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EeeeeeMmmmmm [A Short Life Story of Emmanuel Mombo Nagbe of Sasstown, Liberia] By K-Moses Nagbe
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A young man from Rural Liberia plows his way through Western education, reaches an important peak, and returns home to serve his people. Just when most people think all is well, something terrible... More > happens in the country that will alter the life of everyone. This life story of the man told by his son brings out all the joy and the pain that will send you thinking about the numerous pranks life often pulls when humans least expect. Read on< Less
Just Like Yesterday By K-Moses Nagbe
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This book celebrates the strides of a rural Liberian community as it came face-to-face with changing times. The book also celebrates the work of Ron and Lynn Grosz, an American Peace Corps Volunteer... More > couple in the early 1960s. The book was inspired by a stack of photographs which Ron and Lynn showed K-Moses Nagbe, the author, 40 years later.< Less
Between the Scissors [Growing Up as an Afrestern Liberian] By K-Moses Nagbe
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This is a story of uncertainty, anger, hatred, sadness, love, and contagious laughter. It is a story about man in continuum—the never-ending evolution of each human person. In that sense, this... More > very story exposes the obnoxious naivety, if not hypocrisy, of any society that judges people simply, persistently, and significantly on the depths to which they fall instead of refreshingly celebrating with them for clambering up each daunting cliff of life.< Less
The Feb Four By K-Moses Nagbe
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In this short reflection, K-Moses Nagbe, the writer, explores some of the several themes that characterized the roughly four-day event of American Peace Corps reunion of a few American Peace Corps... More > Volunteers who had served in Liberia, West Africa. The reunion themes included the tragedies of life, the strength of the human spirit, the strength of diversity, and the emotive reality that no traumatic or ecstatic incident in one's life easily wears off. THE FEB FOUR is deceptively short and simple, but it carries palpable energy that is refreshing. This little book celebrates the influences of the American Peace Corps Volunteers program in Sasstown, Liberia, West Africa.< Less

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