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The Salton Sea Is By Aaron Robinson
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This project emerged as a way to see what the Salton Sea is. The goal was to discover how the Salton Sea takes shape in the public imaginary through publications on the internet. These quotations may... More > serve to illuminate what people who discuss the Salton Sea find important. This book draws on the methodology found in Mish-ka Henner’s Photography Is. This piece takes the phrase ‘the Salton Sea is’ as a starting point and places each quotation in sequence. By choosing the phrase the ‘the Salton Sea is’, I am making an affirmation that the Salton Sea is, was, and will re-main.< Less
Finding Birds at the Salton Sea and in Imperial County, California By Henry Detwiler
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Visit the Salton Sea and the Imperial Valley, California to see a wealth of wintering, migrant, and breeding birds. Hightlights include Yellow-footed Gull, Wood Stork, Gull-billed Tern, Crissal... More > Thrasher, and Le Conte's Thrasher.< Less
Just Imagine By Irving McMurren
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The Salton Sea is the biggest lake in California. It is drying up and will soon become the source of deadly toxic waste and pulmonary disorders unless it is preserved. One such solution is to build a... More > canal from the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. The main character in the novel is an engineer who promotes the canal along with his girl friend and faithful dog. They travel to Baja and Sacramento finally convincing them to build the canal for a fraction of the cost of a previous proposal advocated by politicians. The story is punctuated by romance, hijacking, shark attacks, flying in Baja and numerous obstacles until finally water flows into the Salton Sea and land values soar along with the waterfowl who return to its shores.< Less
Slab City: A look at life at the fringes By Heather Quinn
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This photo essay in black and white takes a look at another way of life - off the grid and away from the rat race - in a place called Slab City. Squatters, madmen, prophets and criminals set up their... More > own community near the Salton Sea on the concrete slabs of the abandoned Camp Dunlap. They all have one thing in common - they're all running away from something.< Less
I Hate Drunk Monkeys - The Novelette By Tidy Eye
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Premise: A career-sabotaged actor with a weird hairdo and a liberated research monkey throw it right back as the career-wrecking paparazzi everyone wants to kill. The Novelette: Prologue Chapters 1... More > - 5. Told in the first person by Rip Honeyman, a failed and bitter ex-actor, we follow him and his fetish for supermarket sex, memory-loss-inducing binges, desert motels and the Salton Sea. There, overwhelmed by the tumult of setting up for the next clusterfuck, his own demons take over aided in no small part by a find of obscure tropical mineral salts. And we ain't even seen the Monkey. Yet. The first of three.< Less
The Gospel According To Condo Don By Fred Dungan
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The Gospel According to Condo Don is a fictional eyewitness account of the Second Coming of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
The Gospel According To Condo Don By Fred Dungan
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The Gospel According to Condo Don is a fictional eyewitness account of the Second Coming of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Abandoned Americana By Paul Sewell & Scott Hatlestad
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Abandoned Americana is an ongoing photographic project that combines traditional film and digital photography. The title Abandoned Americana suggests a time in American history that has been lost. ... More > Of simpler times when traveling from coast to coast took weeks rather then days. A time when the journey was the destination. Through the medium of photography, one of the project’s main goals is to show how two individuals can see the same subject in two different ways. The locations are splint into chapters, not always involving both photographers. The first collaborations being the Salton Sea in Southern California and Route 66.< Less
Saving Xochil By W.S. McConnell
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Tony Salazar, a murderous thug who has devoted his life to the Guerra drug cartel, is suddenly questioning his loyalty. Tony seizes on his boss’s poor decision to keep a video memento of a... More > murder to seek out witness protection. Tony, whose biggest previous concern was killing competing drug dealers populating the California desert’s meth land, must also protect a young girl named Xochil, who has unwittingly become a pawn in Tony’s plan of betrayal to escape from the only life he has ever known, a hard-boiled life of meth manufacturing and murder. This thriller, set in California’s Salton Sea, pits tough guy Tony against even tougher guys who view stomping out betrayal as the only form of revenge. The gradual transformation of Tony from the ruthless killer to a deliverer of justice is jolting, and the page-turning factor is guaranteed to kill your Friday night plans, if not your entire weekend. Brutal, blunt, and gritty, McConnell's "Saving Xochil" satisfies all fans of crime thriller fiction.< Less
Quartzsite Lonely Hearts By Helen Harding
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This short novel was written in ten days on a dare. (You try it!) It is about a group of men and women who get together two by two for friendship and conversation. Things happen. A mysterious... More > death, a felony warrant. Set in Quartzsite with a side trip to Slab City and the Salton Sea it is by no means intended to be accurate about any thing in any way.< Less

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