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Shinobi: Real 01 By Shiro
eBook (ePub): $2.00
Soichiro should have been an inconspicuous, ordinary junior high school student. One day he saved a calico cat being attacked by ravens, which consequently made him suspected of attempted murder. A... More > science teacher Fuwa was convinced that Soichiro was the criminal and persistently examined him. Finally, the boy was forced to confess his family's secret. "Actually, I'm a ninjya." This is a fantastic mystery featuring the shinobi (ninjya) boy, the stubborn teacher, and an enigmatic high school girl. This work was exclusively written for The BBB: Breakthrough Bandwagon Books.< Less
True Shinobi Secrets? Decoded! By Reginald D. Lyons
eBook (ePub): $1.89
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True Origins and Mysteries of the Ninja are unravelled and decoded one by one! Where did they really come from? You will learn that they did not originate with the Samurai but were in fact their... More > sworn enemy! When did the Samurai become a part of the Shinobi's world?? All these questions and more are answered in this power-packed colourful Non-fiction Semi-Autobiography They could not defeat the formidable invincible Shadow Warrior the Shinobi No Mono NINJA! So they Joined them Instead!< Less
Hardcover: $29.95
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Most “ninjutsu” practitioners will accurately describe their training as the Art of Espionage and Intelligence gathering—yet they still confine their practice of... More > “ninjutsu” to the Taijutsu techniques performed in the dojo. Practitioners seek to prove their ninja knowledge by practicing “situational awareness” and “reading their potential opponent;” yet they fail to demonstrate the slighest inkling of how such things are done within the context of ninjutsu. Despite the proud “legitimacy” that all practitioners like to boast of, the bulk of their “ninjutsu” training today sadly takes place on a mat within the safety of their dojo. And despite their fierce denials, their ninjutsu is merely Taijutsu. This book will provide readers with a brief but detailed over-view of traditional ninjutsu, lending perspective to its lesser-emphasized aspects: Shinrigaku; Haragei; Metsuke; Ninso; Satsujinjutsu, and many other methods apparently unknown to high-ranking Shidoshi and Shihan instructors.< Less
Rikugun Ninjutsu an Introduction to Shinobi Iri and Inton Jutsu By Joseph T. Armstrong
eBook (PDF): $2.00
Rikugun Ninjutsu an Introduction to Shinobi Iri and Inton Jutsu
SERPENTS AND DOVES: The Shinobi Wisdom of Baltasar Gracian By James Loriega
Paperback: $9.95
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The way of Ninjutsu, when correctly practiced, is the Art of Protection Against Danger. The weapons in your arsenal become foresight, situational awareness, sensory acuity, and a honed intuition.... More > These are the weapons which Gracian developed, advocated, and utilized in Spain against the brightest political and religious thinkers. Prudence, discretion, circumspection, sagacity, discipline, and all the other attributes and qualities that Gracián encourages his reader to demonstrate are the selfsame attributes and qualities required of the shinobi. How, then, could Gracián's writings not be relevant to the contemporary practitioner of Ninjutsu?< Less
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HISTORICAL RECORDS: Classical Shinobi-jutsu By MTD
Paperback: $28.40
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Class houndouts compiled related to:The Ninpiden - Ninjutsu Scrolls written by Iga Ninja Hattori Hanzo-1653; The Bansenshukai - Ninjutsu Scrolls written by Iga Ninja Fujibayashi Tasutake;1676- The... More > Shoninki - Ninjutsu Scrolls written by Iga Ninja Natori Masazumi-1682.< Less
THE COMING - Volume 1 - THE COMING - Shinobi Tagawa And The Forest Of Magic By Richard Clark
Paperback: $10.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
THE COMING - Volume 1 - THE COMING - Shinobi Tagawa And The Forest Of Magic A magical first part to this on-going fantasy story of martial arts
THE COMING - Volume 1 - THE COMING - Shinobi Tagawa And The Forest Of Magic By richard clark
eBook (ePub): $2.10
This is a fantasy story based on the film series by wushurichard (Richard Clark) This is the first book to even be produced basedd on the story and fans will undoubtably love folling there favorite... More > characters on their journeys as will new comers to the adventures. The stories combine action and adventure with martial arts, thriller, philosophy, fantasy and magic and more! It's dark in the land of these ninjas! Welcome to Chapter One!< Less
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