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Sine Nomine By Philip Parzygnat
Paperback: $50.00
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Sine Nomine is a collection of philosophically motivated thoughts in the spirit of Finding Answers, Simple to Complex, and Thought Provoking. The work includes 50 self contained thoughts that should... More > be considered independent of each other.< Less
Circle of Sine By Karl Shorter
eBook (PDF): $10.75
This book contains no more than an amateur's contribution to the literature of a very large and varied subject on the serpent and its symbolism, its religious beliefs, myths, astrological,... More > astronomical and its occurrence with every GOD and GODDESS throughout time and to exhaust this subject would require a relentless study of myth and religions from every continent around the world. Dealing with this subject was not to find factual material, but to select such information that may prove useful and interesting. Look to the skies and keep watching.< Less
Sine Cygnet & Signifier By Zali Krishna
Paperback: $15.02
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Vera Singh is a phenomenal sax-slinger with more high-end footwear than Imelda Marcos. Her flatmate Manda is a trapped career writer, churning out volume after volume of the exploits of Dumara of... More > Terra. Their odyssey from the coastal town of St Eia, in an imaginary ruritanian state called England, carries them together and apart through the granular micro-balkanised nations of The Continent, and out into places barely-sketched and implausible. And Soma Jones? Where does he come into this? And where is the library van than he stole from Penwith County Council? Can any of the answers be discovered in the unravelled VHS tapes of Sir Rey Queller, Reluctant Bodhissatva? We must ask ourselves how can we distinguish between the sine, the cygnet and the signifier. Perhaps we will find the answers to this riddle amongst the greenhouses and Portakabins of Glassgarden.< Less
Sine Qua Non By Shane T. Gilroy
Hardcover: $43.87
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Reference Cases and Authorities for Moot Court Case Problem 2007-2008
Sine's Adventures In Calculand By Sierra Maciorowski
eBook (ePub): $0.00
The tale of a function's adventures through the world of calculus.
Memo By Sine Die
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Little poetry book about life and dead. Sine Die’s work is about the experimentation between poetry, videos, pictures and performance.
Gaston De Latour By Rebbeca Sines
eBook (PDF): $9.99
from it a novel poetry also grows superb and large, to fill a certain mental situation made ready in advance. Yes! the acknowledged, and, so to call it, legitimate, poetry of literature was but a... More > thing he might sip at, like some sophisticated rarity in the way of wine, for example, pleasing the acquired taste. It was another sort of poetry, unexpressed, perhaps inexpressible, certainly not hitherto made known in books, that must drink up< Less
General History and Collection of Voya By Nia Sines
eBook (PDF): $9.99
seen by our people was dyed of a bright but deep yellow, and covered on the outside with a composition like varnish, which was either red, or of a dark lead-colour; over this ground it was again... More > painted in stripes of many different patterns, with wonderful regularity, in the manner of Our striped silks in England; the cloth that was painted red was striped with black, and that which was painted lead-colour with white. Their habit< Less
Embracing a Paperless World By Sine MacFarlane
eBook (ePub): $2.86
(1 Ratings)
An overview of the comparative benefits of paper versus digital instructional material in 3rd level education.
SINE CURA By Davide Cantino
eBook (PDF): $0.99
Le ferite, c’è chi le cura e chi le procura. Ecco come prevenire è meglio che curare per il desistenzialismo.

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Genius Matters Genius Matters By Angela Maiers
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