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The Demons of Tiamat, the New Gods and the Exploration of the Nightside By Ardashir Frequency 435
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The "Demons of Tiamat" is a work of Nightside Thelema, Satanism, and the Left Hand Path that continues and completes the work that was started in "The New Gods and the Exploration of... More > the Nightside". It puts forward a new way of looking at the Tree of Life, an account of the origin of the idea of a "Nightside" of the Tree in Thelema, and a method of accessing the Nightside and working with it. It also outlines a new pantheon of gods. Additionally, it includes a revised edition of "New Gods" as part one. Corrected Edition.< Less
The Grimoire of Asha'Shedim By Asha Shedim
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Combining elements of Chaos-Gnosticism, Left Hand Path, Voodoo, Quimbanda and the Death Cult of La Santa Muerte Asha’Shedim has created a versatile hybrid system which works. It is available... More > here for the first time. A complete guide this book is all the practitioner will need to get started. Full of rituals and spells, years of research have gone into this system which is used by the Lilin Society. Asha’Shedim is the leader and founder of the Lilin Society. He has written many books on the occult including the Zomiel, Liber Sitra Ahra, The Grimoire of Aka Paimon, The Sama Atar and The Book of the Initiate< Less