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Sexism in the Industry of Medicine By Amanda Feldman
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Despite vast improvements in not only medical technology, but the ways in which research and treatment are utilized, the institution of healthcare is still fundamentally a gendered product of... More > patriarchal ideology which seeks to dichotomize men and women. The principle objective of this research is to evaluate language, methods, treatments, patient bias, health effects on the body, and the overall medicalization of the body into a dichotomy of separate functions, and therefore treatments, based on preconceived notions of masculinity and femininity.< Less
Politics and the Global Impact of Inequality and Sexism By Ram Sharma
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Self-proclaimed political pundits, who consistently spew out nonsense about core issues in the United States and across the globe, are dramatically affecting the way misinformation, or Fake News, is... More > spread to the masses in today’s political climate. We can all agree that time has come to end this Fake News blasphemy that is plaguing our globe like a disease. This book is designed to provide the facts in key issues of politics, inequality, and sexism so that you, the reader, can have the tools necessary to combat demagoguery and Fake News in all of its forms.< Less
Societies' Standards By Vivienna Valentina
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A beautiful and an honest collection of poems about romance, patriarchy, sexism and society itself.
Women and Economics By Charlotte Perkins Gilman
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From the PREFACE: "This book is written to offer a simple and natural explanation of one of the most common and most perplexing problems of human life,–a problem which presents itself to... More > almost every individual for practical solution, and which demands the most serious attention of the moralist, the physician, and the sociologist– To show how some of the worst evils under which we suffer, evils long supposed to be inherent and ineradicable in our natures, are but the result of certain arbitrary conditions of our own adoption, and how, by removing those conditions, we may remove the evil resultant–"< Less
Red Ink Vol 1: Rites of Passage; Rights of Womanhood By Ace Jackson
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RED INK is a non-profit anthology project. Every two years, the submission call is given to women from all over the world who have a autobiographical story to share about an important aspect of their... More > life that they believe others should hear. Rites of Passage, Rights of Womanhood is based on the landmarks and milestones that affected all of the contributors' personal lives and how they overcame or faced these issues. All of these accounts are real and have been published with the respect of the editor.< Less
Intelligence of a Clown By Miguel Angel Carmona III
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If I took off the red nose would you still listen? Introducing Intelligence of a clown a poetry collection that puts subjects we reject, love, and imagine together in an exciting way. There is no... More > subject too taboo and no truth unheard with multiple unique perspectives. There’s a poem for everyone within its pages.< Less
Rewind: A Reverse Chronological Study of American (In)Justices By Straub Sarah
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This book is an anthology of research compiled by freshmen at Brays Oaks high school. It addresses topics of injustice in American society ranging from sexism, to classism, to racism, to inequality... More > in general.< Less
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Wombynistic Thoughts, Volume One is a book of poetry that seeks to disband sexism, patriarchy, and misogyny, which threaten to destroy the minds, bodies, and hearts of women each day. The book is a... More > reflection of the author's experiences and observations pertaining to "everyday sexism" and its manifestations in communities of color specifically. An essential goal of this book of poetry is to educate women and men of color about the realities of sexist perspectives, and to change the negative ways women are currently viewed and treated.< Less
Eleanor Roosevelt: Her Words By Ann Kannings
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"A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it's in hot water." This book is a collection of the fundamental quotes and aphorisms of Eleanor Roosevelt. It grants her... More > reflections on subjects ranging from freedom, confidence, self-determination and love to man, woman, sexism and life. The well researched and edited compilation of phrases provides approaching into the way of thinking of Eleanor Roosevelt. Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was an active First Lady from 1933 to 1945. She promotes the New Deal policies of her husband, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, taking an important role as a supporter for civil rights. Eleanor Roosevelt was a suffragist who worked to develop the status of working women, even though she believed Equal Rights Amendment would negatively affect women. President Truman called her the "First Lady of the World" in acknowledgment to her human rights achievements.< Less
Two Plays By Shirley Burke Oaks
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“Two Plays” contain the memories of ten year old Shirley, the daughter of Jake and Dorothy. She sees the two magnificent women, Margie and Cassie Marie as her hero’s and views with... More > sadness how they are treated by the good people of Roselea Gap. Young Shirley learns the crippling effects racism and sexism have on a human life and cannot see the difference in white and black, madonna and whore. She watches the respectable men in Roselea use and then discard women. She sees how women of color are treated far worse than the men’s wives. Shirley learns at an early age, to trust her feelings and not the ones of the small minded townspeople around her, not even the ones in her own family. Shirley’s love and fascination for Cassie Marie’s family and Margie’s tiny babies does not comprehend color or differences, only people that she loves and admires, more so than the religious, christian and prejudice citizens in the small town of Roselea Gap.< Less

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