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Best Research Practices By H Charles Romesburg
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Clearly explains how to plan and carry out reliable experiments, how to conceive and circumstantially support research hypotheses, how to test research hypotheses, how to discover cause and effect,... More > and more. For students and practitioners in all fields of the physical, life, earth, social, and engineering sciences. Contains more than 150 illustrative research examples from all fields. Based on Professor Romesburg’s examination of 5,000 top scientific articles, studying the methods used to produce reliable knowledge. See the book’s first page explaining the blind peer review of the book that was commissioned and paid for by the author’s academic department; see the book’s back cover for peer reviewer comments. To read most of it, go to Google Book Search ( and enter this: Romesburg Best Research Practices - then click on the book.< Less
A Smaller I - Reflections of a fetal cell By Richard Dryden & Hans Arkeveld
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Have you ever wondered how a baby makes itself before birth? Contemporary science explains the process by referring to genes and molecules. Embryos and fetuses are often described as molecular... More > machines controlled by a genetic program. But we believe there is a social dimension too: the developing baby is a community, a community of cells. These cells live, move, and reproduce within a web of interactions which help them decide between possible actions. This becomes particularly apparent when development begins to go wrong - the affected cells respond in remarkably adaptive and resilient ways. We are familiar with living in a community. Perhaps we can draw upon that experience to better understand prenatal development? Imagine yourself as a cell within a fetus. Contractions are beginning and birth approaches. Your guide is a blood cell that has travelled throughout this cellular society over and over again, and is beginning to reflect on distressing changes that are occurring...< Less
My Research - Companion By Oluwagbenga Odunfa & Adekunle Ariba
eBook (PDF): $8.10
The folk-tale narrative of the ailing Indian Princess and the team of researchers that came to Africa to acquire a cure that Drs Odunfa Gbenga and Ariba Adekunle have employed in presenting the book... More > “My Research Companion with SPSS Statistical Analysis” is an easily understandable format. It is Biostatistics presented in an exciting way for beginners and masters of the game. The book, presented in a synoptic and practical manner combines skills of Research Methodology i.e. formulating a design and determining a sample size; organizing and writing up a proposal; gathering data, and Analyses using parameters like the t-test, Analysis of variance, Chi Square, regression and so on all in the software- Statistical Package for Social Sciences(SPSS). The guidebook aims to stimulate interest in research, develop and enhance the research competencies of researchers and project students.< Less
Existence: what it is and what we think it is By Victor Senchenko
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Human existence is not complex. After all, it is based on the ability to provide three mental functions: that of fiction, of nonfiction, and a choice between the two. It is the choice that lends... More > complexity to human view of everything: the constant permissiveness of choice to let fiction infiltrate and deform the reality of nonfiction. The fact is we, humans, adore all fiction. The more intricate the stronger we become attracted. This means we continue to allow fiction to govern our understanding of physical reality, as if unreality is reality. In order to change this situation, this book reveals what makes humans human and why we behave as we do. This information makes it totally clear why humanity had retained the social customs and traditions used to rule one failed civilization after another. The final part of the book provides knowledge that differentiates nonfiction of truth from fiction of fantasy: fiction that continues to be embraced and believed by humanity and science alike.< Less
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The Creativity Bible - Discover the secret strategies of the greatest geniuses of history and bring your personal revolution to the world - FREE PREVIEW By Yamada Takumi
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Dancing between Zen and digital world, between poetry and physics, between Tao and computer science, the "Creativity bible" is the most complete book about creativity you will ever find on... More > your library shelf. A revolutionary, fascinating volume that treasures three thousand years of human thinking to give you: - The most complete and masterful set of creative techniques to create new ideas, to challenge your social and mental restrictions and to learn how to make a true difference in any situation you'll have to face. - The work principles of the greatest geniuses, inventors, artists, thinkers and revolutionary innovators of history like Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Renee Descartes, Walt Disney, Thomas Alva Edison, Salvador Dali and many others. - A complete study of the alchemy behind the greatest technological revolutions of the last one hundred years, like the personal computer, the electronic fund transfer and the iPad - ... and much, much more!< Less
Almond Eyes, Baby Face By Pilleater
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The millennial generation is lost in a sea of virtual reality. At the end of The 2000s, the internet took over an innocent generation onto “social media.” The world was finally over in... More > 2012. …Or was it? It began the life of a crude individual by the name of Pilleater, who undertook a quest into his own sexuality. This is a collection of short stories of all of his traumas and ill wishes upon society. From everything to horrible memoirs, awkward house parties, miserable depression, and vaporwave science-fiction, this book is about a certain subject that haunts this generation. If you ever were an avid reader of Juxtapoz, Giant Robot, or Amped Asia magazine, and you had a psychotic or abusive Asian girlfriend, you will begin to see the same revelations that Pilleater written down in this book. Flip to any page and start reading. You will regret that choice.< Less
A Bulldog Named Gruffy: A New Beginning By Maria Alice Gray
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Gruffy is just another stray dog who lives in the West Midlands. But one day he decides to help a kitten and finds himself on an adventure that changes everything. Still hurt from losing sight of a... More > close friend, can Gruffy move on from his loss and rise to the challenge ahead of him of helping the kitten and moving on to his next big challenge or will he engineer his own downfall? Set against a backdrop of the swinging sixties, A New Beginning introduces younger readers to a different era and way of life in an era where mobile phones & social media were a thing of science fiction and bands like The Beatles and The Supremes were big names in the music charts. Follow this bulldog named Gruffy as he makes new friends in his first book outing and into unknown territories beyond.< Less
Travel and Movement in Clinical Psychology: The World Outside the Clinic By Miraj Desai
eBook (PDF): $46.60
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This book concerns clinical psychology, but it is most concerned with the world outside the clinic. That world—where culture, history, and economy are found—radically impacts the... More > public’s mental health. However these worldly considerations often do not feature centrally in the science and practice of clinical psychology, a subfield of psychology seemingly dedicated to mental health. Desai offers a corrective by travelling out of the clinic and into the world, exploring ideas, movements, and thinkers that help broaden our approach to well-being, by situating it within its cultural, historical, and sociopolitical contexts. The book aims to be an intercultural journey itself—encountering Buddhism, phenomenology, Edmund Husserl, Mahatma Gandhi, and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. along the way. Featuring a Foreword by Jeffrey Sachs, the book positions pressing matters such as social justice, racial justice, and environmental justice as integral components of good mental health work.< Less
Seasons of Ezhra Book One: Winter By Lea Hodge
Paperback: $9.99
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"Seasons of Ezhra" is a four-part science-fiction series that explores the rise and fall of the high-tech, fictional dystopian society of Ezhra, ruled by a well-meaning, but fearful royal... More > family whose main priority is upholding the strict and often hypocritical tenets of the "Ezhran Way". Ezhra's social structure is dependent on the relationship between the shining inner city, EzhraSol, and the impoverished farmers of EzhraTerra - a relationship that has been historically rocky, at best. Our main protagonist is the next-in-line to the throne, a fiery young woman named Nellum Bricaris, who seeks to destroy the restrictions placed on her and the rest of the Ezhran Society - though her end goal may not be what you think.< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
Paperback: $21.60