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Matilde danza sulla riva By Andrea Cabassi
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Settembre 2010: dopo una fortunata stagione di reading, i migliori racconti "magici" di Andrea Cabassi raccolti in volume a un prezzo pensato per tutti i lettori. Di più: la fiaba... More > "Il suicidio della ragazza dai bei capelli castani" completa in regalo a chiunque voglia sfogliare l'anteprima. La raccolta comprende i seguenti racconti brevi: - Il ladro queste cose le sa - Sonialuce - Where did you sleep last night - Il colpo perfetto - Matilde danza sulla riva - Secondo piano Mafessoni - Un grande stupore - Il suicidio della ragazza dai bei capelli castani< Less
Bärarens bok By Stina Nilsson
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According to history Albrid was once, a long time ago, a continent with many kingdoms that for centuries were at war with eachother. It was at that time, during the 1000-year old war between Lumina... More > and Ivalla, when a star fell from the heavens. It shattered Albrid in two and separated the fighting nations from eachother. The one who found the star, became the first Bearer, she who holds the ultimate power that people called; the heart of the star. Her heirs ruled in the kingdom of Irmadin for 5000 years, until the last Queen, Memnora, betrayed her people and put herself in a deep sleep, inside the great city of Viarna. The heart was lost for 500 years of fear. Then, one day, a child was found, who wielded the power of the heart. Her name was Sera.< Less
Thuban By Jose Escamilla
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The myth of the hyperborean race has its origins in the mythological folklore of ancient Europe, which for centuries was part of the darkest and most obscure Western philosophies of the elite, a... More > group of German researchers, are given the task of tracking down This mythical race, through signs left by colleagues, or other researchers of the past, are involved in a unique and mysterious adventure, realizing that there are powers that try to make the truth never revealed, the group discovers impressive things that reach Transform the way of thinking of each of the members, Is the world as it really was thought? What do governments and secret societies hide? Will the whole truth ever be known? "In the real world many other worlds are intertwined. The dream unravels them again, either in the dark night's sleep or in the clear day of the poet"< Less
La marche des fantomes By H. Erdal YALT
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While travelling in an embassy car, Hayri gets into a traffic accident. The car hits a man, causing him to enter a coma. Hayri is also hospitalized with severe headaches. Both men are transported to... More > a nearby hospital… Hayri can no longer sleep; the nightmares wake him up whenever he tries to fall asleep. His doctor suggests that he sees a psychologist. In the meantime, the police question him about the accident, even though he was not the one driving the car. Two days later Hayri is released from the hospital. But he continues to visit the hospital every day to see his psychologist. His psychologist recommends hypnosis to find the root cause of his nightmares. Hayri, first shy to the idea, finally agrees to try this awkward method of treatment.< Less
New Italian sketches By John Addington Symonds
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: John Addington Symonds (/ˈsɪməndz/; 5 October 1840... More > – 19 April 1893) was an English poet and literary critic. A cultural historian, he was known for his work on the Renaissance, as well as numerous biographies of writers and artists. Although he married and had a family, he was an early advocate of male love (homosexuality), which he believed could include pederastic as well as egalitarian relationships, referring to it as l'amour de l'impossible (love of the impossible). He also wrote much poetry inspired by his homosexual affairs.Symonds was born at Bristol, England in 1840. His father, the senior John Addington Symonds, M.D. (1807–1871), was the author of Criminal Responsibility (1869), The Principles of Beauty (1857) and Sleep and Dreams. Excerpt from:< Less
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Claddagh - de laatste Ierse mythe By Lex van der Hoeven
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The harp that once through Tara's halls The soul of music shed, Now hangs as mute on Tara's walls As if that soul were fled.— So sleeps the pride of former days, So glory's thrill is o'er;... More > And hearts, that once beat high for praise, Now feel that pulse no more. Een oud citaat gestuurd door een onbekende afzender. Binnen 100 uur staat het leven van Oscar van Dam totaal op zijn kop. Een ontmoeting met een onbekende vrouw, een verborgen verleden, een mysterieuze erfenis en een onverwachte toekomst. Zijn zoektocht brengt Oscar in het westen van Ierland en voert langs de geschiedenis van de oude Kelten. Na aanvankelijk toenemende verwarring, ontvouwt het plot zich waarin verleden, heden en toekomst samenvloeien. Oscar van Dam: de niets vermoedende hoofdpersoon in de laatste Ierse mythe.< Less
ما وراء الجدارـ الكشوفات By مصطفى يونس
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هل تقصد: يوم يمر. خطوة نحو الموت ..... More > نحو الفناء والعدم ..إنه الغروب .. قبل أن تغمض عينيك مستلماً للنوم تذكر .... هناك أشياء لن تراها بعد الآن بنفس الصورة . هناك حرف لن تقرأه مرة أخرى ، وخطوة لن تخطوها ثانية ، هناك لحظة لن تعود ، وكلمة لن تلفظها شفتاك في أي وقت أخر . فكرة كانت بداخلك وماتت .. وردة ذبلت ، ومشاعر توارت للمرة الأخيرة ، ولن تئوب .... مر يوم على هامش الرحلة ... يوم لن يعود .... Passing day. Step towards death .. about singing and nothingness .. It is the sunset .. Before you close your eyes to sleep recipient remember .... There are things that will not see anymore in the same image. There will not read the letter again, and would not you take a second step, there is a moment will not come back, and the word will not be disgorged lips at any other time. The idea died inside you .. Rose withered, and feelings disappeared for the last time, will not Tiob .... Over the day on the sidelines of the trip ... Day will not be back< Less
Misha's Dream By Oleg Karandeev
eBook (PDF): $1.00
A cub named Misha cannot get to sleep. He lies in his den with his mother and brother. Misha decides he wants to take a walk outside, so he gets up and heads into the night. The cub notices stars in... More > the sky for the first time, and he wants one particular star for his den. Misha wants to fly up to the sky and retrieve it, so that he can bring it back to his mother. A bird by the name of Old Uncle Owl helps Misha fly; he offers a pair of wings, except one is a mosquito wing and the other is a dove wing. Surprised, the cub flies easily with the set of wings. On his way to the star, he encounters a donkey that had flown away with several balloons and also an eagle. Finally he reaches a group of stars. Just before reaching his star, the cub begins falling rapidly downward. He awakens next to his brother and mother. Misha blames his brother--who has bumped against him--for his inability to retrieve the star. The mother explains to the cub that he was dreaming.< Less
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Todas las noches, aún cuando no se recuerde nítidamente, tenemos una actividad onírica copiosa. Esta no se limita al sueño de movimientos oculares rápidos... More > (Sueño MOR o REM por Rapid Eye Movement sleep), sino también ocurren en las otras fases del dormir. Al día siguiente, se hace una suerte de edición cinematográfica, en donde se evoca y combina lo soñado, en las diferentes etapas del sueño, con el contexto de lo vivido, especialmente si las circunstancias de nuestra existencia están llenas de problemas. En este libro, se presenta una visión integradora, con la medicina, la psicología, la historia, la filosofía y lo artístico que se gesta en las ocho o mas horas que dormimos cada día. Ojala les entretenga y divierta, a la par que ilustre, como lo hizo en mi caso.< Less

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