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gallery@calit2 exhibition catalog for "Synthesis: Processing and Collaboration" by Dan Sandin and Tom DeFanti
The Fortieth Door By Mary Hastings Bradley
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An American archaeologist, a masked ball in Cairo, an elusive young woman and the unexplained disappearance of a Frenchman fifteen years earlier all play into this entertaining tale of mystery,... More > intrigue and adventure.< Less
MAX By Tom Donaldson
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The story follows the life of Sheldon Foley, a genius, his relationship with his dog and best friend Max.
Winifred Chrisp By JOHN GILLBARD
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This is the story of the life of Winifred Chrisp,( nee Sheldon) from Jarrow, the daughter of a baker, born in 1920.
Cindy Tower: Riding the Rubble Down By Bruno David Gallery Publications
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52 page fully illustrated catalogue of Cindy Tower's exhibition in the Nancy Spirtas Kranzberg Gallery of the Sheldon Art Galleries, St. Louis, Missouri. Essay by Ivy Cooper and foreword by Olivia... More > Lahs-Gonzales. (Softcover, February 2009)< Less
The Tiptree Quilt Story By Jeanne Gomoll
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In 1996, a band of science fiction fans decided to co-opt a traditionally feminine activity to benefit a revolutionary gender-bending award — the James Tiptree Jr. Award. The Tiptree Quilt... More > Story tells the epic tale of this creative collaboration, which emerged from a community & created a greater community. Translating a complex artistic concept into the geometry of hand-sewn fabric squares isn’t easy. Fifteen years in the making, the quilt project involved 65 volunteers, 4000 pieces of fabric, & multiple sewing circles supervised by cats & fueled by tea & cookies. In photos, sketches, & diagrams, Gomoll captures the humor & complexity of the process. She documents moments of irony, of joyful chaos & of stark terror. The result is a beautiful work of fabric art, an amazing community, & an inspiring book. The quilt was created to benefit the James Tiptree Jr Memorial Award, which is presented each year to a work of speculative fiction that explores & expands gender roles.< Less
Forever Conspiracy By Deji Olaiya
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International assassin, Chidi Fallansa had a decade old myth as a hitman who hasn’t missed his target yet; and he had an unusual proposition to pluck out eccetric multi-billionaire –... More > Anthony Ellitira. But Ellitira is panoplied behind the firewall of his flamboyant bodyguard – Gori Bollarin, who pockets two milion per annum for his services and will rather lay down his life than lose his commission. Behind the scene is Eniton – Ellitira’s imaginative step daughter who stood to inherit her father’s billions if he drops dead…and she was ready to make sure that it happened quickly. Caught in the crossfire is beautiful and streetwise Kristi Fallano, a promiscuous superspoiler and Ellitira’s mistress who is obsessed with the power and affluence provided her by Ellitira. Her mission is to lay claim on Eniton’s inheritance. But she too will have to evade the assassin’s bullet.< Less
Historical Records of the Madeley and Related Families of the English Midlands By Revd. Walter Madeley, M.A.
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Written in 1937 but never published Walter Madeley (1865-1939) delves into the history of his family garnered from the combined researches of his own findings and anecdotal stories, plus those of... More > family members. They go back in time from the Midlands Madeleys to their roots in Derbyshire and also include the Blood, Bull, Welch and York families and other collateral lines. One of which even has a royal connection. Also incorporated is an engaging biography of the author by his brother Revd. Frank Madeley. This shows Walter as a talented intellectual who was an interesting character in his own right. Today our first port of call for research is the internet, but the Madeley fact-finding journeys entailed travelling to view original registers and documents often by bicycle. This makes this book all the more remarkable in its extensive contents and is an invaluable tool for genealogists and historians alike.< Less
Never Ever Say Yes By Deji Olaiya
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Lara Sopiton died in a Lagos prison but 'resurrected' a few weeks later on the streets of London. But her ordeals have just begun. From London to Jerusalem, Venice, Rome, Zurich, Santo Domingo, she... More > had to fight back against the likes of Gino Galvani - a smooth, Italian operator who didn’t know the difference between business and pleasure; and Eniola Bamisi – the billionaire kingpin of an international syndicate whose vision is to lure young girls as gullible vectors to carry the cocaine campaign across the Atlantic.< Less
Earth, Wind & Fire 1969 : 2019 Golden Anniversary By Harry Lime
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Earth, Wind & Fire are band formed during 1969, in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. that has spanned the musical genres of R&B, soul, funk, jazz, disco, pop, rock, dance, Latin, and Afro pop. Rolling... More > Stone magazine described them as "innovative, precise yet sensual, calculated yet galvanizing" stating that the group "changed the sound of black pop". VH1 said EWF are "one of the greatest bands" of all time, having sold over 90 million records.< Less

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