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Left to Ourselves; or, John Headley's Promise. By Catharine Shaw
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A Bateson Family History By Alan Shaw
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A History of the family of George Bateson and Sarah Teale in West Yorkshire and elsewhere 1680-1960. Including their ancestors and the family of George's brother John Bateson (1822-), etc. With... More > additional oral history transcripts of life in Ripponden, Yorkshire in the early 1900s, etc< Less
The Phantom Archer By Natalie Shaw
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This is Beth Atkinson’s story of when she was a young runaway in Tudor England. She had everything worked out of course, she didn’t just run away without a plan. But when her plan goes... More > wrong, she is found in a ditch along the side of the road by a wealthy noblewoman Katherine Lockwood. As Beth becomes friends with this woman she realises all is not what it seems. Katherine is searching for the men that killed her brother, and as Beth becomes involved in the hunt she finds herself on one of the greatest adventures of her life. But what starts out as fun and games quickly proves to have deadly consequences.< Less
Getting Married By Bernard Shaw
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Getting Married is a play by George Bernard Shaw. First performed in 1908, it features a cast of family members who gather together for a marriage. The play analyses and satirises the status of... More > marriage in Shaw's day, with a particular focus on the necessity of liberalising divorce laws.1908: Edith, youngest daughter of Bishop Bridgenorth, is about to be married. Her uncle General Boxer Bridgenorth, will give her away, as he has all her sisters. As at all the other weddings he proposes to Lesbia Grantham, the bride's aunt, who refuses him for the "tenth and last" time. Lesbia wants a family, but not a husband who smokes and is as untidy as the general. The General is soon shocked to find that his disreputable brother Reginald will be at the wedding. Excerpt from: Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book.< Less
Dandelions Here By C.S. Shaw
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This compilation intends to illustrate my personal journey as a nineteen-year- old LDS missionary in Russia. First and foremost it is a story about finding self and God in times of blessing and pain,... More > but it is also a story about Russia. Through the winter I witnessed God’s hand break me—and build me back up in the spring. Nature and the magnificent architecture surrounded me with a spiritual power I hadn’t known before. The people embraced me like the arms of a father and mother, brother and sister. Together, they did more for me than I did for them. I arrived expecting to baptize the destitute and the sinners, and there I realized that I am destitute without the help of others.< Less
Tiger Tiger Book II: Part 2 By Robert Shaw
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Eric has been gone for over the best part of a year, when Rab gets a visitor, ‘Flower of the Morning’ and her brother 3rd of the 1st house of trackers. Eric is in trouble and needs his... More > help. They rush to the volcano where Eric is being held against his will by the new leader of the pack who is intent on doing away with Rab’s friend Eric, only Rab and his new friends have other ideas. But to get back they will have to pass through the roving bands who are looking to prevent them getting home. Rab makes a new home and new friends but things do not go smoothly. Life gets complicated and downright dangerous at times, the religious element of his new home object strongly to his being there and try to have him removed …… with force. There is a Snake problem just down river in the swamp so the newly formed ‘House of Raab’ decide to get some new snake skin for the new canoe’s.< Less
Ask for the Moon By Meredith Lewis
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In the 1960s Shaw Brothers Studios revolutionised martial arts filmmaking. Movie mogul Sir Run Run Shaw developed a way to churn out lavish blockbusters quickly and cheaply. An assembly line approach... More > kept his filmmakers busy but access to an extraordinary pool of resources meant they could “ask for the moon”. This book is a case study exploring how a brilliant, driven entrepreneur and his audaciously creative filmmakers conducted a bold experiment in business and movie-making innovation.< Less
The Enigma of Christian Borromeo & The Ghost of Fu Sheng By Michael Yates
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an appreciation of 1970s actors Christian Borromeo and Alexander Fu Sheng
Out of the Ashes By Lietha Wards
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Kara Shaw just lost her beloved brother overseas in a military explosion. They'd been struggling to make ends meet since the death of her parents when she was twelve. Besides dealing with the tragic... More > grief of losing her brother, she had to figure out how to survive financially. Then her brother's wealthy best friend offered her a way out, but at what price?< Less
The Relief of Chitral By G. J. (George John) Younghusband
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Lieutenant Colonel Sir Francis Edward Younghusband, KCSI KCIE (31... More > May 1863 – 31 July 1942) was a British Army officer, explorer, and spiritual writer. He is remembered for his travels in the Far East and Central Asia; especially the 1904 British expedition to Tibet, led by him, and for his writings on Asia and foreign policy. Younghusband held positions including British commissioner to Tibet and President of the Royal Geographical Society. Francis Younghusband was born in 1863 at Murree, British India to a British military family, being the brother of Major-General George Younghusband and the second son of Major-General John W. Younghusband and his wife Clara Jane Shaw. Clara's brother, Robert Shaw, was a noted explorer of Central Asia. Excerpt from:< Less

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