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SOCIAL CAPITAL By Dr. C. Venkatesh
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‘Social capital refers to the institutions, relationships, and norms that shape the quality and quantity of a society's social interactions... Social capital is not just the sum of the... More > institutions which underpin a society – it is the glue that holds them together' (Bank, 1999). Such social glue is one factor that determines how well society is able to organize collective action to solve major problems. Without societal cohesion and focus it is very difficult to make significant change. As such social capital is a critical element of sustainability. It tends to be higher in sustainable communities by their very definition and can exist at all scales-local, regional and global. The inherent social capital of earlier societies has been in decline in America since the mid-20th century.< Less
Against Capitalism For Socialism By Juche Idea Study Group of England
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A selection of articles from KCNA and other DPRK sources about the corruption and inferiority of capitalism and the superiority and coming victory of socialism
Towards the Development of Social Capital By Veredigno Atienza
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Each article in this book, by itself and in tandem with the other articles, tries to depict social capital in action. Social capital is the key wherewithal crucial to the development and progress of... More > countries and communities.< Less
the Yin Yang of Capitalism Socialism By W. D. Raymondson
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As we enter a new century, the traditional competition between Socialism and Capitalism, Democrat and Republican is polarizing and becoming ‘Mutually Exclusive’. But does it need to be... More > so? Often, the concept of yin-yang, is used to describe polar opposites and how seemingly contrary forces engage in mutually exclusive competitions in the natural world. Within this paradigm, the common misunderstanding is that they are antithetical and constantly trying to overcome the other. However the Asian paradigm understands that yin-yang is more accurately a complementary relationship because each can only exist in relation to the other... So, in actuality...the Yin-Yang are not so much exclusionary forces, but more like complementary opposites that interact within a greater whole, as part of a dynamic system…and as such neither can exist without the other. …Such is the virtual relationship between Socialism and Capitalism, left and right when they work together symbiotically within a true Democratic Republic.< Less
From the Ashes of Capitalism Social Rebirth By Stuart Dobson & Sean Hurley
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Our global environment is crumbling and we find ourselves in the midst of what looks to be a 6th mass extinction event, brought on as a result of our determination to maintain a growth based economy... More > on a finite planet. There is a way forward, but we must first understand the damage we have done to our spaceship Earth and how our social environment has conditioned us into behaviour patterns which are not conducive to maintaining a healthy biosphere or society. Those understandings lead to a self evident train of thought which encourages us to move decisively away from Capitalism and toward an economy based on sharing and fairness.< Less
The Nations Capital By James Bryce
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Address delivered by British Ambassador to the United States James Bryce in 1913 about the development of Washington, D.C. Profusely illustrated with period photographs of the Nation's Capital.
Responsible Capitalism By Stanley W. Morris
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"Responsible Capitalism—Balancing the Effects of Materialism on Culture, the Environment, and the Potential for Conflict" is an informal paper authored by Stanley W. Morris. Based on... More > an on-going, creative-living project, originally little more than a personal growth experiment, this paper outlines what in 2006 began as a transition to an alternative lifestyle, called Voluntary Simplicity, might now have the potential to offer the greater, global society direct and immediate benefits. The author begins by posing the supposition that the demands of materialism (e.g., natural resources to supply an endless thirst for automobiles, electronics, and frivolous consumption) increase the potential for international conflict. If the above statement can be accepted, and there appears to be enough supportive evidence to make for a good argument in that direction, then the opposite, less materialism, may be a solution, thereby reducing the incidence and/or the severity of future, violent conflicts.< Less
Activating Space: Restoring Social Capital in Frazier Courts By Michelle Armand
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By creating opportunities to work with and get to know your neighbor, we can begin restoring social capital in our neighborhoods and day-to-day lives.
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The value of student development can create a positive impact for the progress and growth of any society. The student is the future vision of the of the economy and his development can create the... More > create the economic and social growth of the country. Investing in student learning process can build the core abilities of the business, service and infrastructure. The Learning be enhanced by the investing in training and building educational institutes to foster the knowledge and talent among students.< Less
Understanding Capitalism By R.G. Price
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This is the republication of a series of articles on capitalism, which covers the workings of capitalism and its social effects. This work contains edited republications of the following previously... More > published articles: Understanding Capitalism Part I: Capital and Society | Understanding Capitalism Part II: Personal Property, Money, and Finance | Understanding Capitalism Part III: Wages and Labor Markets | Understanding Capitalism Part IV: Capitalism and Culture | Biology and Economics: Using Science to Understand Human Choice< Less

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