Spiritual Warfare Prayers For the Joshua Generation By Pastor Lautrina Patterson
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Spiritual Warfare Prayers For the Joshua Generation Healing and deliverance prayers
Battle Cry: 10 Prayers for Spiritual Warfare By Leann Guzman
eBook (ePub): $0.99
This prayer book contains 10 prayers for specific battles. Prayers include: Prayers for When... I Am Emotionally Drained My Family Is At Odds, People Reject Me, Friends Betray Me, I Don’t... More > Feel Connected at Church, I Need Financial Provision, I Am Sick, Loved Ones are Hurting, Someone I Love is Making Bad Decisions, and When I Have Made Bad Decisions. Each prayer gives you a "Battle Cry" for the battle, and focuses you on the One who has already won the victory! This book is a stand alone prayer book, but was written as a compliment to Strong and of Good Courage: 31 Days of Spiritual Warfare, a women's devotional also written by Leann Guzman.< Less
The Art Of Spiritual Warfare By Stephen Phinney
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This book unfolds the spiritual secrets to a free life. As a sword, the Word has the power to penetrate the life of every being that hears it, and that includes the enemy. It is meant to do... More > corrective surgery within the soul, spirit, thoughts, attitudes, and body of all who hear it. This is the secret of its power against the enemy. As you use it, the Word can penetrate, cleanse, and change the life of those that embrace it as Truth. This is why it cuts away at the grip of the enemy. There is nothing more powerful and there is certainly no substitute for persistent, steady, consistent application of coming against the enemy. Even Jesus, the Son of God, used the written Word in the wilderness to fight off Satan. What worked for the Son of the living God will certainly do no less for us! Dr. Phinney offers practical solutions to spiritual problems.< Less
The Truth About Spiritual Warfare By ASR Martins
eBook (ePub): $7.99
Among some other false doctrines in the church today, two of them have really serious consequences for believers. These doctrines are “generational curses” and “spiritual... More > warfare”. Although both these doctrines have no Biblical foundation, many Christians believe in them like they believe in Christ Himself. This book proves that “Spiritual warfare” is a false doctrine. The necessary Scriptures that support this statement are discussed in detail. People are actually oppressed just because they believe in this doctrine. This book will challenge your beliefs on this subject and it will set you free.< Less
Spiritual Mapping & Strategies of Warfare By Japhet P. Oyutu
eBook (ePub): $12.50
Spiritual Mapping & Strategies of Warfare brings to light the performance of the weapons of our warfare in the realm of the spirits...Christians are made to understand the devices of Satan that... More > make warfare prayers ineffective, and the grounds where spiritual battles are won.< Less
Men & Warfare: Equipping Men In Spiritual Warfare By Stephen Phinney
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The Christian man is engaged in a spiritual battle even if he does not believe that he is. Satan and his spiritual forces are on the battle line waiting for you each day. A man does not have a choice... More > as to his engagement in this battle, it awaits him each day and there is no way getting around it. If you are saved and have received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you are in! Be alert and sober, for your enemy, Satan, roams around on the earth to seek whom he can devour. This study is to equip each man with the spiritual tools necessary to war against the world, his flesh and the devil himself. This study can be used as a private devotional - completing one lesson per day or at a pace that is most comfortable. A popular format is in a small group environment – finishing one lesson per week. This workbook contains many helpful tools to equip leaders in small group ministry.< Less
The War at Indian Wells: Spiritual Warfare By Carol Robeson
eBook (ePub): $0.99
A quiet congregation on the sunny coastal city of Indian Wells had no idea what was ahead of them when a young man bolted out of his seat on a Sunday morning and began to disrupt the church service.... More > It was a time of crisis for the congregation and pastor as they confronted and won the battle of a life time! This is a short story on spiritual warfare.< Less
WEAPONS OF SPIRITUAL WARFARE: Walking in Spiritual Victory By Emmanuel Manyeza
Paperback: $20.97
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Our Father in Heaven, has given us many weapons to fight the enemy with. It is up to us then, to pick up these weapons and learn how to use them effectively. If we, however follow our natural... More > tendency and wait for a crisis to pick up our weapons, our lack of skill is likely to be exposed in great defeat. Our enemy is a highly skilled adversary. Satan and his demons are experienced veterans, having waged war on mankind for thousands of years. They surely know our weaknesses and how best to exploit them. God calls us to be good warriors, trained and skillful in using the weapons He has given us. This book is designed to give you a godly perspective on the spiritual war that is being waged around us - The battle between God and Satan,(good & evil), and the whole armor of God at our disposal, that we can use to fight back and win. Evil can only be resisted through the power and authority of the Cross, which is the central call of the gospel. You will never go the same way you came, after reading this book.< Less
Demonology: Demons & Devils: Spiritual Warfare By Dr. Phillip Botha
eBook (ePub): $29.99
I have realised over the years that the Scriptures actually tells us a lot about Demons and devils, but that an intensive study of The Bible was nesecary to bring that particular knowledge to the... More > front. I found through research other non-Biblical books that also refer to one and the same demons and devils we face. My aim was to write a comprehensive study guide to the world of demons/devils, what possible influence they have over us and importantly, how we can rid ourselves of these cursed beings so that we can live happy, spiritually fulfilled lives. I have managed to compile information I researched in such a way that it must make a difference in people’s lives. After reading this book, one will be compelled to be more attentive towards certain things than before. One will also have a better understanding of God’s plan with us and how we must live our lives.< Less
The Bible Passport for Spiritual Warfare & Deliverance By Robin Dinnanauth
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You have now put your hand on the most dynamic powerful scriptural promises from God’s Word, which can be used in your meditation and prayer to war against the forces of evil or to destroy any... More > plans and schemes of the enemy: The purpose of this mighty strategic Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance Book is to take you into the spirit realm through the scriptures and pull down every stronghold of the adversary, breaking the power of witchcraft, destroying generational curses and cut every ungodly spiritual soul-ties. Pulling down strongholds of spiritual fortified gates of Hell with god’s prevailing power and authority. The bible says, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (II Timothy 1:7) You must be solid in doctrinal truth and Biblical principles and we must be confident in God’s ability through us! “...greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” I John 4:4< Less