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Amateur Radio Principles V10 By Clive W. Humphris
eBook (ePub): $3.22
BUY THIS EBOOK AND GET $160 SOFTWARE FOR FREE! Amateur Radio Electronics V10 Home Study. A combined eBook and educational software package at a tiny fraction of the previously published... More > price. Table of Contents (958 software topics): Introduction, Radio and Communication, Basic Electronics, DC Current Flow, Resistor Value Test, Simple DC Circuits, Types of Switching, Variable Voltages, Ohm's Law, DC Voltage, DC Current, Series/Parallel Resistors, AC Measurements, AC Voltage and Current, AC Theory, RCL Series Circuits, RCL Parallel Circuits, Capacitance, Capacitors, Inductance, Inductors, Impedance, Tuned Circuits, Attenuators, Passive Filters, Active Filters, Oscillators, Circuit Theorems, Complex Numbers, DC Power, AC Power, Silicon Controlled Rectifier, Power Supplies, Voltage Regulation, Magnetism, Electric Machines, Transformers, Three Phase Systems, Energy Transfer and Cost, Atomic Structures, Diode Theory, Diode Applications, Transistor Theory, Bipolar Transistor, Transistor Configurations...< Less
Amateur Radio Electronics On Your Mobile By Clive W. Humphris
eBook (ePub): $2.82
Amateur Radio Electronics on your Mobile eBook provides a handy portable reference and calculations guide aimed at more experienced or professional readers not wanting the traditional learning... More > reminder in the sister title (learning on your smartphone published by eptsoft) otherwise the overall content is similar and now available as PC, Tablet and Smartphone App. See Additional Notes at the back of the book for instructions to download the accompanying interactive App which brings the 250+ topics to life by allowing you to insert your own values. Visually on a phone or tablet it looks almost identical to the eBook pages, except you can edit the inputs to update the graphics and hundreds of calculations to reflect those changes all redrawn to scale on your mobile device. There is also an optional comprehensive PC version to download with even more features both applications can be unlocked with your eBook purchase receipt for no additional charge. A combined eBook, App and PC educational package.< Less
Scalable Microchip Ion Traps for Quantum Computation By Stephan Schulz
Paperback: $59.00
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The development of scalable microfabricated ion traps with multiple segments for the realization of quantum computing is a challenging task in quantum information science. The research on the design,... More > development, fabrication, and operation of the first European micro-trap is shown in this thesis. This chip-based micro-trap is an outstanding candidate towards experiments for a future quantum processor with trapped single ions. In the experiments coherent quantum state manipulation is demonstrated, and sideband cooling to the motional ground state is realized. The heating rate is determined and the applicability for quantum computation is proven. Furthermore planar trap designs are investigated - a planar microparticle trap was built and operated. A linear microfabricated planar trap was operated, showing the proof of concept of a novel designed and fabricated Y-shaped planar trap.< Less