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The Astrological eMagazine October 2015 By Niranjan Babu
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Do you have dreams when asleep? We have a wonderful article on the Science of Dreams. If mundane affairs interest you, we have one related to Jupiter's transit into the fire sign Leo. We also pay... More > homage to the great seer Swami Dayananda Saraswati who attained Samadhi recently. We also have more articles and features of great interest to you< Less
Meditation - The Perfect Path By Chitrarth Singh
eBook (ePub): $5.99
People are confused about Meditation and the techniques. This book is all about the real understanding of Meditation, Concentration and Samadhi and the easiest and perfect techniques which can lead... More > you to the ultimate freedom. I am in this path since about 10 years and learned a lot about spirituality. you can understand the concept and start practicing today without the help of any guru or without finding any information about spirituality. Just start the practice and everything will follow.< Less
El sombrero de Hierro By Sergio Pita Freire
Paperback: $20.64
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El Buda se manifiesta en forma de un pacto con el propio conocimiento. En ese momento es cuando toman significado las palabras. A esto se le llama “revelación interior” pero esta... More > “revelación” no es posible sin antes haber lanzado la flecha del “intento” y esto a su vez no es posible sin antes hacer alcanzado la solución de una pregunta. Sólo es posible dar la solución a la pregunta estando bien despierto.< Less
"Alvin" By Adi Wirawan
eBook (PDF): $2.99
akan lebih baik diidentifikasi sebagai keberadaan, kebahagiaan, dan kesadaran. Tetapi ia yang merupakan kesadaran yang murni yang mana Tuhan tinggal didalam kita. Ātma berada melampaui penilaian... More > ataupun pemikiran konseptual. Melalui praktik spiritual kita memperoleh kesadaran akan inti keilahian yang ada di dalam diri. Keseimbangan pikiran yang sempurna, samādhi adalah suatu keadaan yang mana pikiran telah dapat melampaui ketidakpatuhannya kesehariannya dan telah mencapai kebeningan kepada ātma. Ketika kesadaran yang lebih tinggi dan< Less
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Prana and Dharana presents the key higher steps of Yoga. In the West Yoga is taught as only a series of physical exercises to give the body better health. But actually Yoga as taught by Patanjali has... More > eight steps leading to the soul’s enlightenment. Prana deals with utilizing the breath through various pranayama breathing exercises to help the body become strong and the mind become steady. Dharana is a higher stage of yoga where the mind practices various types of concentration and visualization. The highest stage of yoga is Samadhi where the consciousness merges in the Supreme Reality to gain enlightenment.< Less
Prefatory to Cosmic Consciousness By David Bersson
Paperback: $40.90
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The essays in this book are mainly involved with those insights which involve or surround cosmic consciousness in its purest sense – whereupon the other side of the portal of the Temple of... More > Nuit, Liber Had and Liber Nu are those spiritual adventures that involve the omnipresence of Her Body of Infinite Space and the consciousness of the continuity of existence. We claim without shame nor hesitation that the Trances upon the path of those who are called Thelemites will naturally awaken what has to be defined as a cosmic consciousness in its truest sense. For we, of the New Aeon are most skeptical about any claim from the Eastern Gurus from India that any samadhi that they would reach would exceed the Trances from the Temple of Nuit.< Less
Hardcover: $39.65
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The Visuddhimagga or the Path of Purification), is the great treatise on Theravada Buddhist doctrine written by Buddhaghosa in the 5th Century in Sri Lanka. It is a comprehensive manual condensing... More > and systematizing the theoretical and practical teachings of Gautama Buddha as they were understood by the Buddhist elders in Sri Lanka. It sets out detailed practical instructions for developing purification of mind. The Visuddhimagga describes the progression from the purity of discipline to the final destination of nirvana in seven steps. It is composed of three sections, which discuss: 1) Sila (ethics or discipline); 2) Samadhi (meditative concentration); 3) Panna (understanding or wisdom).< Less
The Great Cosmic Happy-Ass Field Guide To Enlightenment EBook By Diane English
eBook (PDF): $7.99
Download your copy now! 100 full color pages of my funny designs and visionary thoughts. Save it to your computer and print out all the full color design pages as in the original paperback.... More > Immediate gratification of the burning questions you've always wanted answered. Can we be both cheeky and spiritual at the same time? Does higher consciousness have a bawdy side? Is it possible for a spiritual path to be funny? The answer is a resounding YES! The Great Cosmic Happy-Ass, aka Diane English, takes you on the journey of her spiritual path with 100 full color pages of hysterical cartoons and visual affirmations while proposing laughter as a spiritual path. It works for her! This book is your starting point to higher consciousness,samadhi,transcendence and sainthood. Use it well and don't pee your pants.< Less
PlaneTalk Collected Writings 2013-2014 By Donald J. DeGracia
Paperback: $39.99
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Fair warning is given to the materialists and physicalists who think we are nothing more than our brain and body. DeGracia throws down the gauntlet and offers substantial challenges to such shallow... More > and naive views in this provocative set of essays. This collection consists of PlaneTalk blogs from 2013 and 2014, covering a variety of topics about this and the other worlds. The Möbius geometry that lets us move amongst the planes is discussed, as are the ten types of samadhi described by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. Read about Wilder Penfield the dualist neurosurgeon, and what he says about where consciousness begins and ends in the brain. A Toy Model of Epistemology is developed based on Chaitin’s ideas in algorithmic information theory. Leibniz’ monads and Richard Feynman’s philosophies are discussed, and so much more. There’s bound to be something here for everyone interested in the links between our physical and nonphysical existence.< Less
Lotus Mantra Journal by Reflectjen By Jennifer Llewellyn
Paperback: $12.00
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Reflectjen® Spirit | LOTUS MANTRA journal Concept and All Art © Jennifer Llewellyn 6" x 9", 40-page count lined journal for inspirations, deep thoughts and general pondering via... More > plume. "Om Mani Padme Hum is a Sanskrit Mantra or Prayer when spoken out loud, silently to oneself or written down, invokes powerful benevolent attention and many blessings. Padme means “the lotus flower”- a sacred symbol. A practiced yogi can open their heart to pure consciousness through the crown chakra and like a lotus blooming a thousand petals one is able to create a state of concentrated meditation or Samadhi." Reflectjen® is an artisan studio in Katonah, New York that blends creativity and compassion by enhancing one’s lifestyle with limited editions of spiritually inspired artisan clothing, sacred art and accessories for the body, mind and home.< Less

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