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The Science and Spirit of Energy Medicine By Brooke Hart
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The next frontier in medicine is energy medicine. As this concept becomes more accepted, newer ways of offering energy healing and alternative therapies are becoming available. Learn about energy... More > medicine, how it works and how you can use it to make your life healthier through mind, body and spirit.< Less
Nonlinearity and Proportionality in Science, Medicine, and Engineering By Ralph Lai
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This book introduces a new αβ math for describing physical laws in science, medicine, and engineering. The αβ math is an extension to the traditional XY math to address the... More > nonlinearity of the continuous numbers. The book starts with introducing the fundamentals of nonlinearity followed by describing the methodology for analyzing the nonlinear phenomena.In the αβ math, the fundamentals of nonlinearity are based on two mathematical axioms and two universal standards for linear and nonlinear measurements. A series of proportionality laws, in conjunction with a Graph-based, true-Value compared, and Proportionality-oriented (GVP) math system, are introduced for assisting in data analyses. The new αβ math is built on the classification of continuous numbers into linear and nonlinear numbers. The linear numbers are defined as the continuous numbers that have no association with any asymptotes; and the nonlinear numbers are the continuous numbers that have association with one or two asymptotes.< Less
Music and Medicine By Robert I. Levy
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The essays of this book are in the Medical Humanities, specifically Medicine and Music. It is hoped that this book shows how Humanistic inquiry and historical study are informed by science and... More > medicine.This interplay of Music and Medicine sheds light on the Humanities.We show how the Humanities are relevant to medicine making one more sensitive to the needs of others and well rounded. We show how an appreciation of the Humanities can enrich and deepen knowledge of the history of medicine and allied sciences. The book attempts to demonstrate how historical research can increase our understanding and widened perspective of medicine and science. It recognizes the humanistic and cultural dimension of the history of medicine. It attempts to fosters a wider historical context of medicine, elucidated by the Medical Humanities.< Less
Mental Medicine By William John Murray
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Thoughts to Build Upon, Concentration, The Medicine of Mind, The Affirmative Life, The Externalization of Thought, The Constructive Power of Imagination, The Subconscious Mind, Suggestion and... More > Auto-Suggestion, The Science of Impartation, The Prayer of Faith, The Healing Intention, The Transference of Thought, The Wisdom of Expectation, The Opulent Consciousness< Less
Renaissance Medicine By Fazila Derya Agis
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This study describes the developments in medicine in Europe during the Renaissance period. It explains some disease treatment methods and the advances in medical education, hospitals, and arts. These... More > developments started in Italy. Several Greek scholars who fled to Italy after the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottomans in 1453 brought their scientific texts with them into Italy. The medical knowledge and practices that flourished in Italy diffused all around Europe between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries, thus during the Renaissance, or the Rebirth of classical scholarship and values through their application in the society of that period. The science of anatomy developed in the Renaissance.< Less
LIES, politics, economics, science, and, medicine By aaron waugh
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Tells about the shady side of the medical industry from Doctor's, racism, with, Hospital's, nurses, CNA's, Nursing-home abuse, paper trail games, and the lack of support, for the patient's. This... More > BOOK speak's, truth to power in the medical industry its, got me without a home or dialysis center to turn too, from trying to help others they are trying to kill me. This book is essential reading for health service an in-depth look inside of the the ugly truth, of the healthcare industry. from a former patient.< Less
liES, politics, economics, science, and, medicine By aaron waugh
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We have all heard the story of Michael Jackson's Doctor Conrad Murray Dr Murray was a fall-guy, in the medical game yes he did leave, his, patient, alone. there is all kinds, of evidence, that,... More > point's, the finger, at Dr. Murray but, what, has, happen, happen's, very much, in the Medical industry, by Doctor's, in America they, not only leave, the patient, in danger, they put, Us, in danger,< Less
Alternative Medicines vs. Scientifically-based Medicines By Wendy Harvey
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Alternative Medicine is one of the strongest competitors of science. It defiles everything that science has fundamentally proven. As the battle between different worlds of medicine continues,... More > arguments have been surfacing on the extremities of both causes.< Less
The Art of Medicine in the Information Age - Synergizing Medical Science with Spiritual Intelligence By Dr. Mark O'Doherty
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Complementary and alternative medicine has never been more popular; hence reality checks in health care are required more than ever. Especially evidence-based medicine has become a useful tool in the... More > wild jungle of cyberspace, giving us the means to assess the credibility of new age healers, omniscient gurus and other 'medical experts'. The best 'reality check' regarding CAM therapies might well be the family practice physician; but for that physicians must be able to synergise medical science and spiritual intelligence effectively. Because even though evidence-based medicine goes a long way in health care, it does not go all the way. Medicine, derived from Latin, meaning the art of healing, is as much about spiritual intelligence as it is about pathology. Therefore imagination, intuition, empathy and passion are also required; but these abilities cannot be achieved by the power of word alone; hence it is important to hone and train these essential prerequisites, which this book will assist you to do.< Less
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