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The Secrets Of Empowerment By Charles Gordon
eBook (ePub): $14.22
Charles Gordon: "If you follow the rules of society you will end up with a JOB--Just Over Broke. It's the nature of the beast." If you enjoy the thrill and challenge of thinking and living... More > outside the mind-numbing figurative box, then the Secrets of Empowerment is the book that will propel you into the big league. As the intrepid go through the pages of Empowerment, they will discover a host of priceless principles which have traditionally been hidden by those in power. FWith each key to Empowerment that is used, the fledging entrepreneur will discover he is one step closer to becoming the person he desires, and, of course, richer. Empowerment has been written to put the champagne and caviar on the table; forget the bread and fish! For anyone thinking about starting their own business, the secrets of empowerment is a MUST READ. It explains everything no course can teach you from someone who has experienced it all. The Secrets of emPOWERment is all you need to turn your life into a success< Less
The Secret Duke By Rebekah Summersby
Paperback: $11.38
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Phillip Contel had a past which made him want to be loved for himself. When he returned from India, he was bringing news of his father’s death to his older brother, the new Lord Hawling, but he... More > also wished to enter society again and find himself a wife and reacquaint himself with old friends. Miss Sarah Mathon had a desire to have financial stability, she was an orphan and had been relying on her extended family for everything ever since. She wanted her own home, her own family, and an ability to clothe herself without feeling guilty for how much it costed her extended family. She needed to marry a wealthy gentleman. She found him in the Duke of Harding, who was titled and wealthy, but who owned a secret. For Sarah, Mr Phillip Contel was a bad distraction since he was a younger son and had no wealth, but she could not ignore the attraction she felt for him. Phillip knew without a doubt that he would marry Sarah, but when she announced her engagement to the Duke of Harding, suddenly he doubted...< Less
America's Secret Investment Societies: An In-Depth Look at a Unique Way to Make a Fortune in America, Without Touching Ordinary Stocks, Bonds, Or Mutual Funds By Porter Stansberry
eBook (ePub): $8.48
An in-depth look at a unique way to makea fortune in America, without touchingordinary stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.
The Kibdu-The Tablet of Records: The Book of the Beginning By Kibdu Society
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The Kibdu "Secrets of Heaven and Earth," were part of a vast library of Sacred Knowledge that we think of as the Akashic Records, which contain every human event, emotion, intent, and... More > wisdom of all that is, was and ever will be.< Less
Swords, Science, and Society: German Martial Arts in the Middle Ages By Keith Farrell & Jamie Acutt
Paperback: $46.30
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In medieval Germany, combat was a matter of life and death, and knowing the Art of Fencing was to have control over it: to have the power to save or take lives. Those who knew the Art of Fencing kept... More > such knowledge as a closely guarded secret. In 15th century Bavaria, a small and secretive fellowship of fencing masters encoded their knowledge into a cryptic verse. Their Art, the ‘one true art of the sword’, was reserved only for the initiated. At the head of this fellowship was a grand-master known as Johannes Liechtenauer. Presented within this book is an investigation of the Company of Liechtenauer, tracing their connections and influences through archival records spanning more than a century. Scholarly Fencing is contrasted with what was referred to as ‘Common Fencing’. Separating the common from the initiated, this book demonstrates the Aristotelian and Scholastic approach that defined the secret Art of Liechtenauer, and describes the science of sword-fighting in the 15th and 16th centuries.< Less
The Secrets of Mt. Sumagang By Abe N. Margallo
Paperback: List Price: $13.95 $9.77 | You Save: 30%
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The Secrets of Mt. Sumagang is about the enduring friendship of two boys whose commonplace journey to growing up crosses into the serious issues of power, religion, revolution, political societies,... More > and the redemptive transformation for their ailing country. The beautiful story is told in an easy-to-read language, leavened with good humor and entertaining escapades. While the narrative paints a snapshot of life in Y-riga, an otherwise nondescript Philippine town where the boys grew up, it however undercoats a larger, global canvas that transcends insularity.< Less
The Mormon Secret (Revised) By Chuck Messinger
Paperback: $15.94
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This book tells about the author's discovery of the truth that the Mormon church was/has been hiding for years since the church's inception. History of how it was founded, and a brief history of the... More > author's and how he was involved with the church before he left it.< Less
Secret Orders and the Church By Wayne Peters
Paperback: $4.00
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Within the pages of this short work, Elder Wayne Peters discusses the various problems that exist within secret orders. These issues vary from secrecy to salvation. Though overlooked by many, secret... More > societies stand diametrically opposed to the kingdom of God, the Church of Jesus Christ. Excerpt from Secret Orders and the Church, "Freemasonry in its oaths and rituals teaches a works system of salvation, and thereby denies that salvation is by the grace of God and through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Those who deny salvation through the Lord Jesus have no right to fellowship in His Church."< Less
Secrets of the 3rd Theory By D. C. MacKay
eBook (ePub): $9.02
Were humans created? Did we evolve? Do we even belong here on earth? There is a third theory. Learn its secrets and share the wisdom of the immigrants from Zone Kered.
Paperback: $30.29
Prints in 3-5 business days
What if humans are not from Planet Earth? What if Earth is a paradise we invaded? D.C. MacKay offers an alternate theory from either evolution or creationism. He takes us through a human journey... More > from planets far away to the place we now call Earth. Many humans do not respect the gifts that Earth has to offer, however. We learn that Earth can only tolerate our exploitation for so long before it is humanity that will go extinct.< Less

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