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Liber Arboris Vitae By Frater LIL
eBook (PDF): $26.73
Liber Arboris Vitae: Table of Correspondences for the Tree of Life. All of the Magical Correspondences for the Tree of Life - the Ten Sephiroth and the Twenty-Two Paths - including the Divine,... More > Archangelic and Angelic Names in their correct colours, in both Hebrew and Latin script; various Titles of the Sephirah or Path; associated processes, Magical Images and Deities; potential benefits of development; associated Rituals and Magical Formulae; related Chakra and Subtle Body; a Magical Invocation for every Sephirah and Path; the related quotation from the Sepher Yetzirah; and a chart of the Golden Dawn Colour Scales, showing the correct colours of the Sephiroth and the Paths in all Four Qabalistic Worlds.< Less
Poetry of the Spheres By Robin Fennelly
Paperback: $18.95
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Poetry of the Spheres is the Second Volume in the Inner Chamber Series. Volume Two provides an overview of the Tree of Life through the lens of the Western Mystery Tradition. The viability of overlay... More > of this system of information is proven in its effects and insights gained when applied to a sound magickal practice. Part One is an introduction to the core concepts and structure of the Qabalistic Tree and serves as reference for use as the reader moves through each chapter. Part Two gives insight into the energies of the individual Sephirah. Each chapter provides key information to awaken the energy of the spheres using poetry, prose and illustrations, with activities to stimulate a Living Tree within. Part Three offers Eleven Pathworkings to be used as a meditative tool to gain deeper insight into the applied energies of the Sephiroth of the Tree. This book is an invaluable resource for those wishing to integrate the mysteries of the Qabalah into their spiritual practice.< Less