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Risk and Beta Anatomy in the Hedge Fund Industry By Roberto Savona
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The objective of this paper is to inspect the time variation of the systematic risk exposures of the major hedge fund strategies over time. To this end we introduce a Bayesian time-varying beta model... More > imposing a structure on fund returns, betas and benchmark returns. Such a beta decomposition proves to be useful for shedding some light on risk dynamics, fund cloning, performance appraisal and the mechanism through which the risk in hedge fund strategies propagates within the industry as a whole.< Less
Saul of Tarsus in the Island of Melite By Charles Savona-Ventura
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The Acts of the Apostles written by the physician evangelist Lucas of Antioch describe the shipwreck of the grain ship carrying Saul of tarsus to Rome on the Island of Melite. This event has led to... More > the Maltese Islands to develop a strong Pauline tradition with background folklorist elements relating to cure and immunity from poisons. The present publication reviews the story of the fourth voyage of Saul of Tarsus and his faithful companion physician Lucas of Antioch as described in the Acts of the Apostles to relate the described facts in the text with the folklore beliefs prevalent on the Maltese Archipelago and repeatedly documented since the Medieval period.< Less
Knight Hospitaller Medicine in Malta [1530-1798] By Charles Savona-Ventura
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The book is a dedicated account of the history of medicine practiced in Early Modern Malta when the Islands were managed by the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem. The changing patterns of disease... More > throughout the 16th to 18th centuries and the response to managing these conditions are reviewed. The nook further looks at the legislative efforts introduced to control disease, the educational endeavors undertaken to improve the standards of care, and the social welfare systems adopted to better the lives of the population.< Less
Biographies: Ordo Sancti Lazari Hierusalem - Grand Maîtres, Protecteurs & Administrateurs By Charles Savona-Ventura
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The Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem was established in the aftermath of the First Crusade of 1098. It was subsequently organized into a military and hospitaller Order with several establishments... More > in various European countries all subservient to a central house sited first in Jerusalem, then Acre, Boigny, Paris and Spain. The Order was led throughout the centuries by a series of masters or grand masters. It has also enjoyed a number of Royal and Spiritual Protectors.< Less
The Grand Priory of the Maltese Islands of the Military & Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem -- A Historical Review of the National Jurisdiction and its subjurisdiction & affiliates By Charles Savona-Ventura
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The Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem has a long historical tradition dating back to the 12th century. In contrast, the Maltese jurisdiction has a history of ranging for... More > only a half century being established in 1966. In spite of its relatively short history, the jurisdiction quickly became central to the International Order's organization housing its Grand Chancery at the international headquarters sited at Torri ta' Lanzun - a renovated 15th century fortified farmhouse. This work looks at the development and activities of the national jurisdiction beside reviewing the history of the "hereditary" jurisdiction sited in Malta - the Grand Commandery of the Castello.< Less
Medical Perspectives of Battle Conflicts in Malta By Charles Savona-Ventura
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Medical services have been associated with the military since the days of Ancient Greece. This relationship was essential not only in ensuring the front-line treatment of injuries sustained by... More > soldiers but also to treat the diseases that accompany the disruption in the social circumstances brought on by warfare. The expectation of a military conflict requires the commanders in the field to draw up a military operation plan. This war plan varied according to the defined objectives, often being differently viewed by the combatants on either side of the conflict. There was in addition the aspect of using biological agents as weapons of warfare. There are numerous records of the use of biological weapons in antiquity. It is therefore not surprising that medical personnel played a very important role in battle plans and were generally highly regarded by the commanders and troops these medics serviced.< Less
An abridged history of the Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem By Charles Savona-Ventura
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The book reviews the history of the Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem originally set up in the wake of the First Crusade in the early decades of the 12th century with the specific aim of helping... More > the victims of Leprosy. It further assumed a military role participating in several military campaigns aimed at opposing the Islamic incursions in the Holy Land. After being expelled from Acre at the end of the 13th century, it established its magistracy in France. Political machinations during the 15-16th century led to the Order being split up into two major fractions - one under the direction of the French Royal house and the other under the direction of the Duke of Savoy. The French Revolution of the 18th century was to see the Order loose its French Royal Protection but retained an identity continuing to direct its philanthropic works in Haifa attracting the attention of the Melkite Patriarchy who assumed the Order's protection. It continues to exist today as an International Organization.< Less
Contemporary Medicine in Malta [1798-1979] By Charles Savona-Ventura
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This book is the final volume of a series of books by the same author covering the history of medicine in the Maltese Islands from the prehistoric age right through the modern period. This volume... More > deals with the medical practice during the last two-hundred years, a period that saw the final phase of the emergence of the scientific basis of disease understanding and management. The Contemporary Period in the Maltese Islands saw its start with political upheaval resulting in the ousting of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John by the french, and the eventual ousting of the new rulers with the Islands falling within the dominion of the British Empire. The book looks at the efforts to re-establish and update public health legislation, review social welfare services, and medical education. It further reviews the history of various medical conditions and their management in the light of the new scientific advances.< Less
Guidelines for Medical Students - Gynaecological & obstetric history taking and physical examination By Charles Savona-Ventura
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In general, history taking and physical examination should be carried out in a logical sequence. The medical student should understand the purpose of each posed question and each observational aspect... More > of the examination. This small booklet sets out to detail the principles of history taking and physical examination of the obstetric and gynaecological patient with the aim of enabling the medical student to develop the necessary clinical skills.< Less
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