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Presidential Succession Scenarios in Egypt and their Impact on U.S.-Egyptian Strategic Relations [Enlarged Edition] By Gregory Aftandilian, Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College
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Although this monograph was written before the pro-democracy demonstrations in Egypt in January 2011, it examines the important question as to who might succeed President Hosni Mubarak by analyzing... More > several possible scenarios and what they would mean for U.S. strategic relations with Egypt. The monograph first describes the importance of Egypt in the Middle East region and gives an overview of the U.S.-Egyptian strategic relationship. It then examines the power structure in Egypt to include the presidency, the military, and the ruling party. The monograph next explores various succession scenarios. Although some of the scenarios outlined in this monograph are no longer viable--for example, it is highly unlikely President Mubarak will renege on his recent promise not to run for another presidential term or that Gamal Mubarak will now be a presidential contender--other scenarios remain plausible, particularly given what we see as the more prominent role of the Egyptian military in this fluid political situation.< Less
Rising of the Beloveds 2012-2024 By Wade Hampton
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Did this in Obedience to the Heavenly Father for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, so we can stay connected in these endtimes.. Created this book with strategies,... More > scenario's,campaign's,operations, unveilings and words of wisdom for the emerging remnant bride of Jesus Christ thats about to unfold in the appointed time as the Heavenly Father leads.. Get this book now just incase facebook and twitter get shut down for a short period of time in the days and years to come due to what is about to take place in the Secret Place as the Heavenly Father leads his bride to full rule and reign from out of the spirit into the earth for such a time as this! I am being wise with this information now as a General in this endtime army, because I see what is taking place with others who are rising in the earth.. They are shutting down some of their communications on the internet etc for a period of time..< Less
Out Of The Wilderness Into Your Blessing: The Three Stages Of Life By Theresa Carter
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“Lord, deliver us,” is the cry that went up from the children of Israel as they faced hardships in Egypt, and the cry that comes from us as we face difficulties in this world today. Are... More > you sincerely crying out to God for help in your everyday struggles, or are you in the midst of your crying, trying to find a way out on your own? Like the children of Israel, has God delivered you from something that had you enslaved or limited to other possibilities, and because the journey he has placed you on to get to better ground seems to hard, you want to go back to what is familiar, or easy. Through everyday situations and scenarios, Out Of The Wilderness Into Your Blessings challenges you to think about where you are—whether you are still enslaved to something or someone, where you’re going, and how God has delivered you from one hardship after another, but because of fear (lack of faith), you are scared to go forth and prosper in the things God has promised you.< Less
Monostatos By Fabien Hildwein
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Monostatos, dieu autoproclamé de l’humanité, a tué tous les anciens dieux et a imposé son credo et son Culte. Désormais l'immense majorité des humains... More > est soumise à sa loi et vit dans l’ordre, l’obéissance et l’apathie. Vos personnages représentent les derniers individus puissants et magnifiques de ce monde à l’agonie et sont les seuls à pouvoir libérer leurs peuples des croyances et des gouvernements qui les oppressent. Dans un univers inspiré de la Mésopotamie, de l’Egypte Antique et des civilisations du désert, menez la rébellion et libérez l’humanité de Monostatos ! Vous aimerez jouer à Monostatos si vous aimez: - jouer des personnages héroïques et flamboyants - jouer dans un univers de fantasy riche avec une identité marquée - enrichir l’univers en cours de partie et rebondir sur les créations des autres participants - prendre des initiatives et agir sur l’histoire plutôt que suivre un scénario préparé à l’avance< Less

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