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A Book Written by the Spirits of the So-Called Dead (Illustrated) By C. G. Helleberg
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The communications of spirits contained in this volume were written by the spirits with their own materialized hands, and the process was generally as follows: A small stand of the ordinary kind in... More > construction, covered by a table cloth, was used, the medium placing with one hand under the covering of the stand a slate on which was placed a small piece of pencil. The other hand of the medium was continually exposed to full view, as was also her entire form. Both double and single slates were used. We heard the writing as it progressed, and when the slate was filled it would be indicated by distinct taps on the slate and the dropping of the pencil. The slate would be then taken out, and as the chosen scribe I would faithfully transcribe the written matter into the book aforementioned, and the slate would then be cleaned and returned under the stand, and in this manner all the matter hereinafter set forth was produced.< Less
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For those who are buried in the ground with Religious Rituals, they will almost for sure return to this earth. Most people are Astrally TapLined with a lot of Karmic Debt, so they must return. I... More > suggest to have the body Cremated to take care of lots of attachments that otherwise holds one to a low level in Life. All the Make-Believe Rituals in the world will not change what a person is or what they have already done. The reason for being on earth is to WakeUp to The Whole of Life, and has nothing to do with what has been created here with all the Political, Religious and Spiritualizm Systems. All those who have passed on are still around and anyone can contact their friends or loved ones anytime they want in Your DreamVisions. As one does The NU-U Sessions before going to bed each night they will have RealGuidance and a RealEducation as to what is really taking place from The RealSide of Life, no matter what a person has been told from the so-called authorities here.< Less
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Book of the Dead By UNKNOWN
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BOOK OF THE DEAD This is probably the oldest religious book in the world. Properly speaking, indeed, it is no book at all, but rather a collection of hymns and litanies which have no more connection... More > with each other than the Psalms. Like the Psalter, too, this so-called book has grown by degrees to the magnitude which it now usually assumes in European and other libraries--175 chapters of varying sizes.< Less
A Deadly Deception By Tom Kilcourse
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Why does a woman stab her wealthy, ageing husband to death in his sleep, before calmly calling the police? Investigating the murder, Detective Inspector Turner and Detective Constable Francis... More > discover a web of evil centred on the picturesque Lancashire town of Medlock Bridge. What appears to be a legitimate business proves to be a cover for depravity. Why does Janice King surrender to the sadistic appetites of her lover, deceiving her adoring husband in the process, and what is the end-game? Is her husband capable of murder? DI Turner believes so. Why does Janice King cut out and conceal a newspaper appeal for information concerning a murdered little girl? Is her lover involved in the child’s death? The story follows DI Turner and DC Francis as they consider these questions and find themselves faced with a sordid, cruel reality.< Less
A Wilderness Calling By Ken Santiago
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After years of living addicted to pain pills, Ken Johnson finally had a plan to get clean. It wasn't a typical plan but a plan that would take him far from his home in Albany, NY. He would travel to... More > Alaska where he would undergo an inpatient rehab to get clean from the drugs that have held him hostage for so long. From there, he would venture out into the Alaskan backcountry (Lake Clark National Park) on an expedition that would test his new found sobriety and once again connect him to the wilderness he loved. Little did he know that along the way he would fall in love, learn that wild animals can be both friendly and deadly, and fulfill one man's dream of experiencing the true beauty of the Alaskan wilderness. This is a must read for anyone who loves nature, the spirit of the wilderness, and the message of hope.< Less
Real Live Dead Things By Emma Idiot
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Mortimer had always been the kind of teen who grabbed life by the horns. “Carpe diem” had always been his own personal motto. (Not because it meant “Seize the day,” but... More > because guys who could talk in other languages seemed to turn girls on.) He lived every moment as if it were his last… so, it was a great shock to him when one day… he woke up dead. Join Mortimer and his guide Eva, in their hilarious and often futile attempts to change a life so that they can move on. In their ridiculous misadventures their legacy to the world of the living will be a milk worshipping store owner, a frozen chicken affectionately called, “Spot” and a fake TV evangelist looking to exorcise them for profit.< Less
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TO OUR NOBLE DEAD, GENTLY the land proclaimed its secret story, Flowers and fruits were answering to the sun, Mountains and valleys were habited in glory, Harvests of gold were waiting to be... More > won. Peaceful the world appeared.Until an eagle shook its wings, and rising, Poised over Europe like an unclean thing.Throughout the land arose a cry of voices, —Britain is menaced—and you swiftly came Unto her aid, you who in she rejoices ; Surely the spark burst forth into a flame. Freely you left, disconsolate and tender, All who were dearest, for the mortal strife ; Nothing you recked of glory and of splendour, Only you knew your land required your life. And you restrained your tears, so near to falling ; Nobly you felt the import of the hour ; Nothing you heeded but your country calling...< Less
Call of the Master Wizard, The Trilogy By Charles Cordova Villalobos
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When Valerie Travers hides in a strange little shack called The Hut, her older sisters Briana and Cynthia must find her. But Valerie is not just hiding; she's been called to the magic land of... More > Myridia, summoned there by the Master Wizard to help him defeat the savage Sorcerer, Mondragon. --Who are these girls? Why are they so crucial to the Master Wizard's plans? Because he knows something about them that they don't: each girl has a special power: Valerie has The Vision, Cynthia possesses The Strength, and Briana ... Briana holds the secret of The Great Gift. In the right hands they can defeat any evil. Under Mondragon's control, though, they can wreak horrible disasters on an entire world. Three sisters. Three powers. --And one deadly betrayal.< Less