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Introspection, Overview & Understanding of Applied Criminology (Revised Edition) 2013 By Stephen Reed, M.S., Social Work
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The social scientific development of theory and knowledge not only takes place within the heads of individuals, but as well, within particular institutional domains. In contrast, Criminology is... More > contested, contradictory and interdisciplinary discourse marked by contrast, incursion, interactions, translations, deviations and transgressions. Stephen r. Reed, M.S., Social Work< Less
" Who Am I" By Stephen Reed,M.S.,Social Work
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Why me? An autobiography of a young man that became a survivor and no doubt exceeded all of the expectations that he could have ever imigned in his life. Thrown in the corner after arriving home... More > from the hospital by biological mother "let the little bastard die".Exceded the trauma of Child Abuse.< Less
Basic Nursing Assistant and Clinical Nursing Assistant (Revised Edition) 2013 By Stephen Reed,M.S.,Social Work
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I believe that this book contains a brief but yet a compelling insight and overview into the Nursing Assistant & Clinical Nursing Assistant job related skills. Providing professional health care... More > services for the elderly.< Less
What is ISIS ane Where did it come from? By Stephen Reed, BS. Rel, MS. Theo, MS, Social Work
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A grim online warning from a self-described American jihadist said Sunday's terror attack in Texas was the work of ISIS and that the terrorist group has scores of "trained soldiers"... More > positioned in 15 states, awaiting orders to carry out more operations. The warning, which was posted on a file-sharing site, could not be verified, but was signed by Abu Ibrahim Al Ameriki. That name matches the moniker of a shadowy American known to have joined a terrorist group in Pakistan several years ago and who has appeared in propaganda videos before. The chilling threat named five of the states where it is claimed that ISIS has terror cells in place.< Less
Is Your Child Suffering From Stress By Stephen Reed,BS.Rel,MS.Social Work
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In our own increasingly stressful lives, it is no surprise to learn that our children are also suffering from rising stress levels. A key study by the Office of National Statistics found that one in... More > ten children now suffer from mental health problems including stress, anxiety and depression. And with rising stress levels in adults already leading to problems such as depression and heart disease, what will the impact on our children be in the future?< Less
Native Americans, Then and Now By Stephen Reed,BS.Rel,MS.Thoe,MS,Social Work
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The History of Native Americans is both fascinating and in many ways, tragic. Estimates range from about 10 – 90 million Native Americans inhabited America at the time of the European arrivals.... More > They had lived in the land many, many years before white man set foot on their soil. It is believed that during the ice age, they had traveled a land-bridge across the Bering Sound, from Siberia into what is now Alaska. They had gradually migrated across the land and southward into Mexico and beyond. Insight and overview into the Immigration of the Native American to North America< Less
The Veterans Administration: A Broken System(Revised) By Stephen ReedBS .Rel, MS. Theo, MS. Social Work
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President Hoover, in his 1929 State of the Union message, proposed consolidating agencies administering veteran’s benefits. The following year Congress created the Veterans Administration by... More > uniting three bureaus — the previously independent Veterans’ Bureau, the Bureau of Pensions and the National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers. President Hoover signed the executive order establishing the VA on July 21, 1930. Hines, who had served since 1923 as director of the Veterans’ Bureau, was named the first administrator of the agency< Less
Child Abuse, "You Say That You Love Me Momma, But You Still Beat Me! By Stephen Reed,BS.,Rel, MS.Theo.,MS.Social Work
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Child Abuse, when will it end? An insight into "Child Abuse" here in the United States! Who is responsible?Who is Taking Care of our Children. Who commits child abuse? What are the causes... More > of Child Abuse? "There is no Quick Answers".< Less
Fetal Alcohol Syndrone By Stephen Reed,BS.Rel,MS.Theo,MSW Social Work,Paralegal
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Just as alcohol affects the brain of an adult who drinks, it also affects the brain of a developing fetus (FEE-tus), or unborn baby, who is exposed to it before birth. The most serious consequence of... More > a mother's alcohol use during pregnancy is impaired brain development in the fetus, leading to mental retardation. Newborns with FAS often have small brains, indicating poor brain growth while they were inside their mothers, and they typically are small for their age. Other physical defects associated with FAS are narrow eyelids, a flattened mid-portion of the face, abnormal creases on the palms of the hands, heart defects, hearing and vision problems, and joint abnormalities. These problems are permanent.< Less
The Tear, What is it? Where does it come from? By Stephen Reed, BS.Rel, MS.Theo, MS Social Work
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Not all tears are of the emotional variety. In fact, three types of tears exist, all with different purposes. The first is Basal tears, They are omnipresent in our eyes. These constant tears are... More > what keep our eyes from drying out completely. The human body produces an average of 5 to 10 ounces of basal tears each day. They drain through the nasal cavity, which is the reason so many of us develop runny noses after a good sobfest. The second type is reflex tears, which serve to protect the human eye from harsh irritants such as smoke, onions or even a very strong, dusty wind. To accomplish this feat, the sensory nerves in your cornea communicate this irritation to your brain stem, which in turn sends hormones to the glands in the eyelids. These hormones cause the eyes to produce tears, effectively ridding them of the irritating substance< Less

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