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Simulation By Connor Bateman
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Funny story with most of my family members in it. A real laugh to read say some of my friends.Read near your toilet as you might wet yourself laughing.
Simulation By Celine Ho
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In a world where people are controlled by a program, where people are all the same with indifferent capabilities, Giselle struggles to find meaning to her life. When she finally breaks free, she... More > meets Dan, a boy who, like her, has also escaped the program. Together, they form as a team against the cruelties of humankind and the charming and beautiful Elena as they battle their way to freedom. Note: This is the second edition of my book, if you are interested in this book please read this second edition and not the first edition. Thank you.< Less
Modelling and Simulation By James Ron Leigh
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If you can model something, then you understand it, know what is going on inside it and, within constraints, can control it, stabilise it or protect it from the effects of disturbances I have... More > modelled a wide variety of processes using the methods described including :Metallurgical, Thermal, Shaping, Chemical, Food and Bio processes Some models were used to decide on how to improve process operation, some to drive estimators of important but unmeasurable internal process variables, some were used for prediction, some were built into on-line control systems. Many powerful tools and packages are now available to help the would-be modeller. However, the underlying ideas of how to set about modelling are basic and unchanging. This book, originally published in 1983, describes those underlying techniques in as simple a way as possible; its content was honed by interactive teaching to many years of first year graduate students< Less
Reservoir Simulation By Dr. Husam M. Yaghi
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No description suppIn this book, the author presents a detailed complex mathematical and computational model for the simulation of fluid flow in reservoirs. The research was conducted in... More > collaboration with Dr. John M. Tyler of LSU and was funded by the United States Department of Energy. The results were published in a Ph.D. dissertation and at several international conferences. lied< Less
Teaching With Simulations By Nico Rutten
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How can whole-class science teaching benefit from computer simulations? This dissertation is about the use of computer simulations as support for inquiry-based learning, the interaction between... More > teachers and their students, and the role of the teacher.< Less
The Simulated Condition By William Street
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The Simulated Condition represents a physical or mental state in which alternative realities and simulations act as the real. The Condition is visible through signifiers and deceptive ploys (an act... More > of the real which is unknowingly a simulation). Through research and interrogation, we can begin to understand why these artificial conditions exist and how they affect modern society. This book highlights key texts that discuss the concept of hyper-reality and human simulation.< Less
Modeling and Simulation in Python By Allen Downey
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An introduction to modeling and simulation of physical systems using the Python programming language.
MRI Simulator Lab Book By Ken Meacham
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This book is a companion to the MRI Simulator Software developed by The Institute for Advanced Clinical Imaging. For more information about the MRI Simulator software visit:... More >< Less
Civil Aviation Authority Simulator By Muhammad Asif Javed
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Air traffic accidents are increasing causing the death of innocent people and hence making trouble for many families. Many countries are affected of such accidents especially Malaysia in the recent... More > few months, as a precaution we have made a struggle for finding such a software solution that can simulate people about the management of CAA working and can create interest of the user in it. Now we will develop such a software that will be available online, helping internet users to learn the management of CAA working and especially giving him/her a platform to judge his/her management capabilities for flight management system. This system will help the CAA Organization to refer it to its new employees to use this product for their outdoor practice. Mind these words we are making a simulator not a game, in which we will follow the rules of CAA working.< Less
Simulation in the Supply Chain By Jan Young
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This executive briefing is an introduction to the technology of computer simulation for middle and senior management in the logistics, distribution and warehousing industries. It outlines... More > capabilities and potentials at several levels and may also be of use to sales and marketing personnel. Simulation technology is defined and explained. Hardware and software requirements are reviewed and a brief history of simulation is presented along with examples of past successful use. Then, with reference to the supply chain and the warehousing industry, possible uses of simulation are detailed in several modalities (purposes) and at several levels. The benefits of simulation as an analytical tool are reviewed, followed by a section that describes industrial lessons learned from failed simulation projects and the requirements for success that emerge from those lessons. The briefing concludes with a short foray into the possible future of the technology.< Less