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Shinobi: Real 01 By Shiro
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Soichiro should have been an inconspicuous, ordinary junior high school student. One day he saved a calico cat being attacked by ravens, which consequently made him suspected of attempted murder. A... More > science teacher Fuwa was convinced that Soichiro was the criminal and persistently examined him. Finally, the boy was forced to confess his family's secret. "Actually, I'm a ninjya." This is a fantastic mystery featuring the shinobi (ninjya) boy, the stubborn teacher, and an enigmatic high school girl. This work was exclusively written for The BBB: Breakthrough Bandwagon Books.< Less
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HISTORICAL RECORDS: Classical Shinobi-jutsu By MTD
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Class houndouts compiled related to:The Ninpiden - Ninjutsu Scrolls written by Iga Ninja Hattori Hanzo-1653; The Bansenshukai - Ninjutsu Scrolls written by Iga Ninja Fujibayashi Tasutake;1676- The... More > Shoninki - Ninjutsu Scrolls written by Iga Ninja Natori Masazumi-1682.< Less
Shinobi: The Ikeda´s Legend By Jhonas Armando Cruz Reyes
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Epoca Meiji-1868-1912. En la llamada"Revolucion Cultural"que se dio en el año 1868 empezaron a ocurrir muchas cosas en Japón. Los Shogunes y sus Shogunatos eran erradicados,... More > y los bandidos y delincuentes campaban a sus anchas, matando y saqueando a toda persona que encontrasen.... Esta es la historia de 2 clanes Ninja: Los Akuma y los Ikeda, quienes luchan por el control de la ciudad de Nara en una época violenta y convulsa cuyo destino está entre vivir sometidos a un clan destructivo y caótico o vivir bajo el manto de Paz de los Ikeda.< Less
THE COMING - Volume 1 - THE COMING - Shinobi Tagawa And The Forest Of Magic By Richard Clark
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THE COMING - Volume 1 - THE COMING - Shinobi Tagawa And The Forest Of Magic A magical first part to this on-going fantasy story of martial arts
THE COMING - Volume 1 - THE COMING - Shinobi Tagawa And The Forest Of Magic By richard clark
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This is a fantasy story based on the film series by wushurichard (Richard Clark) This is the first book to even be produced basedd on the story and fans will undoubtably love folling there favorite... More > characters on their journeys as will new comers to the adventures. The stories combine action and adventure with martial arts, thriller, philosophy, fantasy and magic and more! It's dark in the land of these ninjas! Welcome to Chapter One!< Less
Shinobi Mythos und Fiktion eines Schattenkriegers By Milan Zivojinovic
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Leben, Hirachie Aufstieg und Niedergang der feudalen japanischen Spione Der Ninja war einer der gefürchtesten Krieger im feudalen Japans. Für viele waren Ninjas als Schattendämonen... More > der japanischen Geisterwelt bekannt. Sie galten als Spione, Meuchelmörder und Ketzer, aber wer war dieser geheimnisvolle Ninja der Angst und Schrecken im feudalen Japan verbreitete? Auf diese Frage und vielen mehr hat sich der Autor gestellt, und verblüffende Erkenntnisse über das Leben eines Ninja offenbart. In aufregenden Bildern und Texten schildert dieses Band, Ursprung und Entwicklung sowie Licht- und Schattenseiten der japanischen Spione. Nähere Infos unter:< Less
A Ninja's Cookbook By Kevin Vandeyck Ph.D
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A collection of the best ninja recipes consumed by the great ninja warriors of Kage Dojo.
Black Dove By Stuart Campbell
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Black Dove is a story of hope, intrigue and overwhelming courage. It depicts a period in Japanese history where ordinary people developed seemingly super human powers. A period when these skills were... More > used to help free their beloved country from the brutal stranglehold of their blood thirsty and power hungry oppressors. This is a story that gives us hope that no matter how high the odds, even one person can make a difference.< Less
Kagekiyo no Shinwa By William Durbin
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Kagekiyo no Shinwa is an explanation of real Ninjutsu and contains an example of a true mission, showing how Ninjutsu was actually applied in feudal Japan.