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Carnal Gardens - Erotic Short Story / Gangbang / Masturbation / Oral Sex / Outdoor Sex By Siera Saunders
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“Welcome to Grayson Estate where your hottest, most arousing sexual fantasies come to life. No desire is too big or too small; if you can dream it, we can arrange it. Contact us today and... More > discover what we can do for you.” Well, who could refuse such an intriguing invitation? Certainly not single, thirty-something Sarah who is longing to shake up her life in a big way. A vacation to end all vacations seems just the ticket. But as she settles in to enjoy the carnal pleasures offered at the rambling, English country house known as Grayson Estate, Sarah has no idea how far reality will outstrip her wildest imaginings. READER ADVISORY: In this erotic short story (approximately 7,000 words in length), you'll enjoy masturbation, gangbanging, oral, and outdoor sex in hot, graphic detail. All between consenting adults, of course. Have fun :) .< Less
PATTY'S TURN By Patricia Blanchard
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Patricia Rettig formerly Mrs. Blanchard was born on November 3, 1954. Grew up Downtown Jersey City. Attended St. Lucy’s Catholic school. With 13 brothers and sisters, stability was... More > non-existent. The sixth child born of fourteen, suffered physical and mental abuse at the hands of my mother and siblings. As an adult, unable to break the chain of abuse. I found myself in one abusive relationship after another. As a single parent of three I had no support from the children’s father. Desperate and alone I knew it would be solely up to me to support my children. I started cleaning houses for strangers, which led to my successful cleaning business I called Blue Ribbon Cleaning Service. I went on to help my daughter, Actress Tammy Blanchard fulfill her goal in an acting career. With my youngest in college and Tammy off in Hollywood, I decided it was time for change. I turned my cleaning business over to my younger sister.< Less
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Becoming Michelle Obama - An "I'm First" Evolution - In Her Own Words By R. L. Saunders
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What was Michelle Obama Becoming? In her own words: 1985: "I have found that at Princeton no matter how liberal and open-minded some of my White professors and classmates try to be toward me,... More > I sometimes feel like a visitor on campus; as if I really don’t belong." 2008: "...for the first time in my adult lifetime, I'm really proud of my country. And not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change." 2018; "So, let's just keep living our lives like that every single day and forget what they're saying in Washington." What is interesting here is to provide this record in an easily accessible format so anyone, regardless of background and upbringing, can examine and study for themselves. This is not intended to be an exhaustive container of all her talks and speeches. It is really a jumping-off point for your own scholarly research. Or at least a confirming weekend read, perhaps a reference for your library. Get Your Copy Now.< Less
The Art of Self Confidence - The Ultimate Secrets of Confidence and Constructive Change By Thrive Living Library
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How does one go about improving self reliance and achieving constructive change when you’ve been downtrodden for so long? I wondered those same questions just a few years ago. After surviving... More > a difficult childhood, my self-esteem was shot and unfortunately it was carrying over into my adult life and career. My friends, what few of them there were noticed it and whenever I made an attempt to socialize it was painfully obvious that I had issues. I didn’t want to live my life like that any longer. I knew I had to do something. That’s when I decided I had to find out the right way to achieve self reliance and constructive change. I knew I owed it to myself to get a handle on this once and for all! I've compiled all my research into a single book for you - on self reliance and constructive change does just that! Get Your Copy Today!< Less
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Les buts de manuel d'abstinence Le manuel d'abstinence traite sur l'importance de ne pas avoir des relations sexuelles avant le mariage. Cependant, Ne se centre pas justement sur pourquoi vous... More > devez éviter d'avoir les relations avant le mariage, Mais ce centre plus sur comment éviter d'avoir des relations sexuelles avant le mariage. Les buts de ce livre et de vous donner méthodes avérées et effectives et plein de succès pour pratiquer l'abstinence a travers les Etats Unis et sur les 3 continents et plus de 20 pays et a peu près 10000 femmes et filles chaque mois en Afrique ;Asie et en Amérique du Nord. Le manuel d'abstinence peut être votre grande bénédiction comme il est déjà pour beaucoup de femmes et filles à travers le monde et peut vous aider d'atteindre vos objectifs et avant tout de connaitre les meilleurs de DIEU dans votre vie et son grand amour.< Less

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