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SQL 2000 Server Administration By T Loy
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Learn many useful SQL SERVER 2000 ADMINISTRATION technical skills fast and easy. Learn SQL SERVER 2000 ADMINISTRATION from anywhere you are, just use your computer to run the program. This is self... More > paced training program for beginner, absolutely the perfect SQL SERVER 2000 ADMINISTRATION training starter at affordable price. With this low cost, you can master SQL SERVER 2000 ADMINISTRATION technical skills in a short time. After you learn SQL SERVER 2000 ADMINISTRATION confidently, then invest money on the SQL SERVER 2000 ADMINISTRATION application software.< Less
Sql Server Query Collection By Rabin Koirala
eBook (PDF): $0.99
Sql Server Query Collection is a example of all query used to execute in daily projects
SQL Server Interview Questions By DAMYANTI PATHAK
eBook (PDF): $20.00
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SqlServer, Interview Questions, SqlServer Interview Questions
SQL Server Interview Questions By Damyanti Pathak
eBook (ePub): $15.00
SqlServer, Interview Questions, SqlServer Interview Questions
SQL Server 2014 Development Essentials By ROB JANSEN
eBook (PDF): $245.21
Microsoft SQL Server is an enterprise database server that is the cornerstone of modern business applications and is in the center of the business processes of many leading organizations. The latest... More > release of Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server 2014, has many new features. These new features of SQL Server 2014 let you design, build, and deploy high-performance OLTP applications. Especially, the new in-memory technology of SQL Server 2014 helps you to design and implement high-performance OLTP applications. According to Microsoft, in some situations, implementing the new SQL Server 2014 in-memory technology for existing OLTP applications can improve the performance of these applications by 10 times. This book will provide you with all the skills you need to successfully design, build, and deploy databases using SQL Server 2014. Starting from the beginning, this book gives you an insight< Less
Dissecting SQL Server Execution Plans By Grant Fritchey
eBook (PDF): $17.99
Every day, out in the various discussion boards devoted to Microsoft SQL Server, the same types of questions come up again and again: Why is this query running slow? Is my index getting used? Why... More > does this query run faster than this query? My response is the same n in each case: have you looked at the execution plan? Execution plans provide a wealth of information on how your queries are being executed by SQL Server, and are a vitally important tool for anyone who writes TSQL to access data in a SQL Server database. My goal with this book was to gather as much useful information on execution plans as possible into a single location, and to organize it in such as way that it provided a clear route through the subject. Written and tested for SQL Server 2005, I guide you right from the basics of capturing plans, through their interpretation, and then on to how to use them to understand how you might optimize your SQL queries, improve your indexing strategy, spot some common performance issues, and more. < Less
Go and SQL Server Programming By Example By Agus Kurniawan
eBook (ePub): $2.99
This book helps you to get started how to write Go program to access SQL Server and Microsoft Azure SQL Database. The following is highlight topic in this book: * Setup Development Environment *... More > Hello World - Go and SQL Server * CRUD Operations * Working with Image and Blob Data * Transaction * Stored Procedures * Microsoft Azure SQL Database< Less
PHP and SQL Server Programming By Example By Agus Kurniawan
eBook (ePub): $3.99
This book provides alternative approach to build PHP application with Windows platform and database SQL Server. It describes how to work with PHP and SQL Server and illustrates their use with code... More > examples. The last chapter author explains how PHP to access Windows Azure SQL Database. *Short TOC* 1. Setup Development Environment 2. Hello World - PHP and SQL Server 3. CRUD Operations 3.1 CRUD Operations 3.2 Creating Data 3.3 Reading Data 3.4 Update Data 3.5 Deleting Data 4. Working with Image and Blob Data 4.1 Image and Blob Data 4.2 Uploading Image 4.3 Listing Image Data 5. Transaction 6. Stored Procedures 6.1 Stored Procedures 6.2 Calling Stored Procedure 6.3 Calling Stored Procedure with Parameter 6.4 Calling Stored Procedure with Input and Output Parameters 7. Windows Azure SQL Database 7.1 Windows Azure SQL Database 7.2 Creating Windows Azure SQL Database 7.3 Connecting to Windows Azure SQL Database 7.4 Inserting Data 7.5 Retrieving Data< Less
SQL Server for Node.js By Agus Kurniawan
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Microsoft SQL Server provides many features for data manipulation. Now you can access SQL Server from Node.js application. This book helps you how to get started with Node.js and SQL Server. It... More > covers how to prepare your development environment. ***TOC*** 1. Preparing Development Environment 2. Hello World - Connecting to Database Server 2.1 Database Configuration 2.2 Development Tools 2.3 Connectivity Testing 3. Database Table Operations 3.1 What are Table Operations? 3.2 Database Connection String 3.3 Inserting Data 3.4 Reading Data 3.5 Updating Data 3.6 Deleting Data 3.7 Finding Data 4. Stored Procedures 4.1 Creating Stored Procedure 4.2 Executing a Stored Procedure 4.3 Stored Procedure with Parameters 5. Working with Image and Binary Data 5.1 Image and Binary Data 5.2 Inserting Data 5.3 Reading Data 5.4 Deleting Data 6. Transactions 6.1 What is a Transaction? 6.2 Case 1 - Data Processing without Transaction 6.3 Case 2 - Data Processing with Transaction< Less
SQL Server 2000 Programming Course By Algis Kuliukas
eBook (PDF): $12.50
A comprehensive programming course for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 from the original UK SQL Server 'Guru'.