telling.< Less
Rural Wisconsin Today 2015 By Rick Rolfsmeyer
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Rural Wisconsin Today is an annual compendium of facts, figures and anecdotes about rural Wisconsin. This is an invaluable reference for anyone concerned about quality of life in rural Wisconsin.
Rural India Under Siege By Gian Singh
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Rural India in under threat of extinction culturally, economically and socially. Family as an instituttion is being made increasingly irrelevant to advent a life based on crass individualism to suit... More > the corporate capital.< Less
Apex Bank for Rural Credit By Sajjad Zahir
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Co-operative movement has entered into different branches of economic activities. Co-operatives today are found in production, consumption, service, credit, marketing and other spheres of country's... More > life. Since it is the age of specialization, each single co-operative aims at catering to a particular need of its members, but with vast developments in the economic sphere, and because of the question of viability of the co-operative efforts, service or multipurpose co-operatives have also been evolved.< Less
Rural life in the North-East UK By Jo Pattison
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Photobook depicting the quiet rural life in the North East UK, featuring photos from Whitby, Pickering, Helmsley, Hutton le Hole,Guisborough and Great Ayton.
Farm Plays: Three Rural Dramas By Eric Goudie
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These three plays about farm life run from sentimental to heart-warming to tragic, encapsulating the very essence of life on the modern family farm.

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