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Oxidative Stress By Matthew Jordan
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Oxidative stress is a major topic in the health and wellness community. Antioxidants and related supplements are a billion dollar industry. Consumers need to better understand oxidative stress,... More > free radical management and antioxidants in order to navigate through all of the information and marketing that is thrown at them on a daily basis. Presented in a simplified manner, Oxidative Stress explains the link between free radicals, oxidative stress, aging and disease. By providing a basic and non technical definition of oxidative stress and antioxidants, consumers can now approach their own oxidative stress management with confidence.< Less
Stress And Students By Zahid Ameer
eBook (PDF): $1.99
With this ebook, and its great information on managing stress at school it will walk you, step by step, through the exact process we developed to help people get all the info they need to be a... More > success. In This Book, You Will Learn: + Stress At School Basics + What Causes Stress At School + Stay Organized + Keep A Planner + Use Journaling + And so much more!< Less
Stress and Students By Dr. Anil Kumar Agnihotri
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The 17th century has been called the ‘Age of enlightenment’ the 18th ‘The Age of Reason’, the 19th ‘Age of progress’ and the 20th ‘The Age of Anxiety’... More > (Calbraith 1977). The 21st ‘Technology Revolution’ Marked by knowledge revolution, the information explosion and the associated acceleration of changes in technology, social structure, occupations and organizations make for an increasing demands on the individual’s capacity to adapt, resulting difficulty in finding a harmony between the individual and the environment which causes a disequilibrium in the body, mind and soul of the individual referred as ‘stress’. It is an unavoidable feature of modern living. Since it affects all age groups of the population it needs to be fought, investigated and managed to have a balanced and healthy society.< Less
Stress Management - Powerful Solutions for Busy People By Craig Cox
eBook (ePub): $3.99
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STRESS MANAGEMENT - POWERFUL SOLUTIONS FOR BUSY PEOPLE. A simple, comprehensive book and workbook that will help you understand what stress is, why we have it, what happens to our bodies when under... More > stress, you then learn simple and effective techniques to help you manage work stress and post traumatic stress. The material is based on over 20 years of the authors coaching and counseling experience and the techniques presented were developed by him to cope with his own work and post traumatic stress.< Less
A Year of Building Success Through Soothing Stress Management By Melissa R. Rich, Ph.D.
eBook (ePub): $8.99
A practical, hands-on guide to recognizing and managing the effects of stress at work and at home in a fun, understandable and applicable way.
A Year of Building Success Through Soothing Stress Management By Melissa R. Rich, Ph.D.
Paperback: $15.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Dr. Rich has written a hands-on, practical and fun to read primer on stress management. Her suggestions make sense and are easy to follow – while having a profound impact on our stress levels.... More > She believes stress management should be incorporated into every area of our lives, including – physical, social, communication, habits, environment and emotional. She encourages us to break free of the way we respond to stress and put new, healthier responses in place. Following her advice will help you become more tranquil, serene and content with your life and your circumstances. Read her book and begin to relax!< Less
managing executive stress - the pubic relations' way By Olasupo Akanbi
eBook (PDF): $8.62
Management of executive stress with public relations induced communicative interaction posture is an issue in public relations environmental communication management which aims at cognitive... More > behavioural therapy. The impact of stress can only be best understood in terms of person cum situation interaction. Man is an information processing system which selects, organises and interprets stimulating environmental information into his perceived sense of the world {perceived rather than the reality}; hence PR's role as an information management, attitude influencing, perceptual management and communicative interaction discipline in stress control is information management for psycho-semantics control and cognitive behavioural therapy The practise of PR is very pertinent to the management of executive stress, because the science and art of PR is about the economy of managerial communication attitude; PR being the science and art of reaching the end with optimum economy of means.< Less
Stress and Anger Management for Kids Teens Adults By Susan Kramer
Paperback: $6.95
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Paperback: 34 topics for kids, teens and adults to get beyond stress, to understand more about anger's grip, and reclaim inner peace. A handy guide to refer to time and again. Each topic offers a... More > nugget of wisdom as an alternative to lashing out. It's easier to think through a situation when calm, so restoring personal peace is practical. Written from a spiritual point of view with brief meditations throughout. 98 pages. 11,800 words.< Less
The 5 Minute Guide to Managing Your Stress By Hayley Miller
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Stress is one of the biggest problems faced by modern society. According to the statistics, a great majority of us are stressed on a regular and ongoing basis. What’s more, stress is leading to... More > heart disease, to depression, to strokes and to a number of other serious health effects. Stress is as ubiquitous then as it is devastating and many of us just accept this as ‘normal’.< Less
HardiTraining: Managing Stressful Change, 4th Edition By Deborah M. Khoshaba & Salvatore R. Maddi
Paperback: $70.00
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This book comprises the hardiness approach to managing stressful change and provides readers with knowledge and skill sets for bolstering resiliency across five lifestyle areas. HardiTraining teaches... More > people how to turn stressful changes to their advantage by helping them to transform stressful problems into new opportunities for living and personal growth.< Less

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