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The Secret Service Submarine: A Story of the Present War By Guy Thorne
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4-The Submarine Boys and the Spies By Victor G. Durham
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The 4th installment in the adventures of the Submarine Boys. This time a secret mission is devised to root out a nest of spies. Jack, Hal and Eph come up against a Russian woman who may or may not be... More > what she seems, a hair-pulling Frenchman, stuffy English, spies galore and a happy ending.< Less
6-The Submarine Boys For the Flag By Victor G. Durham
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The boys encounter a pre-war German man who attempts to entice them to be part of the German Navy, possibly to get their hands on one of the amazing submarines the boys regularly test, and a... More > Frenchman who also would like to have them come to be part of his country's naval forces. When it looks as if they might fall for these schemes, the question is, are they secretly doing this for the United States, or for themselves?< Less
America's Secret Submarine: An Insider's Account of the Cold War's Undercover Nuclear Sub By Lee Vyborny & Don Davis
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It was impossibly expensive, extraordinarily dangerous, and completely unarmed. The U.S. Navy’s state-of-the-art NR-1 nuclear powered submersible was the Cold War’s most closely guarded... More > - and revolutionary - secret. In 1966, after the U.S. almost lost a hydrogen bomb off the coast of Spain, Admiral Hyman Rickover - father of the nuclear navy - outmaneuvered Congress and steamed full speed ahead on his brainchild: a spy mission and deep ocean recovery submarine with a miniature nuclear reactor that could navigate the ocean floor for weeks at a time. But operating at such depths would also cut off the crew should rescue become necessary. Now, an original crew member revels the true story of America’s Secret Submarine - the triumphs and near disasters of the super-secret NR-1 are told through first person accounts by those who alternately suffered through, and exalted in, its construction and initial operation - and then dared go where no men had gone before.< Less
Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat: Or Under the Ocean for Sunken Treasure By Victor Appleton
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Tom Swift is the central character in five series of books, first appearing in 1910, totaling more than 100 volumes, of American juvenile science fiction and adventure novels that emphasize science,... More > invention and technology. The character was created by Edward Stratemeyer. Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat, or, Under the Ocean for Sunken Treasure, is Volume 4 in the original Tom Swift novel series published by Grosset & Dunlap. Tom Swift's father has been working diligently on a secret project, which he reveals at the beginning of the book as a submarine. With the submarine, named the Advance, he plans to enter a contest for a government prize of $50,000. While in New Jersey to launch the submarine, Tom reads in a newspaper that a ship named the Boldero sank off the coast of Uruguay during a storm, taking down with it the sum of $300,000 in gold bullion.< Less
The Secret Of The Island By Jules Verne
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In this third part to The Mysterious Island (Abandoned is the second part) it was now thirty months since the balloon voyagers had been thrown on Lincoln Island. There they must contend with both... More > pirates and escaped convicts as they struggle to survive. However, as in the earlier 'Island' novels, they come to realize that someone or something is looking after them. As they do everything in their powers to survive they grow ever closer to finding out who their benefactor might be. This edition contains 50 restored illustrations that do not appear in the 3-part version of The Mysterious Island, also from this publisher. This story appears as the third section of that larger volume.< Less
Underwater Secrets of Bermuda By Year Four Jabour
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Follow Bob and Justice as they embark on a submarine adventure and unveil the secrets of Bermuda underwater world. An aquatic fantasy written by Warwick Academy Y4 J students to amaze and inform.
America's Secret Island By Peter E. Newell
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I reveal the existence of a US-UK-NATO submarine base on Andros, established in 1963. I describe in detail all the facilities on Andros, used mainly by the Americans, although British personnel,... More > including submarines, visit the base, not generally known or reported in Great Britain. Mention is made of Paradise Island, adjacent to Nassau, where entertainment is provided for personnel stationed in Andros. Paradise Island was developed by the mafia, with assistance from former President Nixon. The next chapter details SOSUS, the underwater anti-submarine detection system, connected, in the Atlantic Ocean, to West Wales, the Azores, Bermuda and Andros. Like the base on Andros, SOSUS is rarely, if ever, reported in the British media. Who knows of its base in West Wales? Very few.< Less
Teenagers In Top Secret Spy School By Wooden Tiger
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This fictional story of a 16 years old teenage girl from south of England, being gifted with the talent of a mermaid & a very high IQ having been invited to join the High IQ Teenager Society... More > (HIQTS) for short, had a rosy and sunny future in front of her destined to be National and European Swimming Champion yet fully capable of a potential Oxbridge scholar. One day, she decided to swim out to sea and disappeared without a trace leaving behind, fond memories, her clothing & a pair of slippers at the sandy beach. All efforts in search & rescue were in vain but her parents, her little brother and little sister never gave up hope of finding her alive in the future thinking that one day, the mermaid will simply turn up at the house with a knock on the door saying: Hi, I am back! There is no sign at all, that she was to be recruited into a Top Secret Spy School of another country far away from England with lots of fun for intensive yet valuable learning & training with the return of a Top Class Spy!< Less
Operation Sunrise: Secrets from the Deep By William J. Tidd
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Merriam Press World War 2 Fiction. This pre-World War II novel begins with the arrival of the submarine USS Devilray at San Diego in 1935. After the original captain and executive officer are killed... More > in an accident, LtCdr William Todd is assigned. We trace his journey across the nation, become acquainted with his best friend, follow the poignant love story with his wife, and follow along as he assumes command of the Devilray. After being transferred to Pearl Harbor, Devilray is sent on a Top Secret mission in 1937 to pick up two high valued assets. These individuals are on a mission for Roosevelt to secure classified documents that outline the Japanese intention to conquer Asia. If political negotiations don’t succeed, he will present these documents to Congress and request a declaration of war on Japan. The conclusion centers around the investigation of Commander Todd’s son and his wife in 1999 who finally determine what really happened to his father’s submarine and the mystery surrounding its demise.< Less

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