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Sage Leaves By Amanda Lowery
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Sage Leaves is the traditional yearbook publication for Russell Sage College in historic Troy, NY. This 2008 edition is a class book that celebrates the Golden Horseshoes of 2008.
Leaving By Sybil Scianna
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Sybil Jean Mander was born on August 24th, 1941 in Salt Lake City, Utah to Douglas William and Florence Baker Mander who have both preceded her in death. Sybil lived a full and enriching life as the... More > Daughter, the Sister, the Scholar, the Venus, the Diana, the Mother, the Partner, the Confidante, the Grandmother, the Teacher, the Artist, the Poet, the Landscaper, the Architect, the Builder, the Friend, the Councilor, the Naturalist, the Traveler, the Dreamer, the Trickster, the Muse and the Sage. She devoted herself unflinchingly to the arts, education and to living mindfully in harmony with the Universe through peace, love, creativity and contemplation.< Less
The Story of a Sage By Mike Collins
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A story that crosses the boundaries of time and space as our hero Lee transcends the mortal coil to be elevated to other planes of existence. All in the search to be reunited with the lost spirit of... More > his lost love. Through the distant lands of Egypt to the Mountains of Nepal Lee travels in his everlasting search to be whole once more. The plot leaves you guessing as Lee travels through the world of secret societies and occult magicks. Lee fights through the lands of the dead to the vast emptiness of spaces void. This epic journey is written in a Lovecraftian style, with its dark and mysterious undertones it is sure to leave you always questioning what is real.< Less
Once Upon a Lifetime: From Age-ing to SAGE-ing Workbook By Sandy Lundahl
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The 1st challenge of the second half of life is to deal with the specter of decline and the reality of multiple losses in later life. Painful as these are, “losses” clear the way for new... More > developments and make room for unexpected developments. The 2nd challenge, self-confrontation and self-reformation, opens the door for magic to occur. What has been unconscious must be brought into conscious awareness. The 3rd challenge is to turn to an empathic understanding of human nature and offer practical worldly wisdom. The challenge of maturity is leaving that hard-won “self” behind – becoming the elder or wise one.< Less
How to Overcome Dandruff and Other Scalp Disorders By Sylvia Sage
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How to Overcome Dandruff and Other Scalp Disorders is just what you need to end the embarrassment forever! •How to recognize and identify dandruff •Discover what causes dandruff •How... More > to dispel some myths about it •What doctors recommend •General cure for mild dandruff •How to prepare home remedies •Nutritional therapy •What herbs and supplements are available for treatment •Review over the counter options •How to treat severe cases •Other useful tips and guidelines Did you know that 50,000,000 people spend $300,000,000 each year trying to control the problem? It's true. But you have an opportunity to learn the cause, how to treat it, and it sure isn't going to cost you $300,000,000. In fact, your copy of this guide will probably cost less than the last bottle of stuff you wasted good money on! Don't let another embarrassing incident undermine yourself image and leave you feeling helpless and hopeless. Take back control today! You have nothing to lose except telltale tracks on your shoulders!< Less
How To Overcome Dandruff By Sylvia Sage
eBook (PDF): $8.99
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Never Be Embarrassed Again If you have ever been embarrassed by unsightly dandruff, this information is for you. Telltale white flakes that seems to come back again and again no matter how many... More > times you brush them off your shoulders. How would you like to be able to wear that little black dress again? Or maybe it's that navy blue Armani suit? If you would like to rid yourself of this unsightly malady once and for all, you can do it. You just need to know how. *How to Overcome Dandruff and Other Scalp Disorders* is just what you need to end the embarrassment forever! Did you know that 50,000,000 people suffer from dandruff? Did you know that they spend $300,000,000 trying to get rid of it? You needn't spend $300,000,000 to get rid of the problem once and for all. Don't let another embarrassing incident undermine your self image and leave you feeling helpless and hopeless. Take back control today! You have nothing to lose except telltale tracks on your shoulders!< Less
Suma By H.J. Sage
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The beautiful singer Suma Rainey leaves her home in Cheyenne, Wyoming, for the musical big time in San Francisco. She leaves behind two men who have fought for her affections, one she remembers, the... More > other she wants to forget. In the big city she finds what she’s looking for--a place where she can play the music she writes that is rooted in her mother’s Shoshone tradition. Her musical success grows with the band she joins until they find themselves in demand, not only in their city, but all over the country. The man she loved and lost finds her again, and their happiness is overshadowed only by dark memories from a distant past. Firmly established in the musical tradition of the West Coast, she searches for new paths on which to express her creative talents. The man she loves, guided by Shoshone gods, she is sure, travels by her side as they search for a new future together. Guided by spirits from the Wind River Mountains, her ancestral home, with her lover beside her, she finds her way at last to fulfillment.< Less
Under The Leaf By J. E. Janssen
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This little book was seeded by a group of garden related poems written for the SAGE LEAVES, the newsletter of the Wisconsin Unit of the Herb Society of America. It has been fun to compose thoughts... More > into rhymes and now to print them together, as you have asked me to do. Some poems, not about gardens, have been added as I discovered them in the computer while planning for this book. I hoped my poems would make you smile. Are you?< Less
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Hope, the son of Limitation and Mediocre begins his journey to the Island called Greatness. Uncle Doubt stands on his way, as well as Limitation his mother. His home in Happy-Go-Lucky town is the... More > worst of all, called the Dilapidation dwellingplace. Hope was like a lone ranger who wants to leave his town and get to the Island of Greatness by all means. The hurters in the Hurt huts would not let him be; how shall he escape the distractions of the Flirts in the Flirts' flats and the Flatterer's flats too? What did Mr. Cheat and his cousins, Conceit and Deceit did to Hope in the Duplicity duplex? What about the castrated giants living in the Castration castle? Lots more! But Hope has his consolation with old Father Sage who lives in the Dotage cottage with the Faiths, else he would have lost his life to the torture of Mr. Oppressor, the Garment of Torment, Hammer of Harm, Attire of Satire, and so on. Let's see how it all happens!< Less
Bitterweed and Wild Onions By Gary B Hulsey
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Wanting to leave a legacy of my vanishing generation and culture, for my sons and extended family, I've penned vignettes of descriptions and events of growing up on a farm in north Georgia, in the... More > 1950's, going barefoot to school, studying by lamplight, and more, with notations of Providence clearly evidenced. Click the Preview button to read the Prologue, a summary of my life and lifestyle, and vignettes on being framed for a "crime," Christmas at a country church with fiery preaching, and fearing escaped prisoners had taken up residence in the barn loft.< Less