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SC1 By Man growing, Hentai master88
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This is our first comic combining comedy with breast expansion. We envisioned a new and enjoyable concept, especially intended for those who appreciate a good laugh along with attractive girl... More > characters. This story is about six college students who want to get inside an abandoned burlesque house. A mysterious event shrouded in legend happened there several years ago, and our characters want to investigate further, attempting to use the information for a history report. But "bad" things are about to happen. These friends will soon realize that messing with what they thought were myths and urban leyends could be 'catastrophic' if they were not willing to pay the price; thankfully for us, some of them are very willing to do so.< Less
eBook (PDF): $12.50
Where the rants rave and the raves ramble and there’s always reverie in your rage
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American history is very important, as the foundation of our great nation has changed world history forever! American history is important to be taught to all generations, renewing the knowledge,... More > making the next generation understand the true philosophy of our nation, based on what the Founding Fathers believed and told us. What is the history of Washington State? That's covered in this short book. What's the history of California? That's covered in this book. American culture, does that even exist before the age of Elvis? It sure does and it must be revived, so this book tries to make that happen. Names like William Billings, Robert Scott Duncanson or Edward Mitchell Bannister must be known once again, they are some of the greatest Americans, African-Americans we have to show! Our nation invented more than any other nation and progressed society at a speed that has eradicated poverty and disease in a manner that is unequaled in the world! God Bless the U.S.!< Less
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The 50 States of the United States all have their own unique heritage, traditions and history. This short book attempts to summarize all the different aspects and topics of the long history of our... More > nation, its regions, its territories and states! That's difficult but the author did a good job in his enormous task. The United States is a unique nation and it is made up of the states of which it consists, as diverse as they are, they form a single union, which has preserved and granted freedom to peoples all around the globe, whatever the racial and ethnic background!< Less
Florida's History By SC Benham
Paperback: $8.25
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Florida's History is one of the most fascinating topics of our American heritage. Concerning the age of our country, Florida can be considered the most important of all states, as it was the first to... More > be colonized! This book takes a look at the American Civil War in Florida, the lives of the ancient and archaic Indians, the great Spanish gold ships and the battles fought for this most precious of gems! La Florida is covered as well as British and American Florida. What about the Florida Keys? They too have a long story to tell and this book sheds some light even on that forgotten history of the only tropical place of the U.S.!< Less
Paperback: $8.50
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Ancient Britain is one of the most fascinating topics You can read about. This book is for all those who are interested in getting to know Ancient Britain from Prehistory to the Dark Ages, passing... More > through the Roman Era as well! After all, the Romans built tremendous structures and towns, highways and roads, aquaducts and the native Celtic population had its own identity, culture and religion. The history of Ancient "Britannia" should be taught and re-taught over and over, because every new generation should get to know the beauty of British history.< Less
HISTORY of CANADA - a short summary of the long history of Canada - By SC Benham
Paperback: $7.50
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The history of Canada is one of the most intruiging and most fascinating subjects. Canada is a great nation with a rich tradition and heritage. The Native Indians have fought for their rights since... More > centuries and they also take up a large part of this countries history. Canada is beloved by many people throughout the nation, with many immigrants coming to it's shores. So where does the history of Canada begin and what does society look like?< Less
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France is one of the greatest nations on earth. This book covers the beginning of French history all the way down to today. It displays accurately the great lives of some of the most famous and... More > influential personalities of France, which made the country great. The French Revolution is covered, just like the Middle Ages and beyond.< Less
End Of Normal By SC Arscott
Paperback: $13.95
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Sixteen-year-old Olivia Richards’ last day of normal is just that, normal. She worries about impressing Sawyer Rising, the hottest guy in school, and argues with her mother. Everything seems... More > fine except for that strange, glowing plant in the yard and her dad lying to her and deaf twin brother Charlie, which is the weirdest thing of all because their parents do not lie to them. Ever. Normal ends as lights shoot out of the sky and turn into stinging drones, killing their parents. As he lay dying, their father gives them cryptic clues about coordinates and begs forgiveness before insisting they leave. The twins join forces with Olivia’s boyfriend Adam, her best friend Clara, and heartthrob Sawyer. Together they go in search of answers only to find conspiracy, death, and an awful truth about their families.< Less
Revive By SC Harrison
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Since the tragic accident that stole her parents, sixteen-year-old amnesiac Cat Lindensen lives each day with only faint memories of the last. But after her uncle abruptly uproots their L.A. lives... More > for the lush forests of Oregon, even Cat begins to notice the shadows that stalk her steps. Frightening hallucinations, flash growth spurts, and a debilitating reaction to iron leave Cat fearing for her mind. No one notices Cat's struggles more than the strange new boy Card Thomas, namely because he triggers them. The touch of his skin sends Cat into consuming visions of magic, monsters, and even her own lost past. But while Cat clings to the world she thought she lived in, she can't help but fall in love with a truth she can't explain--even as she's falling into the arms of an old friend with more secrets than she ever knew. Revived to the supernatural world around her, Cat must bend the lines between right and wrong to navigate the harsh world of bargains, curses, and a love that tests her very sanity.< Less