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Sextans Days - Sun in Sextans By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $84.89
Is the Sun in Sextans yet? Get the natal and horary omens for the first week in September till 9-11!
Moon in Sextans By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $9.35
Supplement to Academic Astrology Journal XIII.
Sun in Sextans By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $88.07
Are your ready for the �reverse secondary angular direction of Sun in Sextans�?
Sun in Sextans By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $41.04
After presenting Sun in Orion and Cetus, we have Sun in Sextans. The 16 eastern ascendants are thus perfectly matched with the 16 zodiacal stations for the Sun.
Sextans Moon By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $22.16
Just prior to Xmas 2013, the Moon wades through the Masonic Vatican Illuminati zodiacal ascendant of Sextans. Generally, according to the :::|:: Aspectarian, Mars or Eris ascending – or... More > descending – make up for enthusiasm, motivation, astral music mantrae and libido. The picture is one of the adventurous morning elephant as eager to go on expedition.< Less
2012 Chronicles #0280 - Sextans, Sextans on the Wall By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $9.13
“Sextans, Sextans on the wall, which is the sexiest ascendant of all?” or was it “horoscope on the wall?” Horoscope on the wall, there are not many of you at all.
2014 Shift - Sextans Moon By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $22.16
OPHIUCHUS ASCENDANT? Do you possess an Ophiuchus ascendant? You need a horoscope to know that. While the position of the Sun is fairly unimportant in astrology, the ascendant is the guardian angel... More > of the horoscope – and your own life.< Less
2014 Shift - Sextans Valentine By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $14.20
• #2014shift Venus in Scutum • #2017shift Venus in Pegasus ^^ The Venusian cycles as encapsulated within the present Aeon of Cetus range from Hydra to Cetus and Scutum to Pegasus. 2014... More > stands for Scutum while 2017 stands for Pegasus. #Jan25 #Tahrir #Copts #Venus #Scutum #astrology #NWO #meme #viral #Kalki It is peculiar that the biblical Aion should fall on such a Coptic date. Venus is in Scutum. #Apr15 #Tax #IRS #Doomsday #2014shift #Devil #Saturn #eclipse #2014budget USA doomsday. Tax paying hardly replenishes hellbound financial speculations.< Less
Illuminati - Vatican Sextans Moon Rituals By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $66.60
OUR TURRETED LADY Moon Cybele minimum. Moon in Sextans with Cybele mark a major secret conference ritual at Vatican City. Cybele is the lady of the Vatican while the Moon in Sextans brushes by the... More > Vatican ascendant in Sextans. And don’t forget the Vatican – Russian connection through Masonic Sextans!< Less
AEONews #0020 - New Moon in Sextans By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $5.55
New Moon catalog 2013: turreted in T2 Capricorni, New Moon in Pisces with Sun in Aquarius; with century comet ISON, Sila-Nunam and Diamond Planet; new Moon in Sextans and Ophiuchus.