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A Thousand Morsels By Natalie R. Kendel
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Writing is a lot like cooking. And so is creative thought, for that matter. There always appears to be leftovers and crumbs scattered across the kitchen counter when you're done. You can brush them... More > off the table and catch them all in the palm of your hand. But they don't make up a meal. They are like marks on the path, hinting that something was made. These titbits can't really be served to guests, nor would you present them as dinner. And yet, they need not be wasted. Even the birds in the backyard might find their fill on such meager pickings. This book is a collection of leftovers gathered from old, tattered notebooks, ideas scribbled on the corner of napkins, and on the back of receipts. It's not a story, it's a handful of crumbs; traces of a story. They are the morsels from the last four years of writing and moments of untimely musing. Contains short stories, fables, poetry, song lyrics, thoughts, diary inserts etc.< Less
The Final Work - Answering Humanity's Need By Vernon Sparks, MD
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Medical missionary work—Christ’s end-time work—is discussed by means of over 500 Spirit of Prophecy quotations. Excellent for personal and group study and as a source for talks and... More > seminars.This is a compilation, with summary statements, of inspired counsel regarding the need for and preparation of gospel medical missionaries. There is a great need for all persons to know as much as possible in how to, first prevent illness through obedience to the natural laws of health, and then how to use readily available modalities in the home treatment of illness. This knowledge will diminish greatly the overuse of our healthcare system.All are called to minister to humanity’s health and spiritual needs.CONTENTS:Reasons for Reform; Diet and Spirituality; Health Reform and the Third Angel’s Message; The True Remedies; Pure Air; Sunlight; Abstemiousness; Rest; Exercise; Proper Diet; Water; Trust In Divine Power; The Lord’s Work; Agriculture and Our Health Work; The Final Work; Health Reform/Deform< Less
Beware of False Religions & Pagan Traditions Part 2 By Helene Fulton
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There are only two roads; one leads to heaven and one leads to hell. This is a spiritual fact, without change or compromise; there is no middle road and no chance to “sit on the fence”.... More > There are numerous false religions operating in the world today, falsely broadcasting themselves as truth or as God's truth for that matter. These religions may, on the contrary, be the foundation of lifelong poverty, family breakdown, mental derangement, physical illness or varying manifestations of bizarre behavior in the lives of people. These individuals have either turned their back on the true God completely or, by their actions, have allowed some of these pagan and false religious practises to creep into there every day lives. By clinging to these pagan traditions, we inadvertently give Satan a foothold in our lives. In these books these false religions have been measured up against the word, wisdom and knowledge of God. The word of God says that His word is like fire and is a hammer that breaks rocks into pieces.< Less
Reason of the Hope By Joseph Nathan Smith
Paperback: $29.95
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A candid look at the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Ellen White, and twenty-first century Christian issues
Heaven's Health Service - A Revolution in Healthcare By Vernon Sparks, M.D.
eBook (ePub): $2.99
This is a discussion laced with divinely inspired solutions to the disease problem. It discusses not only types of healthcare institutions, services, and locations but also the role that each of us... More > is to play in bringing success to God's inspired plan. Emphasis is placed on prevention, simple remedies readily available, and ministry motivated workers and institutions rather than for profit. CONTENTS (Partial): I-THE PROBLEM: A HEALTHCARE CRISIS; The Ills of Mankind; The Source of the Solutions; Natural Law; A Devil to Fight; II-THE SOLUTION: HEAVEN’S PLAN; Health Reform; Anatomy and Physiology; Will Power That Is Effective; Readily Available Remedies; The Source of Healing; Heaven’s Health Institutions; Institutional Location; Satan’s Interference; Relations Between Prevention and Acute Care; III-THE ROLE AND RESPONSE OF CHRIST’S FOLLOWERS; A Special Task; The Lord’s Methods; God’s Instructions Unchanged; Instructions Not Outdated by Science; Success Assured< Less
Loma Linda Messages Unabridged By Ellen G. White
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Some 300 articles, letters, and committee reports regarding the founding of Loma Linda as a training center for health workers is included in this unabridged edition of the original compilation by... More > Elder John A. Burden. He originally named it “LOMA LINDA MESSAGES Divine Instruction the ‘Blue Print’ Thru [sic] the Inspired Pen of Ellen G. White.” The original, and this present edition, consists of about two-thirds (by word count), of articles, sermons, and letters by E. G. White. But, unlike the Ellen G. White CD-ROM, and some printed editions, the original and this present edition contain another one-third by word count of letters by some twenty different authors and various committee discussions and reports. This compilation by Elder Burden is an interesting record of the counsels given and of the struggles that leaders had, on all levels of the organization, as to how to implement the instructions sent them by God. This is a thrilling saga of faith challenged and faith rewarded.< Less
Spalding and Magan's Unpublished Manuscript Testimonies of Ellen G. White By Ellen G. White
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Spalding and Magan’s Unpublished Manuscript Testimonies of Ellen G. White is an invaluable collection of Spirit of Prophecy counsels given originally to a number of our pioneers. Also included... More > are related letters from W. W. Prescott, W. C. White, James White, Uriah Smith, C. C. Crisler, Edson White, and Dr. David Paulson. There are over 170 manuscripts and letters. As time has been prolonged these materials are becoming recognized as of great importance to every member. These inspired and inspiring counsels have been distributed on a private publication basis since 1915-1916. The term “Unpublished” in its title was in reference to it not being published until 1990 by the Church organization. This present version is a complete and unabridged edition of the original 1915-1916 “Unpublished” compilation by A. W. Spalding and P. T. Magan. The material from all of the above named original contributors is included and not just the Ellen White material as on the White Estate CD.< Less
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She is held in high esteem as a prophetess of God to millions of Seventh-day Adventists. According to their books and research, she passes every test of a Biblical prophet. However, not all the... More > information is being shared. This book will reveal 200 amazing and shocking things that Ellen G. White said that the SDA Church doesn't want you to know about. This book was written to expose sincere Bible loving Adventists to a side of Mrs. White that they have never seen before. It is my hope that this book will be the truth that sets them free and causes the powers that be in the SDA church to make the Bible, and only the Bible, their source of all authority.< Less
Memories of Northview By Samuel Girven
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Take a step back and look at the interesting and extensive 75 year history of the Northview Seventh-Day Adventist School in Cadillac, Michigan.
Memories of Northview By Samuel Girven
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Take a step back and look at the interesting and extensive 75 year history of the Northview Seventh-Day Adventist School in Cadillac, Michigan, now in an eBook!

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