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The Siddhas were wandering Tamil saints and adepts who developed a vast knowledge of yoga and medicine. They are even today believed to be immortal. The book reflects upon the spirit of the immortal... More > masters, their teachings, esoteric nature, and divine prowess. The book offers an clear understanding of yoga, tantra, alchemy, medicine and healing, and the occult dimensions of this ancient spiritual science.< Less
Classical Yoga By Nathesvara Carpatinath
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Classical Yoga is the art of self-knowledge and self-control, the only attributes that can lead you to the state of complete freedom (mukti), through which your Spirit (Purusha) gains its own... More > individuality (kaivalya). To become the master of your consciousness is a lifetime work, which starts with the control of your mind and psychic, instincts and desires.This is a pragmatic approach to yoga: before stubbornly striving to achieve samadhi, you must successfully practice dhyana; before reaching for dhyana, you should taste the fruits of dharana; before enjoying the fruits of dharana, you have to pass through the straits of pratyahara; and, before obtaining proficiency in pratyahara, you should deepen the effects produced by pranayama and different corporal techniques, such as asana, bandha, mudra and kriya. This step-by-step approach may not be as sexy as the ones advertised by many contemporary yoga schools, but it is one which is making you walk on the yogic path with your eyes wide open.< Less
Babaji Nagaraj - What Is Yoga? By Francisco Bujan
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In this short book, I cover key concepts about yoga. Yoga is a complete spiritual development system that has the power to bring you to a whole new dimension of existence. These mind sets secure your... More > pathway to make sure you don't get side tracked. This book is powerful! It is an initiation into the yoga system and will connect you with the very root of this tradition< Less
Grace Light Yoga in 5 Steps By Dhaya Dorje Mesrobian
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Teaching and message that Dhaya Dorje as received from the great Maha Siddha Saint Yogi Vallalar that transformed his physical body into a light body while alive. This book gives a a step by steps... More > approach to the teaching.< Less
Hanuman Chalisa Demystified: Ancient Kriya Yoga Tantric Scripture By Lahiri Mahasaya & Chandra Shekhar Kumar
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Ancient Kriya Yoga Tantic Scripture : Commentaries on Hanuman Chalisa as seen by The Divine Third Eye. This book is an outcome of inner revelations of mystical meanings of Hanuman Chalisa. Penning... More > down itself was full of eternal vibrations which resembled as if being dictated by a Siddha. This journey was full of inexplicable ecstasy and joy, laced with complete surrendering to witnessing the state of Hanuman. It depicts transcendental qualities and attributes of this state in its totality. This body is just an instrument of meditation and the individual is nothing, the individual have nothing. Hanuman is a special state of Siddhas, the qualities of which are described by Hanuman Chalisa. This book is dedicated to all Sadhakas.< Less
1000 Names Of Shiva By Francisco Bujan
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This book is a GOLD MINE - 1000 names = 1000 spiritual powers - These are 1000 invocations that will connect you with various aspects of your universal identity - It is a profound secret code to... More > access cosmic consciousness and enter into the field of unity - The path of Yoga is mysterious because in a way it can't be rationalized - The intellect is limited when it comes to mystical experiences - These invocations give you a direct access to bliss, dissolving your logical thinking and allowing higher states of consciousness to flood you with mystical awareness< Less
Babaji Nagaraj - Invisible Ashram By Francisco Bujan
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Sometimes you will be touched by a very specific inspiration - You take action and a whole stream of positive events unfold in your life - There is magic in all aspects of your existence and you... More > often forget about it, taken by the stream of daily life - In this short book, I give you specific techniques to connect with the magic of synchronicity and trigger special meetings with those you are meant to encounter in your life - I give you as well a very special technique to manifest the ashramic beauty in your own house - You might feel that you need to travel to a distant place in the Himalayas to connect with the spirit of Babaji Nagaraj or the essence of Yoga - You don't! You can open a wonderful space of inspiration, clarity and energy right where you live! Here is how!< Less
Babaji Nagaraj - Who is Mataji? By Francisco Bujan
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Shakti Power! - Mataji is Babaji's feminine polarity - She is there to connect you with a stream of kindness, love, respect and connectedness with those around you - She dissolves separation and... More > creates bridges between individuals - She floods you with bliss and compassion - She triggers streams of infinite joy, delight and pleasure in your existence - She embraces all aspects of your being and opens the powerful creative channels that want to be unleash in you - In this short book, I give you a few core concepts and a simple direct techniques to connect with her energy.< Less
Babaji Nagaraj - Circle Of Power By Francisco Bujan
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This book gives you a set of simple techniques to connect you with Babaji Nagaraj - I consciously kept the description of these techniques very simple so that you have maximum freedom to interpret... More > and apply the technique in your own way - I am convinced that the moment you invoke an energy reality, your intention and a simple technique will have the expected effect - The energies you invoke are intelligent and they do respond to your call - The techniques and ideas described in this book are only guidelines and mind sets to get you started -They are never exclusive or unique - My goal is to help you discover inner freedom and transcend your own limitations - This book is a gateway. It is a blessing for your life and the space you live in - Keeping it in your personal space will bring a subtle vibration of bliss, love and peace to your life - It contains a subtle vibration that connects you with a very specific energy.< Less
Babaji Nagaraj - Mataji’s Circle Of Joy By Francisco Bujan
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Mataji brings excitement, thrill and passion to your spiritual practices - She stimulates dance, singing and other forms of joyous expression as a path to self realization - This is about multiplying... More > your Shakti Power and bringing freedom and beauty as core aspect of your spiritual space - In this short book, I share with you some simple techniques and concepts to help you open these new channels of expression - You will feel delighted and touched by a whole new stream of inspiration and excitement that you can start manifesting straight away in your daily life.< Less

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