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Seven Sins By Barry Worsley
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The First World War came to an end in 1918 with the signing of the Armistice of Compiegne. The event is still remembered throughout the world but another event which happened at the same time has... More > gone unnoticed. This was an event not recorded in any history book. As the nations battled against each other there was one who sought to destroy them all. In 1918 the First World War ended with the defeat of the cambion army at the hands of one of their own. His name was Albert Watkins. After defeating the cambion, Albert turned his attention to their rulers, the fallen angel Mastema and his council of demons, who looked to used to conflict to eliminate mankind and bring about a new world order for all the fallen. With the help of a magical alien race Albert was able to imprison Mastema and those who followed him. Their imprisonment was to be eternal but Albert knew better. He knew that Mastema would one day return. Ninety two years later Mastema was free and the Earth needed a new saviour!< Less
Another Thirty-(Seven) Days (The Aftermath) By L. Darlene
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"Another Thirty-(Seven) Days (The Aftermath)" is an epistolary novel documenting a 37-day journey through the author’s life, wherein she faced her father’s swiftly declining... More > health due to an aggressive cancer that surgery (a Glossectomy that partially removed his tongue) failed to eradicate. The father/daughter relationship was further complicated because she hadn’t seen him in eight years, and he had been absent all of her adult life. Her relationships with her mentally-challenged, narcissistic, and toxic mother, as well as with her vodka-swilling ex-husband, reared their ugly heads as her father lost his battle with cancer. The author’s emotions could not remain compartmentalized any longer, and her belief system in herself, and in God, gets tested. "Another Thirty-(Seven) Days (The Aftermath)" is filled with raw emotion, honesty, self-reflection, humor, music, and Scripture, and is the follow-up to the author’s first book entitled "Thirty-Seven Days and One Life (A Memoir)".< Less
We Fought Them On the Seas: Seven Years in the Royal Navy By Lieut. Ian S. Menzies, D.S.C. R.N.V.R.
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This splendid book is far more than one man’s memoir. While it is certainly that, it is also a dramatic account of one of the twentieth century’s most critical times. Ian Menzies takes us... More > into the crucible of World War II as the drama was played out on the seas. Written with eloquence and authority, this book is a richly detailed and vivid account of life on a British destroyer with its hours of boredom interrupted by harrowing episodes of naval battles and sea rescues. Menzies writes of acts of wartime courage and humanitarianism, and he includes moving accounts of the sinking of The Empress of Canada, the Murmansk convoys, and the D-Day task that earned the D.S.C (Distinguished Service Cross).< Less
Battery B: the Diary of a Soldier (Second Edition) By David Butt
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The America of the 1860s - a young nation at war within itself. As young men rushed forward to fight, many to die and many more to be wounded and maimed, a farming community in Western Pennsylvania... More > offered up its sons to form a light artillery battery in the Pennsylvania Reserves. Among them were three brothers, one of whom on arrival in Washington purchased a diary to record his experiences in the first vital year of a war that defined a nation. 150 years later, that diary forms the basis of this story of the war in the Eastern Zone, of the commanders, the battles, the wins and losses. Most of all, it tells the tale of what became known and has since been commemorated as Cooper's Battery B. And of the "great Slaughter" that engulfed them and those around them.< Less
Zodiacs: Siege of Berutuha By Luke Green
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A village is besieged by bandits on the morning of a day that should be given toward rest and festival. But they're not the only visitors to the village. Seven warriors are also on hand when the... More > attack comes. And watching them all is an eighth soul. Seven stories showing the perspectives of eight different characters. Connected to the Zodiacs Campaign Guide< Less
From Bull Run to Appomattox By William M Hopkins
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The author joined the Confederate army when he was seventeen years old and served in the 6th Virginia Cavalry until Robert E. Lee surrendered the Southern forces at Appomattox Court House. As a... More > cavalry officer, he served in some of the bloodiest battles of the war and was a POW twice, returning to active combat after release. He often spent 18 hours a day on horseback as Lee's army campaigned to Gettysburg, through the Appalachians, and back to Richmond, and as Stuart's regiments provided the swift patrolling. Spending time with horses gave him a great appreciation for the vital part they played in the war effort. He is clearly sympathetic with them for the suffering they endured and for the tremendous numbers of them killed in action. His retelling of feeding his horse by pulling dead grass from underneath a cover of frozen snow until his fingers bled adds a very human touch. This Greenman edition has been reformatted and modernized for the contemporary reader.< Less
Tom Willoughby's Scouts - A Story of the War in German East Africa By Herbert Strang
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Herbert Strang was the pseudonym of two English authors, George Herbert Ely (1866–1958) and Charles James L'Estrange. They specialized in writing adventure stories for boys. Both men were staff... More > members of Oxford University Press, which published their books, giving them a patina of social status and approval for the parents of their intended audience. Their work showed a broad general debt to that of Jules Verne; Round the World in Seven Days was one of their most popular books. Ely and L'Estrange have been classified as "popular writers of imperial fiction". Tom Willouby's Scouts is a classic example of an adventurous historical war novel. It provides a romanticized but historically accurate picture of colonial warfare in Africa.< Less
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Mrs Clutterbunk and The Dream Thieves of Makazark By Lydia Toumazou
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WHOOSH! ‘...up-up and away into the night sky...over days and months and over a year, they rode through the night to far off lands and distant countries, over deserts and mountains...over the... More > seven wonders of the world...over the seven seas...and through planetary mysteries...’ Mrs Clutterbunk is a magical lady with a fetish for Battenberg cake! Known throughout the village for her eccentric clothes, her gorgeous cat Sebastian and her shiny cool motorbike join Mrs Clutterbunk on this exciting adventure; as she battles to save the children of planet Earth from the evil clutches of the Dream Thieves of Makazark!< Less
Ginger Nemesis By Andrew Mitchell
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Perhaps still slightly bitter about the ruination of her wedding day or perhaps just facing the truth to the old adage that a woman’s work is never done. By her axe she rules summarily swift... More > judgements of much pain and destruction and by her zombie pirate captain bra/conscience she once more carves her way through herstory Another seven epic tales not entirely linked with the last seven as Elspeth battles those that betrayed her, pirates, slavers, masters of the arcane arts and the ever present group of her elderly aunts that think she should be settling down and having babies.< Less