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Authorship - Publishing Your Book On Your Own By Owen Jones
eBook (ePub): $7.99
This book is for all those authors who dread publishing their books whether it be in printed or electronic format or both. I have published well over a hundred books to all the major printers and... More > distributors, so it came as a surprise when I recently became aware that some excellent writers are put off self-publishing themselves because they find the task too confusing and difficult and so they pay others to do it for them. I can understand this if an author wants to save time and so the purpose of this book is to help those who would like to do the job themselves, but don’t know how. It is actually very satisfying to conceive the idea for a book, write it and then publish it yourself all on your own, and with the help of this book, that is exactly what you will be able to do. Inside you will learn how to publish to all the major distributors like Amazon, iBookstore, Barnes and Noble, Lulu, Nook, Kindle, Smashwords and XinXii.< Less
eBook (PDF): $12.50
This book is designed for people who want to become book authors and want to publish their books, but don’t know how to do so.You might be facing the problems i encountered, The first problem... More > I faced was how to start writing and publishing my own book or e-book. I knew I was a good writer and had ideas on what to write, but the biggest problem was how to publish my book or get a publisher to publish my book. With the change in technology and the introduction of the internet things have changed as a writer and book author you don’t have to go through that hard way. These days it is possible to prepare your manuscript in word processing document upload your book in PDF format design your book cover, set the price of your book and publish your book ready for sale in 30minutes, the best part of it you can control the proceeds of your book sales.< Less
Publish. Profit. Independence. - How to Earn Extra Income and Financial Freedom by Publishing on Your Own By Dr. Robert C. Worstell
Paperback: List Price: $14.95 $7.48 | You Save: 50%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Find independence and financial freedom from one of the simplest home businesses you can start from scratch - or less... Learn Tips and Tricks to make self-publishing pay well. I fell into this by... More > accident. There I was writing away, only to find that I made more money publishing other people's stuff than I did with my own. This journey led me into working out the details and shortcuts which made it all simple. Meanwhile, I started making enough income to cover all my bills. Surprise, surprise. You get the benefits in this: * How publishing books help you earn recurring income from work you do just once. * Simple ways to have the freedom you never get from working for someone else. * Find peace of mind by becoming your own boss. * Discover the joy of only working with bestselling authors - who are now working for you. * Literally make money while you sleep from countries you've never visited - by people you've never met before. Get Your Copy Now.< Less
Checklist For Publishing & Selling Your Books - Second Edition By Rex Lee Reynolds
eBook (PDF): $9.99
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Written by a quality assurance engineer, web developer, businessman and author of more than a dozen books. Get your books into print and selling in the marketplace now, at the lowest cost to you with... More > maximum sales and profits! Whether you are a veteran or new to writing and publishing, this checklist will provide you with methods for getting the most out of conventional or self-publishing, and help you decide which is best for you. Checklist For Publishing is a comprehensive and detailed guide for the author who wants to get their book into print immediately and sell as many copies as possible, with methods and tools for publishing and marketing. Includes details about how to get exta benefits, advantages and sales boosts from online inbound marketing and social networking media. Basics and advanced methods for low-cost marketing with maximum return for the author. This Second Edition has about 15 pages of important updates regarding the benefits of using Twitter, Book Blogging and more.< Less
An Honest Kindle Booksales Blueprint - How to Break Out of the No-Sales Self-Publishing Basement to Start Earning Routine and Consistent Passive Kindle Income By Dr. Robert C. Worstell
Paperback: List Price: $10.97 $5.49 | You Save: 50%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Why Does it Seem Everyone Thinks Beginning Authors are Already Rich? It's not because their books are bringing them any income. But the courses and services designed to "help" you just... More > put you further in the hole! It doesn't have to be that way. This entire series was written with the idea that you can get started from the computer and internet connection you already have. And nothing else. After I got my own financial freedom from publishing books, I was able to "invest" in some of these courses to see what I was still missing. Funny enough, that extra $500 per course taught me little I didn't already know. And what I did learn was either wrong, or I could have learned it for free from those same authors. Here's the secret, exposed: You only have to write decent books, and market them decently, to get decent income. And you should be able to start writing today, self-edit and proof when you're done, then self-publish for no more than your own sweat-equity. Get You Copy Now.< Less
How to Write and Start a Publishing Business in 40 Days Extended Version By Riley Rose
Hardcover: $49.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
It’s as easy as A-B-C A. What is the challenge? Overcome your fear and Write Your Book! B. How do I publish my book? It’s easier than you think, you just need to learn how! There’s... More > a method and a formula to laying out your book, publishing it and promoting it. Once you’ve done it, you will be in the game and on your way to a self-publishing business. It begins with publishing just one! C. How do I promote my book? Promoting your brand new book can be done, once you know the steps and the method!< Less
John Wesley Carhart: Preacher, Author, Inventor, Physician and Father of the Automobile By George D. Fennell
Paperback: List Price: $26.50 $23.85 | You Save: 10%
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The first automobile in the history of the United States appeared on Racine, WI, streets back in 1873. It was a steam propelled horseless carriage conceived, designed and built by Rev. John Wesley... More > Carhart, pastor of the Methodist-Episcopal Church there. A few years later, while serving as Presiding Elder of the Appleton, WI, District of the Methodist Church, an "Open Letter" written by fellow Methodist Minister George C. Haddock, and published in the Oshkosh Daily Northwestern, would change the course of John Wesley Carhart's life forever. John Wesley Carhart also was a prolific writer. One of his books, "Norma Trist," was one of the first novels to deal with homosexuality. He self-published the book and was arrested for sending pornography through the mail when he began filling mail orders for the book. Another of his books, "Under Palmetto and Pine," was a sensitive treatment of the problems facing African Americans living in the South, especially in Texas, during the late 1880's.< Less
Low Cost Empire Volume 7 – Now Let's Publish By Louis Ellman
eBook (ePub): $9.97
This book is perfect for those people who wish to self publish their own book(s) to multiple self publishing companies. Unlike other books that are of this subject matter, I go significantly... More > further in the following ways: 1) I teach you how to professional format your book from beginning to end, 2) I give you a method that will work for the majority of self publishing companies, 3) I show how to set yourself up to be able to upload your book to five separate self publishing services in one sitting, 4) I lead you through getting your book on five separate services and show you the major differences and nuances as well, 5) I show you how to offer the book properly on your website and finally 6) I supply you with an amazing amount of material whereby you can do this for yourself or others at any time. You truly will gain a new vocation from the information contained in Low Cost Empire Volume 7.< Less
Book Publishing for Professionals: Nine Proven Steps for Gaining Influences By Dr. Daryl Green
eBook (PDF): $5.95
Do you want to gain more influence at work and at home? This book provides the secrets of gaining this useful power. Packed with proven insights and advice, this book provides a simple, logical step... More > for professionals. It includes effective writing tools, best publishing options, and marketing strategies to make your book successful in the marketplace. It is geared toward the writer who wants to write a non-fiction book (biography, cookbook, self-help, Christian book, textbook, etc.). Dr. Daryl D. Green, who is an international business strategist, has over 17 years of management experience, dealing with a variety of million-dollar projects. He is considered one of the savviest emerging writers of his generation. Mr. Green is a nationally syndicated columnist, the author of several books, and has had more than 100 articles published domestically and globally. He has been noted and quoted by USA Today and Associated Press.< Less
Backwards Book Publishing: Save Time, Earn More, Work Less By Dr. Robert C. Worstell
Paperback: List Price: $11.95 $5.98 | You Save: 50%
Prints in 3-5 business days
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How to Save Time, Earn More, Work Less by Publishing Backwards?!? If you want to be successful you've got to study success. What I found by studying all these guys that are making six- and... More > seven-figures as an author is that most of them have been starting out with books and ending up with courses. (Which makes the author more money: a $3.99 book or a $399.00 course?) The Sensible Approach That Few If Any Use Here's the secret: 1) record the course, 2) transcribe the audio, 3) edit it into your book. All types of books. You've got the video, audio, text, and graphics. So turn around and publish that course and also every version you can. Why not? Too simple, right? Also mostly unknown is that you can do this from your own home-office without having to buy expensive programs or services. How can you save time, work less, and earn more? And still publish great books? The secret how-to's and steps are inside this book (along with bonuses and audio.) Get Your Copy Now.< Less