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The Lady of Shalott By Alfred Lord Tennyson et al.
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The Lady of Shalott is one of the best-loved poems in the English language. The tale of the mysterious, enigmatic Lady seems to captivate everyone's imagination. Over a century and a half after it... More > was written, men still desire the Lady, and women identify with her. In this edition, the work is embellished by four Victorian illustrations. A new Introduction by Jocelyn Almond explores the poem's perennial appeal. For the first time, The Lady of Shalott has been typeset in the beautiful Doves Type of the early twentieth century, designed for the quality, hand-made editions of a private press. Doves Type was made in only one size, the size used in this book.< Less
How to Become a Hero By Michael Faust
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Everyone can become a hero. We have an inbuilt program for it, but few choose to activate it or know where to begin. Learn about your inner hero in terms of Jungian and Freudian psychology, creative... More > writing theory, sympathetic magic, NLP, Nietzsche and existentialism. En route, you will discover the horrors of the ultimate jail - the Panopticon. You will stumble through Derrida's method of deconstruction and learn if you are living in bad faith. Is The Matrix the ultimate hero tale, and Neo the supreme hero? How does Bicameralism, Julian Jaynes's theory that gods once "lived" in the right hemisphere of the human brain fit in with the hero archetype? What is the tragic tale of the Lady of Shalott? This is a book in a controversial series by the Pythagorean Illuminati. Do not read this book if you are a "cheap" person, an Abrahamist, a David Icke conspiracy theorist; if you are close-minded, petty, and a "moaner". The world is sick of people like you. Heroes are never whiners and whingers.< Less
50 Greatest Poems of Alfred Lord Tennyson By Alfred Lord Tennyson
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Alfred Tennyson was born in Somersby Lincolnshire in 1809. His father was a rector at the local church. However it was when Tennyson was at Trinity College , Cambridge that his talents were really... More > recognised with his first individual collection of poetry in 1830. After his father died in 1831, Tennyson left Cambridge and helped to look after his mother. In 1833 he published his second collection of poetry which included The Lady of Shalott which was not received well by critics. After this Tennyson did not publish another collection for 10 years. In 1842 Tennyson published another collection which was a great success and by 1850 Tennyson was considered one of the leading poets of his day. This led to him being appointed Poet Laureate, a post which he held to his death in 1892. In his lifetime he was known for his long epic poems such as In Memoriam and Idylls of the King. However in the 20th century his shorter poems such as Break. Break, Break and Crossing the Bar have gained popularity.< Less

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