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Cultural Revolution, Culture War: How Conservatives Lost England and how to Get It Back By Sean Gabb
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This book explains why England has become a foreign country to the majority of its inhabitants, and how, by a process of stern and unbending reaction, it can be restored as a free country.
Literary Essays By Sean Gabb
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Why bother learning Latin? How did the Romans pronounce Greek? Should the Elgin Marbles be handed over to the Modern Greeks? Did the ancients have market economies? Should Epicurus be venerated above... More > Plato and Aristotle? Why is Carol Ann Duffy not even a bad poet? What makes Macaulay a great historian and L. Neil Smith a great science fiction novelist? Why is The Daily Mail—easily the best newspaper in England—not fit for wrapping fish and chips? Sean Gabb deals with these and other issues in this collection of essays. Lively and provocative, they are written for every lover of ancient or modern literature.< Less
The Churchill Memorandum By Sean Gabb
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Imagine a world in which Hitler died in 1939. No World War II. No slide into the gutter for England. Anthony Markham doesn’t need to imagine. It is now 1959, and all is right with the world... More > – or with that quarter of it lucky enough to repose under an English heaven. Markham is taking leave of a nightmarish, totalitarian America. He has a biography to write of a dead and now largely forgotten Winston Churchill, and has had to travel to where the old drunk left his papers. Little does he realise that he carries an object that can be used to destroy the Empire. Who is trying to kill Markham? Who is Major Stanhope? Where did Dr Pakeshi get his bag of money? What connection might there be between Michael Foot, Leader of the British Communist Party, and Foreign Secretary Harold Macmillan? Why is Ayn Rand in an American prison, and Nathaniel Brandon living in a South London bedsit? Where does Enoch Powell fit into the story? Above all, what is the Churchill Memorandum? What terrible secrets does it contain?< Less
War and the National Interest: Arguments for a British Foreign Policy By Sean Gabb
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British involvement in the war against Iraq may have been a crime: it was certainly a mistake. It advanced no British interest. It has instead caused thousands of deaths, and destabilised the Middle... More > East, and has brought this country into various degrees throughout the world of hatred and ridicule.< Less
Smoking, Class and the Legitimisation of Power By Sean Gabb
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The “War against Tobacco” is one of the central facts of modern life. In this book, Sean Gabb analyses the nature and progress of the “war”. The stated reasons for the war... More > have varied according to time and place. According to Dr Gabb, however, all reasons have one thing in common—they rest on a base of lies and half truths. But this is not simply a book about the history of tobacco and the scientific debate on its dangers. It also examines why, given the status of the evidence against it, there is a war against tobacco. Dr Gabb shows that this war is part of a much larger project of lifestyle regulation by the ruling class, and that its function is to provide a set of plausible excuses for the extraction of resources from the people and for the exercise of power over them. This book provides a kind of “unified field” theory to bring within a single explanatory structure some of the most important attacks on free choice and government limitation that we face today.< Less

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