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Charles The Second By Jacob Abbott
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King Charles the Second was the son and successor of King Charles the First. These two are the only kings of the name of Charles that have appeared, thus far, in the line of English sovereigns. Nor... More > is it very probable that there will soon be another. The reigns of both these monarchs were stained and tarnished with many vices and crimes, and darkened by national disasters of every kind, and the name is thus connected with so many painful associations in the minds of men, that it seems to have been dropped, by common consent, in all branches of the royal family.< Less
A Second Look @ Joshua By Alan Furst
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During the unparalleled days of the emancipation of the Hebrews from slavery a young man was being prepared for a historic role. Born under the oppressive whip of Egyptian taskmasters, Joshua the son... More > of Nun steps onto the stage of history a virtual unknown. Chosen by Moses to be at his side, he learns from the iconic leader lessons that are still relevant for us today. A.J. Furst thoughtfully explores the untold story of Joshua’s development in becoming the successor to Moses. From being chosen to lead an inexperienced army in battle against a well established king . . . to walking on the mountain of God . . . to exploring the land promised to his ancestor Abraham, take a second look at leadership lessons with application to anyone involved in serving others.< Less
The Expositor's Bible : The Second Book of Kings (Illustrated) By F. W. Farrar
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Ahaziah, the eldest son and successor of Ahab, has been called "the most shadowy of the Israelitish kings." He seems to have been in all respects one of the most weak, faithless, and... More > deplorably miserable. He did but reign two years—perhaps in reality little more than one; but this brief space was crowded with intolerable disasters. Everything that he touched seemed to be marked out for ruin or failure, and in character he showed himself a true son of Jezebel and Ahab. What results followed the defeat of Ahab and Jehoshaphat at Ramoth-Gilead we are not told. The war must have ended in terms of peace of some kind—perhaps in the cession of Ramoth-Gilead; for Ahaziah does not seem to have been disturbed during his brief reign by any Syrian invasion. Nor were there any troubles on the side of Judah. Ahaziah's sister was the wife of Jehoshaphat's heir, and the good understanding between the two kingdoms was so closely cemented, that in both royal houses there was an identity of names—two Ahaziahs and two Jehorams.< Less
The Book of Second Kings - Bad and Good Kings; Elisha; Exile By Kenneth B. Alexander, JD
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2 Kings encompasses the time of the history of the divided Kingdom (Israel and Judah), their good and bad kings, the reigning of the prophet Elisha successor to Elijah after Elijah was translated to... More > God and the eventual exile of both Kingdoms. Generally, chapters 8:16-17:41 recount the history of the northern tribes of Israel to the time of their being exiled by the Assyrians. Chapters 18-25 record the history of Judah until the time of their exile by Babylon. The Book is filled with the acts of evil Kings who led Israel astray and caused the judgment of both Kingdoms. Israel was never again a nation until more that 2000 years had passed (1948). What began as a pure vision of a nation solely dedicated and governed by God ended in abject failure.< Less
The Annals of the Salesian Society - Volume IV By Fr John Lens sdb
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A chronicle of the Salesian society (founded by Don Bosco). Vol. IV spans covers the history from 1910 to 1921... the Rectorate of Don Paul Albera.
The Annals of the Salesian Society - Volume III By Fr John Lens sdb
Paperback: $22.42
Prints in 3-5 business days
A chronicle of the Salesian society (founded by Don Bosco). Vol. III spans covers the history from 1889 to 1910... the second part of the Rectorate of Don Rua.
Hermann Göring’s 1935 Photo Album: A Contradiction of Humanity By Neal Fortner
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Hermann Göring’s 1935 Photo Album: A Contradiction of Humanity is a distinctive personal collection of over one hundred black and white photographs for the Third Reich’s second in... More > command and Adolph Hitler’s successor. The snapshots were assembled into a photo album by Doctor Lutz Heck, a zoologist, and director of the Berlin Zoo. He presented the album to Göring as a special gift. The pictures have never been published before and are of Reichsmarschall Göring with his family, friends, Nazi cohorts, the pet lion cubs, and the animals he loved to hunt. Some of the photos divulge his private life with his new wife, Emma Sonnemann Göring, at his home in Obersalzberg, Berchtesgaden. Other pictures disclose his hunting excursions in the Bavarian Alps and Springe, Germany. They are all a unique time capsule from the year 1935 depicting what appears to be a life of normalcy when ironically, the man of contradiction contributed to the inhumanity of Nazi Germany!< Less
Pre-Raphaelite Poetry II By Serena Trowbridge
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Collected in this book are the entries to the second Pre-Raphaelite Society Poetry Competition. The poems offer a myriad of pleasantly surprising responses to the Pre-Raphaelites, their successors,... More > paintings, poetry and lives.< Less
Stalin’s Plan for the Expansion of Communism. Book 1: How to Start a World War By Albert Seidel
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Stalin intentionally delivered up his own people and the vast territory of his country to Hitler. He used the leaders of the world community at that time in a subtle and far-sighted blackmail, in... More > which he bargained in advance for conditions favorable to himself in the reorganization of the world after the war. Stalin alone knew that he had a trump card up his sleeve in the form of manpower reserves and a well-functioning military industry, which had been transported into the depths of the country well in advance. Stalin clearly understood that unless he managed to reverse world’s opinion about the USSR — the country that was barred from the League of Nations — he would never sit at the same table with the leaders of the democratic countries. And indeed, it was only after victory at such a price that the USSR became one of the great powers of the UN Security Council with the right of veto, and its successor, the Russian Federation is actively using this right up to modern days.< Less
The Life of Our Most Holy Father St. Benedict By Saint Gregory I
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Perhaps one of the few of its kind, this work tells the story of Saint Benedict, a person who is often credited by the Roman Catholic church as founding Western monasticism in the ancient world. The... More > first half of this book tells the story of his birth place in Italy, his early education and parentage. This work goes further on to tell the story of his construction of twelve monasteries and some miracles he may have performed. The second half of this book tells of the rules of monasticism that was handed down to Pope Gregory I by Benedict’s line of successors and disciples. Although there was no real written work to base his findings off of, the testimony of the successors has yet to be disproven in any way.< Less

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