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Primitive Baptist History By HOYT D. F. SPARKS
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FROM THE INTRODUCTION The following work was not written to gratify any personal pique, for the author cherishes no animosity against any, but for the defense of the Gospel of Christ, and, (if the... More > will of God be so;) for the deliverance of any of the Lord's Spiritual Israel who may be entangled in the anti-Christian web of those who propagate the errors herein exposed, and are under their yoke of bondage, so that they may not be partakers of their sins, and ultimately receive of their plagues. Our desire is, above all else, that the cause of Christ may be promoted, and that God, in all things may be glorified.< Less
Christ Exalted By Hanserd Knollys
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Christ Exalted. A LOST SINNER Sought and Saved by Christ. 1645. God’s people are a holy people. Being the sum of diverse sermons preached in SUFFOLK; by Hanserd Knollys; who for this doctrine... More > had the meeting house doors shut against him, and was stoned out of the pulpit; as he was preaching by a rude multitude, who were gathered together against him. COMPLETE & UNABRIDGED. ***************************************************** ADDITIONAL TREATISE: MYSTICAL BABYLON UNVEILED: Wherein is proved. I. That Rome-papal is Mystical Babylon. II. That the Pope of Rome is the Beast. III. That the Church of Rome is the Great Whore. IV. That the Roman priests are the False Prophet. ALSO; A call to the people of God to come out of Babylon. 1679. COMPLETE & UNABRIDGED.< Less
Free Justification in Christ By Member of the Church of Christ
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A Very short and brief account of the Free Justification of God’s elect, from the condemning power of the Law, by that law change of persons, {flowing from an eternal act of Grace; by way of... More > Covenant transaction between the Father and Son;} which brought Christ as Mediator, under the Curse and Condemnation of the broken Law, in the very room and place of elect sinners. Whereunto are added, some questions concerning this point; proposed to be answered by those that do so confidently affirm, that the elect of God are equally with others, under the same condemning power of the Law, before Faith. By a Member of the Church of Christ, in the County of Essex.< Less
Some Gospel Truths By John Heydon
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Some Gospel Truths, setting forth amongst many other sacred and essential truths, that Christ is the truth of all Truth, the embodiment of that Covenant that is firm and sure in all things and is... More > ordered aright. Christ by his fulfilling of righteousness for us, that as God was pleased to lay on him the iniquity of us all, so he hath borne them all and paid an all sufficient price, so that justice itself can demand no more of him, or from any for whom he died for; for Christ satisfied God’s justice in its entirety, pacified his wrath, beat out the teeth of the Law, took away sin, destroyed death, the devil, hell; removed the curse, shut up hell’s gates, opened heaven, obtained mercy and life eternal for all those whom he represented; namely, all the elect that are newborn, that believe that Christ was born for them, and that Christ hath paid the debt of service to God for them; that great debt of suffering unto death, so that they shall stand fully acquitted and blameless in his sight.< Less
A Little Star Catechism By William Mason
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William Mason is not Church of England Mason, 1719-1791, who wrote the devotional “Spiritual Treasury for the Children of God;” but this Mason was an Early Anti-Baptist {note: not... More > Ana-Baptist, or Baptist, but Anti-Baptist}, of whom little is known. A LITTLE STAR Giving some light into the Counsels and Purposes of God revealed in the Scriptures. Wherein these ensuing principles are examined: 1. What God is and how he manifests himself? 2. Why he made the world and man? 3. Man’s condition: By creation - by his fall - by being restored by Jesus Christ? 4. The uses and ends of the Law? 5. What the Gospel is? 6. Justification, what it is? 7. Sanctification, what it is, and how it is wrought? 8. What repentance is? 9. The use and ends of the Scriptures? 10. What true prayer is? 11. Baptism, and the Lord’s Supper, why, and how used? 12. General redemption, what and how to be adjudged of? 13. What is the Resurrection and the Judgment? 14. What is Heaven and Hell, in truth and in mystery?< Less
Christ Made Sin By Samuel Crisp
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To prevent this our personal righteousness from touching anything as pertaining to Christ’s righteousness, or as a condition on which God gives Christ’s righteousness, I humbly offer to... More > your perusal the effects of many hours pains to obtain the marrow out of the word “Christ made sin for us,” and I hope, if it be read with an humble waiting for teaching from the Lord Jesus, you will find it beneficial towards the understanding, the riches of the free grace of God in Jesus Christ, to make him to be sin for us for his own name sake, not for our personal worthiness, and our evangelical righteousness sake. If any say, why doth this person trouble himself to write thus, in vindication of his father’s sermons? It is for the sake of our dear Lord Jesus, whose glory is eclipsed by the setting up man’s righteousness in the matter of justification; upon which account I may say, “the zeal of thine house hath eaten me up.”< Less
Gospel Glory By Edward Drapes
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Gospel Glory; wherein the Mystery of God in Christ, and his Royal, Spiritual Government over the Souls and Bodies of his Saints is Clearly Discovered, Plainly Asserted and Faithfully Vindicated,... More > against the Deceiver and his Servants who endeavor the Cessation thereof, upon what Pretense Soever. In these perilous times, when ungodliness rages from place to place, and blasphemy against the God of Truth and Children of Righteousness, spreads itself, like an overflowing stream, or contagious disease, whereby truth seems to be fallen in the street; and many who formerly esteemed it their glory to be professors thereof have departed from it, and abandoned the profession of it; my spirit was exceedingly moved within me to publish this discourse, as to the consideration of those, who have already shaken off Christ’s easy yoke from their shoulders, that they may see from whence they are fallen, repent and do their first works.< Less
The Perfection of Justification By John Simpson
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From the Preface: Reader, the Author preached and printed the Works out of which this is extracted, many many years ago, and by them, he, though dead, yet speaketh. And however strange the Doctrine... More > herein contained, may be, {to those who build their hopes upon inherent righteousness,} yet it is none other than the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Doctrine of the Reformation, and the only Doctrine that tends {contrary to the judgment of carnal reason} to uprightness of heart and life, and whoever conceives otherwise of this Doctrine understands it not. It is founded upon this principle, that we must discover God’s Love to us in Christ Jesus, that he has already saved us, before we can truly love God or our Neighbor. This our Saviour inculcates to Simon the Pharisee in the Parable of the two Debtors, Luke 7:41, and in many other Places of Scripture. May he sprinkle this with his Blood; and explain it by his Spirit to the Heart of every Reader.< Less
The Reign of Grace By Abraham Booth & Rev Terry Kulakowski
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The doctrine of sovereign grace is here maintained and handled in a practical manner. It has been my endeavor, in the following pages, not only to state and defend the capital truths of the gospel,... More > in a doctrinal way; but also to point out their peculiar importance, as happily adapted to awaken the conscience, and comfort the heart; to elevate the affections, and influence the whole conduct in the way of holiness. However the doctrine of Reigning Grace may be decried as licentious, it is that very truth which God in all ages has delighted to honor; which the Divine Spirit has owned for the information and comfort, for the holiness and happiness of sinful men. Were I not fully persuaded of this, rather than appear as an advocate for it, I would condemn my tongue to everlasting silence, and my pen to perpetual rest.< Less
Upward Inward Outward - 101 By March Villareal
Paperback: $7.60
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This group study is unique in the way that it approaches discipleship. This series progressively works through major Biblical themes while ensuring the whole person is being enriched and challenged.... More > Each series (101, 201, etc.) Moves from studies of God (Upward), of Christian living (Inward), and relational concepts (outward).< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
Paperback: $21.60