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THE SHIP By Robert William Vincent
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The ship was a sleek silvery vessel with hulls honed from carodium the hardest metal within the universe. Its speed was not that of intergalactic cruisers that patrolled the outer perimeters of the... More > known galaxy. But, it really was never constructed for speed.The Captain was third generation and was on his last voyage with The Ship! A short sci-fi story originally written 1987 but this is the first release by the author. Enjoy it for it is FREE... And my other books and art work can be viewed by clicking authors name link above. Author's newest book now released: NINE MONTHS PLUS ONE DAY a book from CONCEPTION TO BIRTH...PLEASE ENJOY THE FREE PREVIEW...NINE MONTHS PLUS ONE DAY is the must have book for every parent.It will bring joy, tears and laughs! Visit Authors Store front to preview his books and art works. Thank you...Bob< Less
Ship By Sophie Johnson
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For Lulu's Short Story Contest, a story of a desert island.
The ship By Ujjol Kamal
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So many nations, So many borders, boundaries, barriers, bayonets, bibles And yet It is only one planet
Ultimate Dropship Wholesale List eBook By Drop Ship
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- You get 154 U.S. dropship and wholesale sources PLUS 55 bonus sources! - You get 32 U.K. dropship and wholesale sources! Tired of paying high retail prices? If you answered yes then this is the... More > opportunity of a lifetime! No need to search hundreds of websites, with hundreds of wholesale sites in this list! Want to resell and make great money on eBay? Or do you just want to buy a couple items for yourself at wholesale price? Don’t pay for an overpriced, useless list again! This Wholesale List is a must for EVERYONE!! Start your own dropshipping wholesale business today!< Less
Gia Giantess Issue 5 By Black Ship Books
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Issue 5 of the sci-fi epic Gia Giantess..."Big News on Planet Earth". Penultimate issue of the first Gia Giantess story arc. Gia and her father have their worst fears realised when her... More > secret is exposed to the world. Can she ever return to a normal life?< Less
Gia Giantess Issue 4 By Black Ship Books
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Still trying to understand her own trans-dimensional DNA, Gia accidentally stumbles upon a church wedding and chaos ensues
The Failure of Alchemy By Black Ship Books
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Where is the line between eccentricity, insanity and an incredible desire for spiritual progression. Arturo Bianchetti takes us on a third person tour of his psyche as he explores his own eccentric... More > path to spiritual alchemy...but fails. In work and play we see his plans unravel in both comedic and tragic circumstances. He introduces us to acquaintances, colleages...friends and enemies. Laugh and cry as Arturo Bianchetti fails miserably in the pursuit of spiritual alchemy.< Less
The New Manic Bible By Black Ship Books
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Intended as a companion piece to “Moving Memoirs of a Manic Messiah”, this unedited and complete manuscript offers an enticing glimpse into the world of the manic thinker. Semiotic... More > arousal, stream of thought consciousness, interconnectedness,multiple depths read into seemingly innocuous surface detail...these are the symptoms of a manic mind. These are the fascinating aspects of “The New Manic Bible”. Running at a fast and intricate pace through subjects such as the nature of knowledge, history, time, the self, the nature of existence, faith and belief, and universal knowledge. Thinkers thrown into the mix of philosophy and mysticism are Einstein, Kuhn, Capra, Freud, Jung, Lucilius, Darwin, Dawkins, Democritus, Jesus Christ, Hegel, Taylor, Thales, Anaximander, Anaxagoras, Aristotle, Plato, Descartes, Saint Augustine, Pythagoras, Protagoras, Eigend, Averroes, Galileo, Spinoza and Leibniz.< Less
The 19th Century Cookbook Companion By Black Ship Books
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The 19th Century Cookbook Companion - an authentic reproduction of a 19th century Yorkshire cookbook. Hundreds of recipes that an aspiring cook can use in the knowledge that these meals were... More > prepared in the heart of Yorkshire well over a century ago. Begun immediately preceding York’s 19th century industrial mill era, this book proves that, amongst other things, vegetarian sausages were not uncommon, and local tastes were far from provincial. Food historians of all persuasions will find something within that challenges their preconceptions of 19th century Yorkshire culinary production.< Less
The Edwardian Hotel Cookbook By Black Ship Books
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A manuscript relating to both the industrialist Sidney Leetham and the historic Elm Bank building in York, this has remained undiscovered for close to a century...until now. Contains both Victorian... More > recipes genuinely cooked in York, Yorkshire, England, in the 19th century, and Edwardian recipes cooked in a Yorkshire hotel in the early 20th century.< Less