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Love, Sex and Health Tips By Destiny Okpalaeke
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Learn how to make love, how to seduce your partner to become yours forever, how to bring back your ex, who are the highest sex workers in The world, world class Millionaires etc... Get your copy... More > there is a lot to grab from this book especially on sex positions, love making and so many more< Less
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The Men's Health and Women's Health Big Book of Sex Your Authoritative By The Editors of Men's Health
eBook (PDF): $4.32
Good health and a fit body are inextricably entwined with great sex. On a physical level, fitness makesone a more attractive and skilled lover. On an emotional level, studies show that body image... More > plays a key role in sexual desire and satisfaction. Research has linked a healthy sex life to lower risks of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, and obesity. Based on the latest research on sexual health, behavioral psychology, fitness, and nutrition, The Men'sHealth and Women's Health Big Book of Sex is brimming with useful tips, exercise photos, practical sidebars, and more. The two-sided book also features the Better-Sex Workout, the Better-Sex Diet, a Trouble-Shooter's Guide to Sexual Health, and Q&A columns from the Men's Health "Girl Next Door" and Women's Health "Guy Next Door" and leading sexual health experts.< Less
Nutritious Sex By John Howe
eBook (PDF): $4.99
A light hearted look at sex and the health benefits it provides. Read this by yourself or with your spouse. Enjoy a good laugh and share it with your friends.
Healthful Marriage By Byron & Mariah Edgington
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Healthful Marriage Wellness for Happy Couples is a celebration of your vibrant, affirming relationship. Happy couples live longer, live better, laugh more, make love more often and get the most out... More > of life. Do you value good health, a rich relationship, great sex and a full, satisfying life? This book is for you to read and share with your mate. Here's to your health!< Less
Sex Positions By Brenda Porter
Paperback: $8.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Sex Positions - The Ultimate Sex Guide - Mind Blowing Sex Positions You Have To Try Before You Die! (BONUS INCLUDED) Sex is an essential aspect of your marital relationship because lovely emotions... More > are important to feed the soul of the couple. Sex is just like food for your soul and love life. It proves useful to keep your love life alive and fresh. There are lots of things to consider for the improvement of your sex life. This book can prove helpful for you to improve your sex life. You can increase the strength of your relationship with the help of sex. It will be good to eat healthy food because healthy diet plays an important role to reduce your weight and improve your health. It can enhance your sex desire and enable you to maintain a healthy relationship with your spouse. This book proves helpful for everyone to improve health and reduce weight.< Less
Understanding Penis Health - 5 Reasons Mom Was Totally Wrong About Sex By John Dugan
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Moms have a lot of great information to share with their sons, but some of the lessons they provide regarding penis health are inaccurate.
The "People Power" Love/ Lust Superbook: Book 62. Sexual Health (Sex As Healer: Fountain of Youth, Aphrodisiacs, Sex Pills) By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $3.00
Having sex will keep you physically young. It is a fountain of youth. It doesn't matter if it's masturbation, sex with a hooker or sex with your spouse. Sex is all good. It feels good and makes... More > you vital. A study at Queens University in Belfast published in the British Medical Journal tracked the sexuality of about 2500 middle-aged men over a decade. Men who reported the highest frequency of orgasms lived twice as long as those who did not have sex much. Sex saturates the blood with an antibody called immunoglobulin A that boosts immunity. At climax, DHEA is released which balances the immune system, as well as aids in tissue repair. Sex releases hormones that make you feel good. The more you release your sexual energy, the more vital you will feel and the longer you will live. The Taoists and Tantrics are stupid and wrong for suggesting that ejaculating sperm drains you of your chi.< Less
The "People Power" Women Superbook: Book 2. Women's Sexuality 2 (Women’s Sex Problems, Sexual Health, Vagina Health) By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $4.00
Before I discuss female sexual dysfunction, I should mention that I listened in on a panel discussion about women's sexual problems who said it was largely a disease created by both the medical and... More > mental health industries which are dominated by men in order to help women feel deficient and inferior about themselves such that these entities can sell them therapy and drugs. This concept of making up a syndrome or disease in order to sell medical products and therapy is called iatrogenesis and is rampant in a capitalist society where the bottom line for the medical industry is really money regardless of what anyone says so take it all with a grain of salt and remember that they could be just trying to suck you out of your money by diagnosing you with female sexual dysfunction when you tell them you're feeling a little bit tired which everybody does as they age.< Less

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