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Reflecting Waters By Stephen Volk
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Living Water College of the Arts president Kenneth Noster writes: "At the outset, it might seem a shame that I hadn’t read this collection of brilliant essays before or during my time in... More > Florence, but this book is much more than a commentary on art (although its commentary is very insightful.) This book is a succinct and accurate handbook, illustrating where art has come from and what it truly is. As I read, I began to keep a log of quotes that I knew would be eminently useful, but it wasn’t long before I realized my log was becoming a book in itself. I believe it will be impossible for any reader to go through this book without doing the same. For today’s artist and for all the rest of us who do not believe we know enough about art to intelligently comment upon it, this book is invaluable. It not only exposes secular art criticism as a slave to its world-view, but it illustrates what the layman needs to consider when viewing and, yes, evaluating art." (Photo Edition: BLACK & WHITE)< Less
Birmingham Our Streets 2017 calendar By Carolyn Bayliss
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Birmingham Our Streets is a collection of images of the city of Birmingham. Discs, to me, represents a global consumerism and Rotunda Bubble with tricolour balloons flying over the Rotunda, the site... More > of an IRA bomb in 1974 made me think of how delicate relations can be when I saw the bubble in the image. Veil is a street scene I have altered looking at how people may at times be “tarred with the same brush” and Beehive conjures up images of a Birmingham long gone. When I showed someone the “Help I’m Traped” image they said that it was a joke. What if it wasn’t? This image made me think about sex slaves and trafficking and I just happened to look up above the closed premises on Constitution Hill when I saw what someone had rubbed onto a window from inside. “Birmingham Our Streets” was created around a time of clashes on the streets of Birmingham and Salma Yaqoob was talking publicly and calling out “our streets”. “You’re everywhere and nowhere baby” is a window in a high rise flat on the Bristol Road.< Less
BOOTY & THE BEAST By mick mercer
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A book about Jon Beast’s Timebox and HYPE clubs (1986-1989) this contains photos taken by myself, including: Laughing Mothers, Diskord Datkord, Ashes, Brian, Jim Jiminee, Junior Manson Slags,... More > Josi Without Colours, Sex Bitch Goddess, Kitsch, Soho, Millions Of Brazilians, Maryen, And All Because…, Tragic Venus, Black Cillas, Fat Lady Sings, Anonymes, Romeo Suspect, Mute Drivers, The Contenders, Icebox Julian, Baby Trio, Matt & Pete, Big Sur, Hotalacio, 2 Lost Sons, Wigs, The Popinjays, Wood Children, Thrilled Skinny, Anno Lucis, Mega City Four, Parachute Men, Melaroony Daddies/Yellow Pigs, Galley Slaves, The Arguments, Destroy The Boy, Shout, BC, Cathal Coughlan, Shoot The Joker, Trashcan Soul, Ryecatchers, The Wish, Shoot!, Jesus Jones, Snuff, P.A.R.A., Mossbacks, Poke It With A Stick, Fra, Bedrock Trio, Crowd Scene, Edith Strategy, Faith Over Reason and Dune Buggy Attack. It also includes flyers and venue-related press releases from Jon, plus 122 photos of the great man himself.< Less
Let Our Eyes Linger By Hayes Davis
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Let Our Eyes Linger delves deeply into the author’s life as son, grandson, father, husband, artist, and schoolteacher while illuminating currents of racial identity and the plight of other... More > black men. These include Jim, the runaway slave from Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, who speaks here in his own in poems that deepen one of the most complicated and controversial characters in American Literature.  Reginald Dwayne Betts calls Let Our Eyes Linger “a testament to how the stories we tell ourselves to get through the day can become the poetry that speaks to more than our own existence.” Joshua Wiener praises poems “that dramatize the contingencies of family; of its direct influence on the kinds of language we speak…that draw honestly the flight of eros from the domestic scene, as well as the endurance of love & devotion.” Toi Derricote writes that “Davis’ poems invite comparisons with Robert Hayden and Gwendolyn Brooks’ poems of 20th century family life.”< Less
One Wife's Solution (Jenny and John Series) Book 6: A Pleasure Realised By Chas Scott
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In this 6th book of the Jenny and John Series, John is introduced to gay sex by Zoe at the hands of James and his partner Simon, putting John in a very difficult position. He was not gay and really... More > had no wish to partake in the evil predicament that Zoe had put him in, but at the same time he wanted to prove to Mistress Jenny that he was worthy of being her slave, that he was obedient and would obey whatever instruction he was given to the letter. How could he, then, refuse to take part in the predicament he found himself in? Also coming up was his release from chastity after 2 straight weeks of lockup, it would feel so good to be able to touch himself again after so long and to experience the blessed release of orgasm. But knowing Mistress Jenny, things wouldn’t be so straight forward and he already had an inkling that she had some devilish predicament planned for him before he earned his reward.< Less
The Black Hussars By Mitchell Lüthi
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They killed a saint. King Behan sits upon a tyrant’s throne. His endless wars and oppressive regime have cast Greater Virren into an age of darkness… and then he kills a saint.... More > Worshipped as a god, Bartolomeu Kezia stood for everything the king does not, and the people loved him for it. With his death still fresh in their minds, the citizenry take up arms against their king in a frantic effort to safeguard their future, and the future of the continent. Revolution has come to Greater Virren. Yaro Anatoly is the captain of the Black Hussars, the most fearsome regiment in all of Greater Virren. Devoted servant of the throne, and veteran of a dozen campaigns, his sword has been bloodied against the savages of Vorgar, the slave masters of Hath, and the desert princes of the south. But now he and his mighty Akashian, Sumera, must fend off a threat far closer to home. At the behest of King Behan, he leads his infamous regiment against all traitors to the crown, and co-conspirators of the Rebellion.< Less
Jesus & Mary in the Qur'an By Peace Vision
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“So she conceived him, and she withdrew with him to a remote place. And the pains of childbirth drove her to the trunk of a palm tree. She said, ‘I wish I had died before this, and had... More > been long forgotten. [Mary was worried that people would think badly of her as she was not married.] Then (baby Jesus) called her from below her, saying, ‘Don’t be sad. Your Lord has provided a stream under you.’ Shake the trunk of the palm tree towards you, and it will drop on you fresh ripe dates. So eat and drink and be happy. And if you see any human, then say, ‘Indeed I have vowed a fast to the Most Merciful so I will not speak to any human today.’ Then she carried him and brought him to her people. They said, ‘O Mary, indeed you have done a great evil.’ ‘O sister of Aaron, your father was not an evil man, and your mother was not a fornicator.’ So she pointed to him. They said, ‘How can we speak to a child in the cradle?’ (Jesus) said, ‘Indeed, I am a slave of God...< Less
Paper Freedom or The God of the Bible was an important outlet for many African-Americans during slavery and segregation: Freedom itself was important to Americans because slavery and life are in contrast. By Krystien Imasda
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Let us say you have a time machine and can only take one book with you. If you were going back about five years, I would recommend you take my paper with you. Though copyrighted in 2015, some of my... More > text mirrors exactly what is taking place in the news today. An excerpt has been published by The Journal of African American Studies. This text is organized into 3 sections. Religion, Oppression and Freedom. Each section has 3 subsections respectively: Christianity, Islam, African Religions, Slavery, Economic Oppression, Casteism, Revolution, Exodus and Assimilation. The subsection called Slavery was the one submitted and accepted for publication. This text is very controversial. It studies issues like homosexuality, separation and internment of refugee children, the history of abolition and slave ownership, occupation of indigenous land, immigration, caste-based oppression and many other subjects. These concepts are held together by one overarching thesis, which is also the title of the paper< Less
The Alpha and Omega of self-inquiry. By P.V.S. SURYANARAYANA RAJU
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Man is living in dreams in deep metaphysical sleep.To belong to any religion or crowd is to be a slave psychologically and our freedom is cut at psychological level.To awake into Self from deep... More > metaphysical sleep self-inquiry is the way.Rituals,prayers,mental disciplines keep us in the sleep.Such religion is really an opium.self-inquiry is a scientific investigation into self and is beyond belief. One day when you look back on your life you will not see a single act that was intelligent -- all were stupidities, foolishnesses. You will feel simply ashamed. The sooner you realize it, the better. This is what Renunciation is all about: a recognition that the way you have lived up to now was absurd; a gesture that you would like to discontinue with your past. By changing the name and by changing the dress nothing is changed, it is a simple gesture that now you feel ashamed with the old identity. It was so foolish that it is better to forget all about it. A new nucleus, a new name, so you can start afresh.< Less
Empty Contract Promises Will Be Without Guarantee In Heaven By Michael Meade
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You put my “Son” on trial with false charges, stuck a crown of thorns in his head, whipped him like a slave, nailed him to the cross where he could slowly die a miserable and painful... More > death and even stabbed him in the side with a sword when he was dead. Presently, Michael my “Emissary” a “Jewish Carpenter” is working underneath me the “Master Carpenter” of The Universe and he is voicing my staunch warning that your homes are not built according to “My Teachings” and that a storm is quickly approaching and your houses will all be destroyed if you don’t immediately bring your houses up to “Gods Peace of Mind Covenant with Mankind.” You have been ticketed by “Code Enforcement” and have ample time to correct the “Deficiencies and Shortcomings” in your house before I come like a stranger in the night with that “Surprise Inspection” and if you are not ready you will pay the “Ultimate Fine” as your “Human Temple” will be “Condemned” and your ill-built house on that “Modern Liberalistic Foundation” will be tore..< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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