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Daring Dames: Sci-Fi Sirens (in color) By Mini Komix
eBook (PDF): $2.00
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The Daring Dames warp back from the past with taunting tales of science-fiction adventure, and IN COLOR! Marga the Panther Woman is a cat-hybrid created by a mad scientist, Kenton of the Space Patrol... More > smashes space vixens, a curvy cave girl greets two time travelers, a milky mermaid princess falls for a scuba-diver, post-apocalyptic angels in The Lost World, Auro: Lord of Jupiter gets involved in a love triangle, Space Rangers save lovely ladies, and a slave girl helps astronauts Escape On A Planetoid, Fun, fantasy, and far out romance in this sci-fi sensation!< Less
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Pest Control: A Pair of Classic Sci Fi Short Stories By Susan Hart
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Two Idiots From Earth - A government official on a planet currently at war with earth, finds two supposed spies at a bar and suspects they are Terran agents. They are pretty ‘dense’ and... More > after grilling them for a period of time, he follows up on a couple of tips they give him and their supposedly real reason for being on the planet. However, things change suddenly for the official and his planet as the situation heats up. The Pied Piper of Spring - A galactic tinkerer is called to a small settlement on the planet known as Wesson, to take care of the rat population, which has exploded in the Spring. The inhabitants are pacifist vegetarians and when the tinkerer finds out how they have previously taken care of the problem, he is horrified.< Less
Escape to Ragnis Crystal-A Sci-Fi Romance Series By JB Trepagnier
Hardcover: $39.49
Prints in 3-5 business days
New Planet, New Challenges. The migrations to Ragnis Crystal have started. The secrets of the bond animals and the Waljan teenager's gifts have been revealed. An ancient race of aliens have made... More > themselves known and are trying to guide the Waljans in their journey. Painful changes to all of their DNA must be endured to strip away what was always meant to be. As their new society begins to grow and flourish and new gifts are being developed, something is not sitting right with gentle Elan. Deep down, Elan knows no one on Ragnis Crystal wants to hurt them and if they did, so all of them can read minds like Isolde now. The new Autrikxians can block their thoughts, but they've dropped their wards and he knows they are swore to their life to protect all of them. But something is sending him into a fierce, protective rage that Isolde and his unborn children are in danger. A cryptic vision shows what could seem like a harmless decision could bring about the death of Isolde and the twins she is carrying.< Less
The Dysdaimon's Revenge-A Sci-Fi Romance Series By JB Trepagnier
Hardcover: $39.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
They should have worried more. Not much is known about the Dysdaimons. They know Than sired them, but not what for. They know they have been turned into something that moves too fast to be seen and... More > they have Isolde. They are keeping her somewhere so hot, she can't use her ice as a weapon. She has to use it to stay alive. Isolde knows she's in a cave surrounded by strange lizard people and Anders. She knows she can't kill Anders and escape because they know how to activate the volcano. As she tries to manipulate Anders to sneak her to a pod so she can get out without being burned alive, she'd brought face to face with the real evil behind the Dysdaimon. Seth and his brother Morfran are their leaders. Seth wants Isolde and is half mad on Avalian Oracle. Morfran is a bloody thirsty half lizard who eats human flesh. Isolde only has her wits to escape and Elan can't track her like he normally can. Will the lovers be united and stop the threat to paradise?< Less
SCI FI HORROR SHIT SHOW photobook: The Words of God By Himitsu
Paperback: $15.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Read the diary of God and learn more about the world of SCI FI HORROR SHIT SHOW. 16 color photos and diary entries with an access code for the tower.
Human Remains: Ten Classic Sci-Fi Tales By Susan Hart
Paperback: $26.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Contains novellas, novels and short stories in the classic style: The Scavengers - After a calamity wiped out most of earth’s population a hundred years before, the remaining million or so... More > souls has divided up AND Mountain Of The Ancients PLUS Genius - A very wealthy man tries to regain happiness PLUS Duplicity, is a story set in the near future and it’s about a female police detective investigating a crime AND Radiation Can Really Mess Things Up PLUS Raymond The Automatic House - A surviving government official after a worldwide upheaval manages to escape a ravaging mob AND Two Terran Spies On An Alien Planet - A government official on a planet currently at war with earth, finds two supposed spies at a bar and suspects they are Terran agents PLUS The Pied Piper of Spring AND Rio Temporal PLUS Weather Modification Sucks - A man with a restaurant on top of a hill worries about what will happen when local officials try to control the weather.< Less
Future Lost: A Cybernetic Sci-Fi Role Playing Game By Vincent Venturella
Paperback: $25.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Future Lost is a science fiction sourcebook that gives players a chance to step into a possible future where America has fallen and immoral corporations have divided up a once great nation. The... More > cities of the new "corporate-nations" are divided further into large gated communities that shelter the wealthy and powerful behind high tech and heavily armed security. Meanwhile the poor are cast out into "other-cities", lawless ghettos where gangs, crime and violence are a way of life. Future Lost contains 276 pages with 9 classes, 27 prestige classes, as well as new skills and skill uses, feats, original psychic powers, unique equipment, firearms and complete new rules for cybernetic augmentation and cybernetic systems. The book also contains a world description of the powers that be: international corporations, merciless gangs, military research facilities, fanatical religious sects and tyrannical government bodies.< Less
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B Inspired B Inspired By Brandon Warren
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