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Cruse Associates, Scandinavian Banks, G-20 Meeting, Everbright: Compliance By Eisje Aartse
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Scandinavia’s biggest banks have failed to curb funding risks linked to financial innovation and will probably only avoid downgrades if national regulators force through stricter measures,... More > according to Standard & Poor’s. Steps taken to date by lenders including Denmark’s Danske Bank A/S (DANSKE) and Nykredit A/S, as well as Nordea Bank AB (NDA) and Svenska Handelsbanken AB (SHBA) in Sweden, aren’t enough, said Per Tornqvist, a Stockholm-based analyst at S&P. As competitive pressure “forces banks to maintain short-term funding,” regulators need to step in and help banks extend their funding maturities, he said. AAA-rated Scandinavia’s biggest banks are more vulnerable to funding shocks than their peers in the U.S., France and Italy, according to a July analysis by S&P, which measured liquidity risks five years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. paralyzed the global financial system.< Less
Bloody Fields By David Rickerby
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NORTHERN LIGHTS TRILOGY BOOK ONE Leaving England in a hurry, Peter Arnett - thief, grifter, vagabond - requires someplace where no one would think to look for him; and who ever heard of a bank... More > robber hiding out in Denmark? Keeping out of trouble, one low paid honest job follows another but it's hard to lay low when the Danes will befriend even a grumpy ex-con. Following a chance encounter with an ambitious small-town cop he finds himself pulled back into The Life but who exactly is corrupting who? Sure, the girl's a looker but she might also be deadlier than anyone he's ever met, himself included. With his old life becoming tangled in the new, Peter soon realises that his best odds for survival lay in the planning and execution of a score so reckless that no one in their right mind would even dream of attempting it. He can expect a few surprises that day but the prime suspect will not be one.< Less
Coming Home By David Rickerby
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NORTHERN LIGHTS TRILOGY BOOK THREE All good things must end. The bad too. Peter and Stine had better hang onto each other a little while longer though if they want to avoid being hanged altogether... More > - they've made it this far with the hounds at their heels and breaking free is their only option now. Success can lead to hubris, of this they are all too aware, but while their enemies can make mistake after mistake, they can fail only once. Yes, all things must end, good and bad. How else can a duo with this much blood on their hands hope to get a fresh start?< Less
Aarhus Games Aarhus Rules By David Rickerby
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NORTHERN LIGHTS TRILOGY BOOK TWO Back in the city with funds and friends but Peter Arnett is still on the hook. Helpless before the deterioration of his mother's health and holding down an honest... More > job while entertaining the schemes of others is quite enough to be getting along with without KI Carl Madsen's attempts to connect him to the two Island robberies. Speaking of Østjyllands Police, how much longer can Stine keep playing both sides before she falls under suspicion herself? If he were a betting man, Peter wouldn't bet against his partner in crime taking steps to keep him from spending any quality time in Madsen's interrogation room. And whoever said that nothing screws up a successful escape like your own past must not have encountered many local gangsters.< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
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