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Secondary By Hussain Sayeed
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Secondary Essay and Letter written by BLLS School Students and compiled by class Teachers.
Secondary Communities By John Reardon
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“Every society defines its bonds of belonging, but such bonds do not always extinguish the desire people have to combine together with those like them in a social bond [...] The belonging of... More > fact cannot satisfy us, since it does not allow our relation with others to be founded on what is, according to the choice we make, most important for us. We are complete only outside ourselves, in the human plenitude of an assembly, but we become complete only if, as we gather together, we do so in a way that responds to our intimate demands […] to the extent that we no longer want to be disfigured and ridiculous in our own eyes…" (Georges Bataille, The Absence of Myth, 1994, Verso) This project builds a community of interest around a discourse of art and democracy and is formed of the kinds of affective energy and bonds that are at the core of much of what currently passes for my work< Less
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There is more to Your Life than meets Your Eyes! When you look in a mirror what you see is Your Physical Body and what you do not See is the 4 other bodies you have, and Your RealAwareniss. The... More > Physical Body is the Five Senses, the Astral Body is Your Emotions and the Causal Body is Your Memory, the Mental Body is Your Mind, and the Etheric Body is Your Subconscious and Intuition. These are the Five PsycBodies and they are like vehicles, just like your car. YU, The RealU, is The RealAwareniss that is operating these Five Bodies. Because YU are in these Five Bodies, YU have forgotten where YU really came from. You have heard a lot of 'Funny Stories' since YU got here this lifetime and some of them YU do 'Believe' but then there is a part of YU that is not sure. It is always your choice what You want to 'Believe' or would You rather have Real Experiences that definitely show YU What IS Real Now? LifeIS Bigger than You and Life will show YU What IS Real if YU let IT.< Less
Art is My Life By Bermuda's Senior Secondary Students
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Exceptional expressions, deep thoughts and realistic nightmares float through the pages of this magnificent work of art! Take a journey into the dark halls of reality, accept chilling truths and peak... More > at daring confessions from over thirty talented teen poets and writers. Larger than life stories will keep readers hungry for more from these aspiring literary masterminds. In their worlds, ART is life!< Less
Stand Up! By Secondary Meridian Students
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Meridian World School High School Literary Anthology includes a variety of literary genres such as poetry, creative nonfiction, and short stories along with a few art pieces.
Windsor Journal of Epidemiology By Windsor Secondary School
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Mr. Houlton's Science 8 class explores the world of epidemiology. Students apply the inquiry process to study an epidemic of their choosing. All essays are edited into a single format.
Secondary Art 1 [Ebook] By Frank Nsiah
eBook (PDF): $8.99
This is ebook on the collection of secondary art from a schoolboy.
An Introduction to Secondary Wastewater Treatment By J. Paul Guyer, P.E., R.A. - Editor
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This publication provides an introduction to secondary wastewater treatment.
Educate Together Secondary School By Paul Kelly
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Selected Projects by 4th year Students from the Dublin School of Architecture for an Educate Together secondary School of six sites in Ireland.
Secondary functions of money By Homework Help Classof1
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In addition to its two primary functions of serving as a medium of exchange and as a common measure of value, money performs the secondary, derivative or subsidiary functions of serving as a standard... More > of deferred payments, a store of value and transfer of value.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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Bootstrap Student Workbook Bootstrap Student... By Emmanuel Schanzer et al.
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